Did Captain Commando deserve a sequel?

Captain Commando is easily one of the most underrated fighting games of the early 90’s. This game was available in arcade centers in 1991 and was not ported for the Super SNES until around 1995.  By the mid 90’s the 2D side scrolling beat em up genre was starting to decline and more people started to turn to 3D gaming.  While Captain Commando was a very fun title it was not quite as popular as other games such as TMNT: Turtles in Time, Final Fight, Streets of Rage 2, etc.

While Captain Commando my have been worthy of a sequel making a 3D successor for this game my not have worked ou back in the 90’s. However, if Capcom were to release a 2D Captain Commando sequel in this day and age it would probably turn the heads of many retro gamers from the 16 bit era.  


Could the Streets of Rage series have worked on the SNES?

The Streets of Rage series is a classic from the early 90’s that many retro gamers enjoyed on the Sega Genesis during the 16bit era of gaming.  While the Streets of Rage series was competing with Final Fight which was featured exclusively on the SNES some people wonder whether or not Street of Rage could have worked on the 16 bit Nintendo console.

While the SNES had some pretty cool beat em ups such as TMNT: Turtles in Time, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie, Super Double Dragon, Captain Commando, Final Fight and many others; it would be safe to say that the Street of Rage series could have easily worked on the 16 bit Nintendo console.  However, Streets of Rage e may have not achieved the same level of success as it did on the Sega Genesis. The graphics, gameplay and especially the soundtrack made the Street of Rage series stand out from just about any beat em up title from the early 90’s.  

Could the Final Fight series have worked on the Sega Genesis?

The Final Fight series is one of the most legendary beat em up video game series of all time. Since its inception in the late 80’s the Final Fight series had managed to become very popular on the SNES before the beat em up genre of gaming started to decline in the early 90’s leading to the rise of popularity of fighting titles such as Street Fighter II.  

But since the Final Fight series was mostly on the SNES some people wonder whether or not it could have worked on the Sega Genesis. Final Fight could have definitely worked on the SNES however the series has been competing with the likes of the Streets of Rage series in the early 90’s as far as the beat em up genre is concerned. However, Capcom had choose the Sega Genesis over the SNES for the Final Fight series it may not have been as successful as it was back in the day.  

Should the NES Ninja Turtles game have been remade for the SNES?

There is absolutely no question that the Ninja Turtles game for the NES is quite possibly one of the hardest video games of all time. As challenging as the Ninja Turtles was for the NES it definitely was not a game that many people would have wanted to see a remake on for the SNES.  If the original Ninja Turtles game for NES was remade for the SNES but with reduced difficulty then maybe it could have worked out.  

However, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time for the SNES was still a way more popular title than the original Ninja Turtles game for the NES.  The beat em up genre suited Ninja Turtles games much more than platformer ever did. 

Could Zelda Link to the Past have worked on the NES?

The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past is one of the most legendary games of the 90’s and it turned out to be a huge for the SNES.  For the original SNES Zelda: Link to the past managed to sell over 4 million units worldwide.  There are some who believe that Link to the Past would not have had much success as it did if it was released for the NES back in the early 90’s.

While the first two Zelda games for the NES were good the graphics for those titles were inferior in comparison to Link to the Past for SNES.  If Link to the Past was released for the NES it still would have sold over one million units worldwide.  However, it would be hard to tell if the game would as popular on the NES as opposed to the SNES.  

Should there have been more isometric games for the SNES?

When we think about isometric action adventure and RPG titles of all he 16 bit era games for the Sega Genesis generally come to mind.  For the Wega Genesis we got games such as Skeleton Krew, Final Zone, LandStalker and others.  While we did get a few isometric titles for the SNES such as Solstice and Equinox in the early 90’s those games weren’t too memorable.  

However, when it came down to action adventure and RPG titles the SNES didn’t need to rely largely on isometric gameplay to stand out as much as the Sega Genesis.  While it would have been interesting to see a game like LandStalker for the SNES or a Zelda title with an isometric view the 16 bit console had other features such Mode 7 which made it stand out from the Sega Genesis.  

Why are the Joy Con’s and the SNES Classic roughly around the same price? 

There are some people who might find this a bit strange but for some read the SNES Classic and the Joy Con’s for the Nintendo Switch are approximately around the same price which is $79.00 plus tax in retail stores. Even though, the Nintendo Switch is a brand new console prior to its release in early March 2017 some people thought that the release price of the Joy Con’s was a bit absurd.

However, having the SNES Classic with 21 of the best games from the 16 bit era included for for just $79.99 was like a dream come true.  The Joy Con controllers are unlike anything that we have ever seen for a Nintendo based console so in some ways its price can be arguably justifiable in the long run.