Ten additional games are added to the Sega’s Mega Drive Mini Console!!!!



New Details On Super Mario Maker 2!!!!



Should Milenna be added to Mortal Kombat XI as DLC?


Mary Skelter 2 Coming Soon to the Nintendo Switch!!!!


Devil May Cry Coming Soon To The Nintendo Switch!!!!


Grand Theft Auto VI: Update!!!!!


Sonic TheHedgehog Movie Coming Soon In November 2019!!!!


RedOut Racing Coming To The Nintendo Switch in May 2019!!!!


Would Virtual Reality Work For Splatoon 2?


Muse Dash Coming To The Nintendo Switch In Summer 2019!!!!


PlayStation 5 Confirmed To Include Backwards Compatibility!!!! 


Apple Arcade Coming Soon In Fall 2019!!!!


Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake Coming Soon?


Capcom Home Arcade System Coming In 2019!!!!


Wolfenstein: YoungBlood Will Have Digital Only Switch Port!!!


Famitsu 2018: “Game Of The Year” Award!!!


The Kollector Joins Mortal Kombat XI!!!!!


Classic Konami Games Coming Soon To The Nintendo Switch!!!!


Super Mario Odyssey & Zelda: Breath Of The Wild On Nintendo Labo VR!!!!


Astral Chain Coming To The Nintendo Switch In August 2019!!!!


R-Type Final 2 Coming Soon To PS4!!!!!


Mario & Sonic At The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Coming Soon!!!!!



New Character Confirmed For Mortal Kombat 11!!!!!


Samurai Showdown Neo Geo Collection Coming To The Switch in Fall 2019!!!!


   Shante 5 Coming Soon!!!!!


Electronic Arts set to layoff 4% of its workforce!!!!


Devil May Cry 5 sells 2 million in less than a month!!!!


Streets of Rage 4 will be playable at PAX East from March 25th-28th!!!!


Konami Anniversary Collection coming soon for multiple game systems!!!!


Virtua Racing coming soon to the Nintendo Switch!!!!


Xbox One now allows streaming for PC games!!!!


Assassin’s Creed III: Remastered Coming Soon on March 29th!!!


Electronic Arts Not Appearing At E3 2019?


Octopath Traveler Prequel Coming Soon to Mobile Devices!!!!


Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Reaches No. 3 Sport in UK Gaming Charts!!!!


Will Hardware Games Become Obsolete?


World War Z Coming Soon to the PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows!!! 


Nintendo Labo VR Kit Announced for April 2019 Release!!!!


Million Arthur: Arthur Blood Comes to Steam in Summer 2019!!!!


Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Coming Soon!!!!


Persona 5 S Coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019!!!


The Lineup of Games for Evo 2019!!!!


Persona Q2: New Cinema Set For Worldwide Release in June 2019!!!


Greedfall Coming Soon To PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows!!!!


Sea of Solitude Coming Soon to the PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows!!!!


Zelda: Links Awakening Remake Coming Soon to the Nintendo Switch!!!!


Super Mario Maker 2 Coming Soon to the Nintendo Switch!!!!


Seikro Shadows Die Twice Coming in March 2019!!!!


Final Fantasy VIII 20th Anniversary!!!!


Luigi’s Mansion 3 Coming Soon to the Nintendo Switch!!!


Spelunky 2 Coming Soon to the PS4!!!!


Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Coming Soon the PlayStation 4!!!!


One Piece World Seeker Coming Soon on March 15th!!!!


God Eater 3 Coming Soon to the PS4!!!


Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Comes to the Nintendo Switch!!!


Star Renegades Coming Soon!!!!


Neo Cab Available for Steam on February 5th!!!!


Will Elder Scrolls:VI be released 2019-2020?


Metroid Prime 4 Enters Redevelopment!!!!


Final Fantasy X/X-2 Available for the Nintendo Switch on April 16th!!!!


Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age Confirmed for Switch Release in April 2019!!!!


Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Comes to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019!!!!


Dragonball Action RPG Coming Soon!!!!


Nintendo Switch Named the Best Selling Console of 2018!!!!


New Super Mario Bros U: Deluxe Reaches Top Spot in UK Charts!!!!


Trials Rising Coming Soon in February 2019!!!!


V-Rally 4 Coming to the Nintendo Switch in February 2019!!!!


Will the Last of Us: Part II be released in 2019?


Cyberpunk 2077 Coming Soon!!!!


The Success of God of War for the PlayStation 4!!!!


Would Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite be considered a success?