Should Mario Party 10 be re-released for the Nintendo Switch?

MarioParty 10 is the latest game within the entire set and was released for the Nintendo Wii-U back in Spring of 2015.  Since Nintendo Party 10 was released for the Wii-U over two years ago the game has managed to sell close to 2 million units worldwide. While Mario Party 10 is not the most popular title in the series it’s still good enough to be re-released for the Nintendo Switch.

Besides we have not heard of any future plans regarding the possibility of a Mario Party 11 game.  As of right now, it might be a little too early for a Mario Party 11 game on the Nintendo Switch but the possibility of it actually happening is not much of a question to many people.  The question that some people have includes what major improvements are going to be made in Mario Party 11 versus what we saw in 10.  


Will 2018 be a good year for Nintendo?

It seems like the year 2017 has been great for Nintendo from a business standpoint in relation to sales regarding the Switch console.  Since its release the Nintendo Switch has reportedly sold over 4.7 million units worldwide.  However, despite the fact that Nintendo has earned an enormous amount of revenue from the Nintendo Switch within a few months it seems like they may be losing a lot as well.  

It has been recently reported that Nintendo has been ordered to pay iLife $10 million from a lawsuit regarding the Wii remote. Also, Nintendo still has their issues with Gamevice regarding the design of the joy con controllers.  It seems like the previous successes that Nintendo had in the past few years has been meet by some obstacles.  In fact there is a possibility that  The Nintendo Switch may be banned from being sold in electronic retail stores in the future altogether. As of right now we still have no idea on what is going to happen in the future but it seems things are going to be interesting between now and 2018.

Is shutting down the Miiverse for the Wii U a good idea?

As we have all heard Nintendo plans on shutting down the Miiverse for the Wii-U.  Whether or not shutting down the Miiverse is not much of a question considering the fact that Nintendo has discounted the production of the Wii-U altogether.  If anything the discontinuation of the Miiverse on the Wii-U would make people want to buy the Nintendo Switch even more. 

However, the issue that Nintendo currently has with Gamevice in relation to the Switch console would make people wonder if closing down certain online features for the  Wii altogether is a good idea of not since there is a possibility that Nintendo will be banned from producing Switch consoles in retail stores in the future.  

Should Nintendo bring back the Wii-U?

Even though, the Wii U was not as big in terms of sales in comparison to other Nintendo based consoles the recent situation regarding regarding the Nintendo Switch and Gamevice could lead to a potential return for this game system.  What is interesting about the Wii U is that the console was discounted in late January  prior to the release of the Nintendo Switch in early March of this year.  While the Nintendo Switch has been doing great in terms of worldwide sales the cease and desist order from Gamevice could potentially ban the sales of the game system altogether.  

While there have long term projects and plans for new video games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic Mania, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and other titles going into 2018 many are questioning the future of the Switch console.  However, if the Nintendo Switch becomes banned due to the issues with Gamevice then the value of could increase on places such as eBay and Amazon. Also, Nintendo would have the option of bring back the Wii-U for a cheaper price in comparison to what it was worth when it was first released back in late 2012.  But if Nintendo is successful in resolving their dispute with Gamevice then the Switch console can possibly go one to be one of the best selling video game consoles of 2017-2018.  

Should Kirby’s Return to Dream Land be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

We all remember when Kirby’s Return to Dream Land for the Wii U since it was probably one of the coolest multiplayer platform titles of the early 10’s next to Super Mario 3D World.  The game allowed players to enjoy some of their favorite characters such as Kirby, Waddle Dee and Meta Knight.  This 2.5D platform title was one of the many games for the Wii U that was worth owning and it did pretty well in terms of sales.  

Since its release in Fall 2011 the game has managed to sell over one million units worldwide and was probably one of the platform titles for the Wii U.  Even though, a new Kirby game has recently been announced for the Nintendo Switch Return to Dream Land is definitely a title that deserves to be ported for that console sometime in the near future.

Will there ever be a direct sequel to Super Mario 3D World?

Super Mario 3D World is without a doubt one of the best selling platform games for the Wii-U.  While the idea of having Super Mario 3D World ported for the Nintendo Switch would be a great idea some are wondering whether or not we will ever get the chance to see an actual sequel for this title.

As of right now there is no news about Super Mario 3D World being ported for the Nintendo Switch or the development of a sequel in the future.  One reasons is because Nintendo is currently focusing on games such as Super Mario Odyssey which is set to be released in October 2017.  However, we do get to see a direct sequel for Super Mario 3D World it will probably take place years from now.  

Should Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

If you owned a Wii U and was a fan of RPG titles then you are most likely familiar with Tokyo Mirage Sessions which was released for that console between 2015-2016.  Also, if you were s fan of either Shin Megami Tensei or the Fire Emblem series then Toyko Mirage Sessions was definitely an RPG title that was worth having for the the Wii U.  There were various aspects about this game that was interesting including the idea players being able to travel between Tokyo and different Idolaspheres.

Both the battle system and the unity system are also in game mechanics that added to the replay value of Tokyo Mirage Sessions.  One of the problems that some people had with the game in general was bad loading times along with lengthy boss battles that could last about half an hour.  If Toyko Mirage Sessions is ported for the Nintendo Switch it would give Atlus a chance to reduce the technical difficulties that many people had with this game on the Wii-U.