Should the next Super Smash Bros game have a story mode?


As many of us know Super Smash Bros has been around since the late 90’s.  In terms of gameplay the Super Smash Bros series has always been fun.  The latest Super SmSh Bros game for the Wii-U was great because it had so many interesting characters such as Mario, Link, Sonic, Kirby, Mega Man and more.  However, the game did not have much of a story mode which some people believe could have arguably made the quality of the game better.

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On the other hand having a story mode for another Super Smash Bros game can possibly make the game more boring depending on who you ask.   In terms of sales Super Smash Bros for the Wii-U and the 3DS had managed to sell around 5 million units worldwide since its release in 2014.  Without a story mode Super Smash Bros can still be a success in terms of sales as we have seen.  Once we get a new Smash Bros game for the Switch console it will be very interesting to see whether we get a decent story mode or not.

Should Super Smash Bros have VR features?

The Super Smash Bros series has been around since the late 90’s and since then Nintendo has always found way to keep things interesting.  The addition of new characters over the years such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man in some of the more recent Super Smash Bros games has made people want to purchases Super Smash Bros for the Wii-U.  Ever since, the Nintendo Switch was released back in March 2017 many people have been asking themselves when Does Nintendo plan on releasing a new Super Smash Bros game.  On top of that some people have wondered on whether or not Super Smash Bros should include Virtual Reality features.

In theory the idea of having a Super Smash Bros game with VR features sounds amazing but in practice it may not play out as well as many think.  Super Smash Bros games can be very fun but confusing at the same.  There is so much going on during the battles in Super Smash Bros.  Also, the action for this game is unlike anything people have seen in many fighting titles.  The idea of flying off platforms after being knocked out by another player of the CPU is one that would probably frighten many people.  Also, if kids try to imitate the action in Super Smash Bros in real life they can harm themselves or someone else if they are not careful.  The Super Smash Bros series has always worked as a multiplayer 2D fighting game.  If Nintendo diverted from the formula that made the Super Smash Bros series popular to begin with it may eventually start to go downhill.

Will we see a new Super Smash Bros game for the Nintendo Switch?

Everyone is excited about the anticipated release of the Nintendo Switch in the Spring of 2017.  While there have been several brand new games announced for the Nintendo Switch including Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dragon Quest XI and Project Sonic 2017 there have been no mention of a new game related to the Super Smash Bros series.  However, there have been rumors floating around about Super Smash Bros for the Wii receiving a port for the Nintendo Switch in the future.  While having a port for the latest Super Smash Bros game would be a treat for many people they also like to see a new Super Smash Bros game in the near future as well.   Since Nintendo has developed numerous titles involving the Super Smash Bros series for every home based console since the Nintendo 64 in the late 90’s its without a doubt that at some point we will get a new game for the Switch in the future.

While it took near three years for Nintendo make a sequel to original Super Smash Bros game successor for Super Smash Bros Melee was not released until 2008 which was about two years after the Wii made its debut in 2006.  Also, it took approximately six years for Nintendo to make a sequel for Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii-U console.  While the Wii-U was released during the later part of 2012 the Smash Bros game for that console did not come out until the fall of 2014.  Looking back at the release date of some of the older titles in the Super Smash Bros series its safe to suggest that it may be a least a year before we see a sequel to the latest game that was released for the Wii-U back in 2014.   But with the Nintendo Switch being far superior in terms of quality in comparison to the Wii-U another Super Smash Bros game for that console would be amazing to see.

Retro Gaming- Super Smash Bros Brawl: (2008)


Super Smash Bros Brawl was one of the most exciting multiplayer games for the Nintendo Wii when it was first released in 2008.  This title had included over 40 exciting stages with close t0 40 characters that people could choose from.  The roster expansion in this game was probably one of the most noticeable features of this game along with the cinematic cutscenes which made Super Smash Brow Brawl that much better than it predecessor.  Another thing that was awesome about Super Smash Bros Brawl included the fact that people had the option of playing the game with a control pad opposed to a Wii remote and & nunchuck.  Trying to play Super Smash Bros Brawl with a Wii remote and nunchuck was fun but at the same time seemed very difficult especially when it came down to unlocking trophies in the game.  There are at least 500 hundred trophies unlock  in Super Smash Bros Brawl which gives people the opportunity to spend countless hours to complete the game in its entirety.


Along with having fantastic gameplay and cinematic cutscenes Super Smash Bros Brawl had pretty cool music featuring original tunes from many Nintendo games from the 80s  90s and the 2000’s.  Super Smash Brows Brawl had also included some cool remixes from classic games such as the Underground theme (Super Mario Land), Cornier (Star Fox), and Forest of Hope (Pipkin).  The remake of WarioWare, Inc was also pretty cool because it had a late 90’s- early 2000’s vibe to it.  Super Smash Bros Brawl was the first title within its series where online gaming had become a significant part of the gaming experience.  The online gameplay featured through Nintendo Wi-Fi connection made Super Smash Bros Brawl much more exciting and was among the many aspects of game that stands out along with the difficult level of this game.  Since its release Super Smash Bros Brawl has sold at least 13 million copies worldwide which was a significant increase from its prequel which reached over 7 million units globally.  To this date Super Smash Bros Brawl is the best selling game within its series right above Super Smash Bros Melee which was released for the Nintendo Gamecube in 2001.  Not only was Super Smash Bros Brawl one of the best selling games for the Nintendo Wii but it also has a pretty high replay value that would make people want to hold on to it for a while before trading it in.

Retro Gaming- Super Smash Bros Melee: (2001)


Super Smash Bros Melee was probably one of the best multiplayer fighting games to be released for the Nintendo GameCube.  This game not only included more characters than its Nintendo 64 predecessor but it also featured many exciting soundtracks which featured remixes of songs from old NES & SNES games.  Some of the best soundtracks in this game had included Mute City, Big Blue, Great Bay along with Hyrule Temple theme and more.  There were so many cool characters featured in this game including Dr. Mario, Roy, Young Link, Pichu, Zelda along with others.  Super Smash Bros Melee features a fantastic opening sequence which introduces players to the main screen where players have the option of choosing their level of difficulty in one player mode.

One of the more exciting things about Super Smash Bros Melee deals with earning trophies by completing 1 Player Mode on Classic, Adventure or All Star mode.  When people choose their character they have the option of deciding what level along with how many lives they can start off with.  Some of the stages in this game are pretty epic such as Mute City & Big Blue because they were awesome levels in the F-Zero game and was always interesting to see what it would be like to fight on those levels instead of racing on it.  Along with F-Zero the Pokemon stages in this game were also pretty cool along with battling in some of the Zelda levels.  Some might argue that the bosses in Super Smash Bros Melee are tougher than the ones in the last game.  Even though, the Master Hand returns as a boss in this game Giga Bowser seemed like a tougher boss than Metal Mario or Giant Donkey Kong in Super Smash Bros Brawl. This game was praised by fans and critics alike for being one of the best crossover fighting games for the Nintendo GameCube and a title with replay value that would last for several years following its release.

Classic Gaming- Super Smash Bros: (1999)


Super Smash Bros was probably one of the best games to be released for the Nintendo 64 between the mid to late 90’s.  This game was probably a decade in the making because it was a crossover that included the most popular characters from various Nintendo titles from the early 80’s until the late 90’s.  Super Smash Bros had included many of our favorites including Mario, Kirby, Link , Fox McCloud, Ness and others in a multiplayer fighting game where up to four players were allowed to be apart of the action.  Super Smash Bros was unique because each character had special attacks that were utilized in their own respective game along with having the ability use weapons that would give them the upper hand during battle.  What made Super Smash Bros even more exciting was the fact that each stage was based one of the settings for specific games such as: Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario), Hyrule Castle (Zelda), Dream Land (Kirby), Sector Z (Star Fox) and others.

Super Smash Bros also featured great in game mechanics including the damage percentage meter that increases as the characters fight one another.  Along with having a damage percentage meter characters are given multiple lives each time they are knocked of the platform they are fighting on.  Along with all the other features of Super Smash Bros the coolest thing about this game is the concept which involves a crossover between a fighting and platform genre game.  Super Smash Bros was also very unique because it was something that too many people would not have expected from Nintendo approximately seven years ago when Super Nintendo was still popular.  However, sometimes people might wonder how Super Smash Bros would have played out if it was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  In theory, there would probably be questions on whether or not the 16-bit console could handle such a game.  Along, with having exciting multiplayer gameplay Super Smash Bros had included a great soundtrack including some remakes of classic tune from older games for the SNES and the N64.  Following, it release Super Smash Bros was praised by fans and critics for being one of the best fighting games to be released for the Nintendo 64.  Super Smash Bros is arguably one of the best crossover titles to be released by Nintendo and was considered a great gift to many gamers around the world going into the new millennium