Could the recent Zelda games have worked during the 16 bit era?

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The Legend of Zelda series is awesome both in 2D and 3D.  But sometimes we wonder what the 3D games would be like in 2D and vice versa.  There were some timeless classics in the Legend of Zelda series both in the mid to late 80’s and early 90’s which included nice pixelated graphics.  Whether you played the Legend of Zelda series in 8 bit or 16 bit the storylines were interesting and the replay value of each game was high.  Between games such as the original Zelda game and Link to the Past its very hard to choose one in terms of which is better.  Some people would probably say the same thing about the modern Zelda titles such as Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild.  If any of the 3D Zelda games were 2D it would be hard to tell whether or not each respective title would have achieved the same levels of success that they did in the gaming market.

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While the 16 bit Zelda game entitled Link to the Past was a memorable classic some people would probably argue that we should had more titles for the Super Nintendo.  If games such as Twlight Princess, Skyward Sword or Breath of the Wild were 16 bit titles it would definitely limit the amount of creativity that the designers had in making the game.  While Nintendo constantly has new ways of reinventing themselves the use of 16 bit graphics only allows them to do so much with Zelda games.  The 3D titles would not have been nearly as epic as they were if they were 16 bit.

Is Link the best silent protagonist in video game history?

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When we think about some of greatest video game characters of all time Link from the Legend of Zelda series is one of the first names that comes to mind.  Link has been around since the 1980’s and is considered to be one of the most popular video game protagonists of all time.  One of the things about Link that is special is the fact that he managed retain his popularity for over three decades as one of the key figures in Nintendo along with Mario.   But unlike Mario the role that Link plays in the Legend of Zelda is that of a silent protagonist.  Now when many people think about old school games that feature silent protagonists some titles that comes to mind are Chrono Trigger, Grand Theft Auto III, Bioshock and Halo 3.

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Even though, many people may have different opinions on which game has the best silent protagonist many people can acknowledge the fact that Link has to included in the top ten.   When we look at games like The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword people cannot help but to be impressed by what they see in terms gameplay and storytelling.  One of the most impressive things about the Legend of Zelda series is the overall theme.   The theme about a  kid who grows up to become a legendary hero is something that seemed more common in 80’s and 90’s then what people would see nowadays.   The fact that Nintendo could make the legendary hero theme work in the 10’s and still remain very popular is something that is very impressive.  In fact, if another video game company tried to do the same thing in this day and age with the legendary hero concept it probably would not work since people prefer relatable and edge characters in today’s video games.

Would the Legend of Zelda be very popular on other game consoles?


As many people know the Legend of Zelda game is one of the most iconic Nintendo titles in video game history.  When The Legend of Zelda series first began on the 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System many people loved the concept of the game along with the main character Link.  Since its inception the Legend of Zelda series has evolved into something truly amazing and provided players with unforgettable adventures along with some of the toughest levels you would see in a RPG title.  As cool as the Zelda series was for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 90’s it would have felt very different seeing a game like Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Sega Genesis or even PlayStation.


The 1990’s was the decade where Nintendo had made some of the best 16-bit RPG titles that the gaming world has ever seen.  Unlike, Super Mario games which mainly focuses on the platforming genre the Legend of Zelda looks like a game that could possibly be successful on consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  On the other hand there have been so many great games in the RPG genre such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Destiny, Skyrim, Dark Souls III and  Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter that would provide the Legend the Zelda with  fierce competition in terms of popularity and sales.  Along with Super Mario games the Legend of Zelda series contributes to a large amount of revenue that Nintendo receives annually.  While Mario is considered to be the mascot of Nintendo  some would put Link behind him in terms of popularity outside of the Mario series.


It well known that when it comes down to 3D RPG games the Legend of Zelda never fails to impress especially with titles such as Majora’s Mask, Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess.  If the Legend of Zelda series came out during the 00’s it might not  have been as popular as it was during the 80’s due to the rise in popularity of first person shooter  game  But based on how the most recent Zelda games turned out between the mid 00’s and the present the series would probably be interesting enough to grab people’s attention as a playable RPG title.

Games of the 00’s- The Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass: (2007)


The 2000’s was such a great time to be a gamer especially if one was a fan of handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS.  There were countless titles that many people enjoyed for the Nintendo DS including the Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass which was developed by Nintendo and released for the DS in 2007.  There were many things about Phantom Hourglass that people found interesting such as the plot for this game.  The setting for Phantom Hourglass follows the events from The Legend of Zelda:  Wind Waker and the plot focuses on Link’s adventure as he seeks to gather the Spirits of Power, Courage and Wisdom while traveling to the Ocean King’s Temple.  During his journey Link must also rescue Tetra along with finding the Phantom Sword in order to defeat the main villain of this game known as Bellum.  The cel shaded 64 bit 3D graphics of this game was pretty cool because it reminded many people of the Nintendo 64.

Even though, Phantom Hourglass was released  a few years after The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures some people might argue that the game should have been made for a home console such as the Nintendo Wii which was released in 2006.   The fact that Nintendo decided to release Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS was great considering the fact that the  Wii already had The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess as their big game for a home based console around that time period.  The fact that Phantom Hourglass was developed as a 64 bit game opposed to a 128 bit title gives long time fans of the series a sense of nostalgia from the late 90’s.   Also, the graphics for the Phantom Hourglass highly resembled that of  Zelda: “Four Swords Adventures” which made the game a more impressive sequel in terms of concept.  While there have been countless Zelda games that have been released for over the past two decades many people will argue that Phantom Hourglass was one of the most impressive handheld games within its series.  Along with being an impressive handheld title some might argue that it was one the best handheld Zelda titles of the 00’s overall.

Retro Gaming 00’s – The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess: (2006)


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is probably one of the best action-adventure games made for the Nintendo Gamecube along with the Wii.  There have been many cool Zelda games in 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s but Twilight Princess was probably among the best in the series.  The plot for this title was unique because it included  some unexpected elements that made Twilight Princess interesting.  Some of the things about the plot for this game that was fascinating included Link having to save Hyrule from being overtaken by the Twilight Realm along with becoming a werewolf.  Along with the plot taking place centuries after Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask this title somewhat reflects aspects of both games.  Similar to Ocarina of Time Link has to rescue Zelda from Gannondorf just like the very first NES game and Link’s Awakening. This title also has a slightly darker theme than most of the other Zelda games similar to Majora’s Mask.


One of the few things that makes Twilight Princess a memorable title includes its creative soundtrack the blends perfectly with multiple stages & cutscenes in the game.  Twilight Princess features many awesome soundtracks such as Twilight, Gerudo Desert, Hidden Village and Midna’s Lament. The soundtrack of the Twilight Princess made the game appear like a cinematic movie with minimal audio.  The idea of the characters having no audio during dialogues was one of the things that stood out because it was among the many elements that made the Zelda series popular when it first started.  Adding audio to characters such as Link could have been hit or miss but the developers decided to go with the same formula that has been utilized in Zelda games for years and decided not to include audio.  Midna was probably the only exception when it came to dialogue since she spoke in her native language which is unknown to many people. There were many cool stages in this game including the Air, Desert, Ice and Water dungeons which were also very difficult for many people.  However, the designs for each level along with the BGM were terrific since it added more emotion to the game itself.


The enemies in Twilight Princess such as the Darknuts, Aeralfos, King Bulbin and Dangoro were not only frustrating at times but they were also tough to defeat.  As one  progress throughout the game they will see that their efforts were worth the trouble along with developing patience before they reach the final boss.  When players get towards the end they have to fight a possessed Zelda along with battling Ganondorf following the horseback battle which seemed very annoying at times.  This Zelda game was  among the best in terms of visual presentation and 3D gameplay especially when it was re-released in high definition early this year in March 2016.  Since its release Twilight Princess has sold over 8 million copies worldwide for being another masterpiece created by Nintendo.  Twilight Princess was also praised by various publications including IGN, GamePro and Electronic Gaming Monthly.  Receiving very high approval from any of those publications is astounding not mention receiving scores that were perfect or very close to it.  The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was without a doubt one of the best action adventure games that Nintendo has produced during the 2000’s.  Some would argue that Twilight Princess was as great of a 3D title as Link to the Past was for a 2D Zelda game during the 90’s.  One thing that we all know for sure is that Twilight Princess is an instant classic that will be known as one of the best action adventure games to be released for both the Nintendo Gamecube and the Wii.

Role Playing Games- The Legend of Zelda: (1986)


There were many cool things about the 80’s including music, culture, movies and games such as The Legend of Zelda.  When this game was first released during the 80’s many people were interested about various aspects of the game including Link’s quest to retrieve pieces of the Tri-force as he travels throughout various dungeons in Hyrule.  The Legend of Zelda was a very significant game because it paved the ways for many RPG games during the 90’s and the 00’s with the inclusion of overworld map features. Also, many people know that the Legend of Zelda was the first game to ever include a battery powered save feature which would allow people to continue where they left off following a previous play session.  The features included in this game was groundbreaking especially for the Nintendo Entertainment System because during the 1980’s platform games such as Super Mario and MegaMan was very popular and the The Legend of Zelda provided something that was just as good but different.


The Legend of Zelda you with the experience of traveling throughout many different dungeons while utilizing many secret underground passages in order to collect different parts of the Tri-Force.  Around the beginning of the game the obstacles could prove to be a bit overwhelming since one must battle various creatures at once while controlling Link.  There are nine dungeons that Link must explore the complete his quest but it would be considered a task which is easier said than done.  The Legend of Zelda is a game where players can become better through trail and error since there are so many ways for one to lose in this game.  However, despite the obstacles the game presents Link has the opportunity to gain various weapons such as his sword, boomerang, and his sword.  While gaining the sword is optional in this game it would almost be considered a necessity considering the amount of opposition one faces in this game.


Even though, The Legend of Zelda presents numerous challenges players also have the opportunity to expand their health bar throughout the duration of the game if they are very careful. Once you got towards the end of level 9 and defeat Ganon it feels like a weight has been lifted because since it was probably one of the toughest dungeons in the whole game.  While the ending doesn’t seem like much after Link rescues Zelda the amount of time invested into completing the game was a reward of itself.  After the initial release of the original Legend of Zelda game many people could not have predicted that the game would spur a series of titles sequels for over the next two decades following its release in 1986.   At this point it has been at least 30 years since the Legend of Zelda series began. Considering  the impact that The Legend of Zelda series had on the gaming industry since its inception many would be inclined to agree that it would be one of the greatest RPG creations of all time.