Could Super Mario RPG have worked on the N64?

When it comes down to SNES Classics one of the many titles that is often mentioned is Super Mario RPG: Legend of of the Seven Stars which was released back in 1996. It’s pretty interesting that the Super Mario RPG game was released back in 1996 considering the fact that it was the same year that the Nintendo 64 was released. Super Mario RPG looked very polished in terms of graphics and looked like it had the potential to have been big as a 3D title back in the mid 90’s.

The only problem was that Square Enix had decided to make games for the PS1 opposed to the N64. When it came down to creativity involving 2D games and animation the PS1 could pull of things that the N64 could not. Also, the Nintendo 64 was more about developing high quality 3D games. Besides even if Super Mario RPG were released for the N64 it could have ended overshadowing other titles such as Super Mario 64 which was also released in 1996.


Could the Secret of Mana have worked on the Sega Genesis?

When we think about RPG classics from the early 90’s we think about various titles such as the Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Selina Densetsu 3, Illusion Gaia and many others that we only got to see on the SNES. Seeing that Square Enix mainly did business with Nintendo during the 16 bit era of gaming we never got to see to many memorable RPG’s for the Sega Genesis at all.

However, if a game like the Secret of Mana was released for the Sega Genesis it may not have had a much success as it did for the SNES. Even, though Square did not make hardly any games for the Sega Genesis that game system was not to big on having RPG titles. If anything it seemed like platform titles were more popular on the Sega Genesis.

Chrono Trigger (1995) vs Secret of Mana (1993) which game was better?

When it comes down to role playing titles in general Square Enix is probably the very best at developing video games within that genre. Back in the early 90’s the world got to witness the release of two legendary RPG’s known as Chrono Trigger and the Secret of Mana on the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The graphic, storyline and gameplay of both titles where fantastic and they are considered to be among the best games that Square has developed during the 90’s.

In terms of which game is better overall really depends on who you ask. If you a fan of single player RPG’s then Chrono Trigger is probably better. However, if you are a fan of multiplayer RPG titles then Secret of Mana would most likely be considered more enjoyable than Chrono Trigger.

Will the SNES Classic sell over 10 million units by 2019?

As of right now the SNES Classic has managed to sell over 4 million units worldwide since its release back in late September of 2017. If the SNES Classic can hit 4 million within four months then we can only imagine how much the retro based game console will sell by the time 2019 starts up.

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to some people if the SNES Classic managed to hit 10 million at some point due the great titles that are featured on the retro based game console. On top of the games that are already on the SNES Classic people can also add countless other titles on the retro based game console due to a hack that was discovered shortly after is release.

The SNES Classic reaches over 4 million units in sales

It has been reported that the SNES Classic has finally reached 4 million units worldwide in sales after being available in retail for about four months now. This is an impressive feat especially considering the fact that after 27 years old school games for the original SNES are still big attractions in this day and age. The games we got back in the early 90’s for the SNES such Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Mega Man X and many others are considered be be 16 bit gems that are hard to find in used game stores today.

Also, the fact that such games played a huge role on the success of the SNES show that they are more popular than most of the titles that one would find on the PlayStation Vita. If the SNES Classic can hit 4 million units in sales within four months its quite possible that it could end up selling more than the PlayStation Vita did during its entire life cycle before 2019.

Could DBZ Supersonic Warriors have worked on the SNES during the 90’s?

Dbz supersonic warriors.png

There is no doubt that we got to see some pretty cool games on the Game Boy Advance such as Dragonaball Z Supersonic Warriors which was developed by Cavia and Arc System Works and released back in 2004.  In fact, some might argue that Dragonball Z Supersonic Warriors could have been a success back in the 90’s if it was developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System during that time period. After all, Dragonabll Z Supersonic Warriors seemed like a much better 2D game in terms of quality and gameplay than DBZ Butoden I-III which was released exclusively for the SNES back in the 90’s.

dbz supersonic warriors.jpg

Along with getting DBZ Supersonic Warriors for the Game Boy Advance we also got to see The Legacy of Goku II which definitely would have been big in the SNES considering how successful it was for the Game Boy Adventure during the early 00’s.

SNES Classic vs Game Boy Advance which console is better?

Since its release in the Fall of 2017 the SNES Classic has been considered on Elle of the most most popular retro based game consoles of the 10’s. The SNES Classic allows people to play several classics from the early 90’s such as Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Metroid, F-Zero and many other titles that are build into the console. Shortly, after the release of the SNES Classic news had broke on the internet that hacks were discovered that allows people to add other games that weren’t originally feature on the retro based console.

The idea of being able to add more games on the SNES Classic definitely changes the overall value of the console itself. Now when we look at the Game Boy Advance which was one of the most popular handheld game consoles of the 00’s we got to see SNES Classics either remade or ported for that game system. However, there were also several titles that was exclusively available for the Game Boy Advance such as the Pokémon games, Golden Sun, Legacy of Goku II and the Sonic Advance series which we never got on the SNES back in the 90’s. In terms of which game console is better is hard for some people to decide.

But there are others who are inclined to argue in favor of SNES especially since the hack allows players to add many classics that were never ported for the Game Boy Advance back in the the 00’s.

Games such as Actraiser, Illusion of Gaia and Zombie eat my neighbor was never ported for the Game Boy Advance back in the early 00’s. If players want they could add these classics to the SNES Classic. However, if one has been a hardcore fan of the Pokémon set since the late 90’s and the early 00’s then Game Boy Advance is more likely to be appealing.