Would Sonic the Hedgehog ever work as a shooter game?

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The Sonic the Hedgehog series has always been known to be impressive in relation to the action adventure and platform genre of gaming throughout the 90’s and the 00’s.  In terms of whether or not Sega could ever pull of a Sonic the Hedgehog shooter game really depends on how the game is developed.  Even with solid gameplay along with an interesting storyline seeing a Sonic the Hedgehog shooter game would seem kinda strange.  On one hand making a shooter game for Sonic the Hedgehog would be interesting but on the other hand Sonic does not need a gun to become more popular than he already is.

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Besides we already saw a shooter game that featured Shadow the Hedgehog back in the mid 00’s and for whatever it wasn’t well received by fans or critics.  If anything giving Shadow the Hedgehog his own shooter game has actually hurt his popularity more than it helped in the long run.  Shadow the Hedgehog did not need his own shooter game to become popular than he was following the release of Sonic Adventure 2.  While in theory a shooter game for Sonic the Hedgehog would sound cool the idea may not play out too well similar to that of the Shadow the Hedgehog game.


Should Sonic and the Secret Rings be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Sometimes its almost hard to believe that Sonic and the Secret Rings was released ten years ago on the Nintendo Wii.  When it comes down to 3D Sonic titles of the 00’s Sonic and the Secret Rings was probably one of the best.  Some people would probably put Sonic and the Secret Rings behind Sonic Adventure 2 & Sonic Colors as far as best 3D titles in the series are concerned.  Even since Sonic and the Secret Rings was released back in Spring 2007 the game has managed to sell over 2 million copies worldwide on the Nintendo Wii.


As popular as the game was Sonic and the Secret Rings was never ported for the Nintendo Wii-U in the early 10’s.  Since we never got Sonic and the Secret Rings on the Wii-U there are some would like to see this 3D platform title on the Nintendo Switch.  However, Sonic and the Secret Rings is not as popular as it was when it was first released in the late 00’s.  Plus, we have games like Sonic Mania which many people like more than a majority of 3D titles in the Sonic series.

Will Sonic Mania sell more than any of the first three titles for the Sega Genesis?

It’s hard to say right now how well Sonic Mania will do in terms of sales for game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation 4.  Back when Sonic the Hedgehog was released for the 16 bit Sega Genesis consoles in the early 90’s the series ended up becoming one of the regards to platform games during the 90’s.  However, the landscape of gaming has changed dramatically since then.  
The idea of using 16 bit like graphics for the Sonic Mania is something that would definitely appeal to retro gamers along with modern day gamers who missed out on how exciting 2D platform titles were back then.  In terms of popularity the Sonic the Hedgehog series has never been quite the the same as it was back in the 90’s.  However, Sonic Mania can play a significant role in revitalizing the series overall since some of the 2D titles are considered to be more popular then some of the more recent 3D games in the series.  

Should there be a Sonic Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo 3DS? 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that at one point there was an RPG for Sonic the Hedgehog.   But considering the fact that Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood was released back in 2008 for the Nintendo DS and since then the game had sold close to one million units worldwide.  Even though, Sonic Chronicles Dark Brotherhood was in no way the most popular title in the series during the 00’s there are some people would love to Sega sequel for this game.

While we have heard nothing from Bioware or Sega about a potential sequel for Sonic Chronicles 1 the idea of having such a game featured on the Nintendo 3DS sounds like a great idea considering all of the momentum the Sonic the Hedgehog series has.  With upcoming releases such as Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces another Sonic RPG title would be something that turns heads if the game is released at the right time.

Could Sonic the Hedgehog have worked for the SNES?

The Sonic the Hedgehog series was very popular during the 90’s during the 16 bit era and it included the best set of platform games that anyone could have ever played for the Sega Genesis.  Even though, the Sega Genesis was mainly in competition with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System some people wonder what things would have been like if The Sonic the Hedgehog series would have been like for the SNES during the first half of the 90’s.

When it comes down to platform titles of the 16 bit era the SNES had many popular titles including Super Mario World, Mega Man X, Aero the Acrobat, Sparkster and more.  When it came down to sprits and graphics some might argue that the SNES was slightly better than the Sega Genesis.  However, those who are fans of the Sega Genesis might argue that games such Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was more creative when it came down to gameplay and soundtrack development.  Even though, the SNES has arguably had more success in terms when it comes down to platform titles the Sonic the Hedgehog series may not have been as popular as it was during the 90’s if it was featured on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  In fact the Sonic the Hedgehog series could have been easily overshadowed by Super Mario Bros in the platform genre if it was on Super Nintendo Oporto the Sega Genesis. 

Do older Sonic games have higher replay values?

Sonic CD

When it comes down to Sonic the Hedgehog games many people generally think about the older 16 bit titles from the 90’s opposed to some of the recent games that have been released for consoles such as the Wii-U.  When a Sonic the Hedgehog was featured on the Sega Genesis or the Sega CD it was considered a memorable classic because when it came down to gameplay, level design and soundtracks Sega was on point back in the 16 bit era.  Since the Sonic series became 3D it started off pretty good with Sonic Advance 1 &2 but since then some people would argue that the series had slowly started to go downhill.  While we still had some pretty cool 3D titles such as the Sonic Advance series and Sonic Colors the older 16/32 bit Sonic games are generally regarded as the best when it comes down video game titles developed by Sega for over the past two decades.

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When it come down to video games that are considered to be among the most popular platform games of all time Sonic the Hedgehog I-III are among few games that instantly comes to mind.   While the 3D Sonic titles such as “Generations” for the Xbox 360 were fun titles to play many people are happy to see the Sonic series return to its 2D roots later in 2017.    Sonic Mania is very similar to the 2D classics that were featured on the Sega Genesis back in the early 90’s.  Also,  there has been a greater desire among Sonic the Hedgehog fans for 2D games to make a return because they seemingly have a higher replay value than 3D titles.




Which decade was the best for platform games?

Super Mario Bros (2).jpgThe platform genre of gaming has been around since the 80’s and since then many people have wondered which decade was the best for that particular genre.   The original Super Mario Bros game is quite possibly the most popular title ever in the platform genre of gaming.  While the 80’s included mostly 8-bit gameplay for various Mario games we eventually got titles like the Sonic the Hedgehog series during the 16-bit era in the of gaming. 

As the Super Mario Bros series was slowly transitioning into the 16-bit Super Nintendo game console the Sonic the Hedgehog series was starting to become increasingly popular for the Sega Genesis.  Not only was the gameplay for both the Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog series impressive but the colorful graphics led and sprites used in most of the titles added to the appeal of those games.


 By the time we reached the mid to late 90’s we got games like Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure which introduced players to a whole different style of platform gaming.  The concept of a 3D open world environment was something that many people were amazed by when Super Mario 64 was released.  Instead of simply just running and jumping Mario could utilize various attacks against his enemies.  While Sonic Adventure was similar Sega had decided to Main the fast paced run and jump formula that was popular in the older Sonic games.  

Super Mario Galaxy (2).jpgBy the time we reached the 00’s the platform genre started to improve visually with some games such as Super Mario Galaxy.  The 2000’s was a good decade to be a fan of open world 3D platform gaming despite not being the most popular genre during time.  We got so many classics such as the New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 along with others.

Super Mario 3D World.png

  When it came down to platform gaming in the 10’s we began to see more creativity develop in this genre.  Super Mario 3D World for the Wii-U was a great example of this.  The idea of having multiplayer open would gameplay with up to four characters was something that many peopl believed should have happened sooner.  Along with Super Mario 3D World we got Kirby’s Return to Dreamland which had  simultaneous multiplayer gameplay which is something that we might start to see more from platform games in the near future.  While many people argue on which decade is better in relation to the platform genre some would say that things are starting get even better going into the 2020’s.