Will the Final Fantasy VII Remake be ported the PlayStation Neo?

The world is still waiting for the release of Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 4 in the near future.  The utilization of the Unreal Engine 4 for a remake of this action RPG classic is something that people have been hopeful of for over the past fifteen years.  Even though, the game is promised for the PlayStation 4 the question that is one the mind of many is whether or not it will be featured on the PlayStation Neo.

It really depends on whether Sony decides to make the PlayStation Neo backwards compatible or not.  While the PlayStation Neo is something many people are looking forward to there is still uncertainty about whether or not the console will be backward compatible with PS4 titles.   If the PlayStation Neo lacks backwards compatibility then the Final Fantasy VII Remake would have to be ported for that game console.  

Should Square Enix make a sequel for Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on the Nintendo 3DS? 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that it has been almost a decade since Final Fantasy A2 was released for the Nintendo DS.  Ever since, this JRPG game was released between 2007-2008 many people have wondered if Square Enix was ever going to make some type of sequel for Final Fantasy Tactics A2 in the near future.  Following its release back in the late 00’s Final Fantasy Tactics A2 had managed to sell at least 750,000 units worldwide which is pretty good for a JRPG title for the Nintendo DS.

Despite, how impressive Final Fantasy Tactics A2 looked for the Nintendo DS it still sold less far less than the Final Fantasy Tactics game which was released for Game Boy Advance back in 2003. Since the early 00’s Final Fantasy Tactics for Game Boy Advance had managed to sell over two million units worldwide.  Even though, the latest Final Fantasy Tactics game did not do as well in terms of sales there are hardcore fans of the series would like to see a direct sequel for the Nintendo 3DS.  Some major questions involving a potential development and release of Final Fantasy Tactics A3 would revolve around the story along with what Square Enix could add to the in terms of in-game mechanics that would make it stand out from its predecessor.

Will Kingdom Hearts 3 sell more than Kingdom Hearts 2?

Kingdom Hearts II was without a doubt one of the best selling games for the PlayStation 2.  Following its release in 2002 Kingdom Hearts II had managed to sell over 4.3 million units worldwide for the PS2 which was an impressive feat at the time.  Since the release of Kingdom Hearts II many people have waited for over a decade for Kingdom Hearts III which make this title the one of most anticipated RPG games in recent memory.

While many people are still unsure about the exact release date of the game itself we learned not to long ago that Square Enix will be showcasing some actual footage regarding the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts III. In terms of whether or not it will surpass Kingdom Hearts II in terms of sales is hard to tell at the moment.  But it will be interesting to see what the sales will look like for Kingdom Hearts III during its first week.

Would Final Fantasy VII have worked on Sega consoles during the 90’s

When it came down to RPG titles of the 90’s Square Enix was one of the best video game companies that produced titles within that genre.  During the first half of the decade many people bought the Super Nintendo Entertainment System to play titles such as Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy IV, Secret of Mana and others.  During the second half of the decade it seemed like a majority of the best RPG titles were featured on the PS1.

If the Final Fantasy VII was featured on the Sega Saturn or even the Sega Dreamcast both consoles could have done far better than they did in terms of worldwide sales.  However, its still questionable on whether or not doing business with Square Enix back in the 90’s would have gave Sega the edge over their competitors Sony and Nintendo.

Even if Square Enix did business with Sega instead Sony during the second half the 90’s there would been a good chance that Final Fantasy VII would have suffered in sales due to the fact that the Sega Saturn was too expensive when it was first released in 1995 for $399.  If Final Fantasy VII was released for the Sega Dreamcast which only priced at $199 following its initial release then Final Fantasy would probably have been more of a success.  In terms of whether or not Square Enix and Sega collaborating more would have had a significant impact on the landscape of the RPG genre of gaming is still debatable. 

Did the N64 harm Nintendo’s relationship with Square Enix in the 90’s?

We all know about the history between Nintendo and Square Enix dating back from the 90’s.  When it came down to gaming consoles it seemed like Nintendo and Square Enix were going in different directions.  While Nintendo wanted to stick to developing cartridge based games Square wanted to feature most of their games on CD-ROM’s which was starting to become very popular during the mid to late 90’s.

Because of Nintendo’s decision to make Cartridge based games for the N64 the company lost games such as Final Fantasy VII-X, Legend of Mana, Alundra, Cenogrard, Grandia, Suikoden II and Chrono Cross which were all pretty good titles.  Looking back at things now when it came down to tactical and turn based RPG titles N64 was pretty lacking in that genre overall.  In fact the relationship breakdown between Square Enix and Nintendo may have been one of the key factors in Sony getting the upper hand during the console wars with titles such as Final Fantasy VII become one of the most famous and best selling RPG titles of all time.

Would Chrono Cross have been more successful on the N64?

Chronic Cross is an RPG title that definitely does not get the type of credit that it deserves.  When the game was released for the Sony PlayStation back in 1999 it had managed to sell over 1.8 million units worldwide which was impressive.  However, Chrono Cross did not sell as much as Chrono Trigger did for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which was released back in 1995.  While Chrono Cross did decent in terms of sales for the Sony PlayStation some people wonder if it could have done better on the Nintendo 64.

We all know about the history regarding fallout between Square Enix and Nintendo during the 90’s.  When it came down to producing video games Square Enix pushed for better visual quality with games such as Final Fantasy VII.  Nintendo’s decision to stick to gaming cartridges created problems for Square Enix leading them to work more with Sony in regards to RPG games.  If Chrono Cross was released for the N64 the quality of the game may have paled in comparison to that of the Sony PlayStation. If Chrono Cross was released for the N64 there may have been criticism about the quality of the game in terms of visuals but the N64 was seriously lacking good turn based RPG titles.  

Should Square Enix have collaborated more with Sega back in the 90’s?



When we look back at all of the games that Square Enix has produced for over the past two years sometimes its hard to believe that the company hardly ever did business with Sega.  After Square Enix had its fallout with Nintendo  around the mid 90’s many people believe that it would have been a perfect time for the company to stick to Nintendo by working with Sega in relation to releasing more video games.   The only problem was that Sony’s PlayStation was more popular then the Sega Saturn which seemed under-marketed in countries like America.    If Square Enix had decided to collaborate with Sega around the mid 90’s that would have been a gamble which could have came back to bit them in the future.  While the Sega Saturn was not nearly as popular as the Sony PlayStation the 128 bit Dreamcast console seemed just as popular as PlayStation and Nintendo 64.  The Sega Dreamcast was a console that high quality games in comparison to Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation.   However, by 1998-1999 PlayStation was already too popular and it had seemed like Sony was starting to dominate the gaming industry.

Final Fantasy 7 (2).jpg

Besides Square Enix had released some of their best games on the Sony PlayStation such as Final Fantasy VII & VIII which went on to sell millions of copies around the world.  While some people might argue that having Final Fantasy IX for the Sega Dreamcast would have been very cool to see it could have been easily overshadowed by games such as Phantasy Star Online and Sonic Adventure which were also big games that were feature on that console as well.    Even though, the Phantasy Star series has been competing with the likes of Final Fantasy since the late 80’s some people believe that Phantasy Star Online would not have posed a serious threat to Square Enix if they had decided to release their for the Sega Dreamcast.    However, some might believe that Square Enix collaborating with Sega on more games back in the 90’s would have put Nintendo in jeopardy during the console wars back in the day.

Final Fantasy IX

With games like Final Fantasy VII- IX the Sega Dreamcast could have sold more units worldwide as a game console.  Also, Sega could have earned more revenue than it did during the late 90’s.   However, Square Enix never had much of a history working with Sega prior to the release of the Sony PlayStation since they generally did business with Nintendo.   In fact, some might argue that Nintendo played a significant role in the Final Fantasy series obtaining the level of popularity it did.  While its true that Nintendo helped the Final Fantasy series become very popular others would agree that Sony had took the Final Fantasy series to the next level following their partnership with Square Enix.