Could Final Fantasy Tactics A2 have sold more on the Nintendo Wii?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a decade since Final Fantasy Tactics A2 was released for the Nintendo DS.  Since its release back in 2007 Final Fantasy A2 has managed to sell at least three quarters of a million units worldwide.  As popular as the Nintendo DS was during the 00’s the Nintendo Wii seemed even more so.  There were so many big RPG titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy Crystal and others that could have easily overshadowed this game on the Nintendo Wii.  

However, when the original Final Fantasy Tactics game was first released in 1997 for the PS1 it managed to sell over 2 million units worldwide.  But since the Final Fantasy was still very big on the PS1 in the mid 90’s following the release of FFVII it probably made sense that the original FF Tactics game would do great in sales during that time period.  Many can agree that the Final Fantasy series has been more popular on PlayStation home based consoles then Nintendo during the 00’s.  If Final Fantasy Tactics A2 was released for the Nintendo Wii it would be hard to tell how well the game would have done overall in terms of sales.

Would Shin Megami Tensei IV have sold more on the Wii-U?

Shin Megami Tensei IV was a JRPG title that was released back in 2013 and ever since it appeared on the Nintendo 3DS it has done arguably well.  Shin Megami Tensei IV has managed to sell over half a million units worldwide since its release and happens to be a game that some believe would have been better for the Wii U.  However, the way the game was setup with the 2D overhead map along with a 3D map made this game appealing.

If Shin Megami Tensei was released for the Wii U the 3D first person battles could of been so much better in terms of graphics.  However, when comes down to JRPG titles there are certain games that are much better if for handheld devices such as the Nintendo 3DS as opposed to home based game systems such as the Wii U.  Considering the fact that the Wii U was not as much of a commercial success as the original Wii console having Shin Megami Tensei on the 3DS was probably a better decision in the long run.

Should Disgaea 5 be ported for the Nintendo 3DS?

As many of us know Disgaea 5 has been out for the PlayStation 4 since the Spring of 2015.  Since then we have seen Disgaea 5 ported for the Nintendo Switch and not for the Nintendo 3DS which may appear as a surprise to many people.  Especially, considering the fact that games such as Disgaea 3 & 4 were ported for the PlayStation Vita in the past.

In fact some people believe that Disgaea 5 would probably do better on the Nintendo 3DS as opposed to the Nintendo Switch.  The 2D animish graphics and gameplay for Disgaea 5  is something that would be more fitting for the Nintendo 3DS especially considering the fact that it’s a JRPG title.  

Will the Final Fantasy VII Remake be ported the PlayStation Neo?

The world is still waiting for the release of Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 4 in the near future.  The utilization of the Unreal Engine 4 for a remake of this action RPG classic is something that people have been hopeful of for over the past fifteen years.  Even though, the game is promised for the PlayStation 4 the question that is one the mind of many is whether or not it will be featured on the PlayStation Neo.

It really depends on whether Sony decides to make the PlayStation Neo backwards compatible or not.  While the PlayStation Neo is something many people are looking forward to there is still uncertainty about whether or not the console will be backward compatible with PS4 titles.   If the PlayStation Neo lacks backwards compatibility then the Final Fantasy VII Remake would have to be ported for that game console.  

Will Kingdom Hearts 3 sell more than Kingdom Hearts 2?

Kingdom Hearts II was without a doubt one of the best selling games for the PlayStation 2.  Following its release in 2002 Kingdom Hearts II had managed to sell over 4.3 million units worldwide for the PS2 which was an impressive feat at the time.  Since the release of Kingdom Hearts II many people have waited for over a decade for Kingdom Hearts III which make this title the one of most anticipated RPG games in recent memory.

While many people are still unsure about the exact release date of the game itself we learned not to long ago that Square Enix will be showcasing some actual footage regarding the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts III. In terms of whether or not it will surpass Kingdom Hearts II in terms of sales is hard to tell at the moment.  But it will be interesting to see what the sales will look like for Kingdom Hearts III during its first week.

Would Chrono Cross have been more successful on the N64?

Chronic Cross is an RPG title that definitely does not get the type of credit that it deserves.  When the game was released for the Sony PlayStation back in 1999 it had managed to sell over 1.8 million units worldwide which was impressive.  However, Chrono Cross did not sell as much as Chrono Trigger did for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which was released back in 1995.  While Chrono Cross did decent in terms of sales for the Sony PlayStation some people wonder if it could have done better on the Nintendo 64.

We all know about the history regarding fallout between Square Enix and Nintendo during the 90’s.  When it came down to producing video games Square Enix pushed for better visual quality with games such as Final Fantasy VII.  Nintendo’s decision to stick to gaming cartridges created problems for Square Enix leading them to work more with Sony in regards to RPG games.  If Chrono Cross was released for the N64 the quality of the game may have paled in comparison to that of the Sony PlayStation. If Chrono Cross was released for the N64 there may have been criticism about the quality of the game in terms of visuals but the N64 was seriously lacking good turn based RPG titles.  

Should there have been more RPG’s for the Sega Genesis?


When it comes down to the Sega Genesis as a game console there were so many cool games that was released during the early 90’s that many people loved for the system.  But when it comes down to the RPG genre of gaming the Sega Genesis was not too big on the category during the early 90’s.  When it came to popular RPG titles for the Sega Genesis a few titles come to mind such as Phantasy Star and the Shining Force series.  The idea of having multiple role playing games for the Sega Genesis was great because it helped the console during the console wars against Nintendo which was known for having some of the most memorable RPG titles.  While Nintendo had games such as Final Fantasy IV-VI, Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire and Super Mario RPG the Sega Genesis did not have too many RPG’s titles in comparison.

Phantasy Star II (1).png

Some feel that if Sega had produced more RPG titles for the Sega Genesis it could have made a significant difference in tipping the scales during the console wars against Nintendo. The Phantasy Star and the Shining Star series were games that were appealing for the Sega Genesis aside from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and other popular platform titles.  Also, the fighting and beat em up genre was also very popular during the early 90’s which might have played a role in why Sega did not have too many RPG titles for the Genesis.


When it comes down to action adventure RPG titles games like LandStalker did not get the type of credit that it deserved.  Some people believe that LandStalker had the potential to become Sega’s version of the Legend of Zelda.  Games like LandStalker along with the Phantasy Star and the Shining Force series for the Sega Genesis can be considered as collectable gems as far as video games are concerned.   There were not too many RPG’s that were big during the early 90’s but there were some that some considered to be memorable classics.