Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1990) vs Nintendo 3DS (2011) which is more popular?

As far as popular game systems created are concerned we have seen so many consoles within the past 30 years that are considered to be both iconic and legendary. Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft has produced various game systems that are still popular at retro video game stores that people would still play to this day. As far as Nintendo based consoles are concerned there is no secret that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was very big back in the 90’s along with the fact that the SNES Classic which was released in late-2017 is still an attraction today despite no longer being available in retail. The original SNES console managed to reach over 49 million units worldwide in sales since its release in 1990 and was arguably more successful than its successor the Nintendo 64.

The Nintendo 3DS on the other hand came out about eight years ago in 2011 and since than has managed to become more successful than the Wii-U which was released the following year in November 2012. Since its release the Nintendo 3DS hit over 74 million in worldwide in sales and was without a doubt more successful than the SNES. While the Nintendo 3DS sold more than the SNES some would argue that titles such as Pokémon Sun and Moon were attractions for the handheld game system along with Mario titles. Back in the 90’s Pokémon was not available for the SNES and was playable on Game Boy during the mid to late part of that decade. While the SNES is definitely more iconic there is no question that the Nintendo 3DS was more successful than the 16-bit console.

The 20th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VIII!!!

As far as gaming is concerned today is a very special day especially for those who have been long time fans of the Final Fantasy series since the late 90’s. It was on February 11th back in 1999 where Final Fantasy VIII was released on the PS1. Final Fantasy VIII was the highly anticipated sequel of the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII game Square Enix released for the PS1 console that was released back in 1997. While Final Fantasy VII ended up becoming the second best selling PS1 title reaching over 9.7 million units worldwide Final Fantasy VIII was not quite as popular as its predecessor. However, Final Fantasy VIII was still very successful and managed to reach over 7.8 million units in sales on the PS1 while becoming the seventh best selling game on the 32-bit console during the late 90’s.

The multi-disk FFVIII game is one that many people have wanted to see receive an HD remake for two decades now and its uncertain on whether or not Square Enix plans on making it a reality. While a series of Final Fantasy games are expected to on the Nintendo Switch including FFVII, FFX, FF Crystal Chronicles and FFXII there has been no talk of FFVIII being ported to the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, Square Enix will do something special with Final Fantasy VIII within the next year or so especially since the demand of a remastered version of the game is high among those who are huge fans of the series in general.

Did the NES have a bigger cult following than the the PS1?

When we think about some of the most iconic video games consoles to have emerged within the past 30 years there are many names that comes to mind especially the Nintendo Entertainment System which came out in 1983 and the PS1 which came out in ’94. Both game consoles were very popular within their respective decades considering the fact that the NES went on to sell over 61 million units worldwide since its release in the 80’s. While the NES was considered to be the best selling game console of the 80’s the PS1 was considered to be most popular game system of the 90’s since it reached over 102 million units worldwide in sales. Despite, the fact that the PS1 ended up selling more than the NES overall it seems like the NES is considered a more memorable console due the catchy chiptune soundtracks that we have heard in titles such as Mega Man I-III, Castlevania I-III and more.

While the PS1 obviously had more superior visuals and sound fonts in relation to soundtrack development the chiptune sound of the NES required a ton of creativity to make masterpieces in relation to BGM. Also, Mario who is arguably the biggest name in gaming history is just as popular now as he was back in the 80’s despite the fact that the platform genre of gaming has declined in popularity over the past two decades. Even though, some of the greatest video games ever made such as Final Fantasy VII came from the PS1 the console itself dies not seem as iconic as the NES.

The 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog 3!!!

Sometimes its hard to believe how old the Sonic the Hedgehog series especially since the game had arguably reached its peak in popularity back in the 90’s. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is a 16-bit platformer that is considered to be legendary for its visuals, sprites, soundtrack and storyline. It was 25 years ago on this day that Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was released for the Sega Genesis and one of the few 2D games within that has remotely resembled it in terms of replay value is Sonic Mania which was released for multiple game consoles back in 2017. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was the game that saw Knuckles the Echidna make his debut in the series as somewhat of a rival to Sonic & Tails before eventually becoming allies with them throughout most of the series.

Despite, not selling quite as much as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 which reached at less 6 million copies worldwide Sonic 3 still managed to sell over one million in America and is still considered to be one of the best selling titles for the Sega Genesis in general. Even though, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is 25 years old its still a 16-bit classic that many people still play to this day. For those who have been fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog series since the early 90’s you already know how historic this day is and must feel kinda old realizing that Sonic 3 was released 25 years ago today.

Upcoming Switch Games- Super Robot Wars T: (2019)

As far as upcoming games are concerned in relation to the Nintendo Switch there are so many titles that the world is looking forward to seeing such as Final Fantasy VII, X/X-2 and XII. In relation to the RPG’s 2019 is a very good year to be a Switch owner especially with the upcoming release of games such as Super Robot Wars T. For those who do not know Super Robot Wars T is a game developed by B.B. Studio and published by Bandi Namco Entertainment which is scheduled to appear on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this upcoming Spring in March 2019. This game is considered to be the sequel to Super Robot Wars X which came out this past year in March 2018 and will be the first installment within its series to appoint the Nintendo Switch making it very special.

The only thing about Super Robot Wars T is the fact that it will not appear on the PlayStation Vita similar to its prequel due to the discontinuation of the handheld console. Also, Super Robot Wars T has only confirmed for a release in Japan. This game has impressive visuals and gameplay making for an exciting tactical role playing game in America especially since its theme will mainly be centered around revenge similar to its past two predecessors. As of right now there has really been no word on Bandi Namco Entertainment bringing Super Robot Wars T to America but that is something that can definitely change as we progress throughout 2019.

Nintendo Switch version of Lapis X Labyrinth coming soon to America!!!

As far as upcoming releases in relation to this year are concerned there are so many cool games that the world is waiting to see on various game consoles. As far as the Nintendo Switch is concerned it has recently been revealed that the dungeon diving action-RPG known as Lapis X Labyrinth will finally receive a western release in America. For those who do not know Lapis X Labyrinth is a 2D RPG that was developed by Nippon Ichi Software and was released for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch back in the late part of November during 2018. We already knew that at some point NIS America was going to make the announcement regarding Lapis X Labyrinth receiving a western release months ago it was just a matter of when it was going to happen.

The game has a rather interesting plot that involves treasure hunting below the Golden Forest in order to bring wealth back to impoverished village. In Lapis X Labyrinth players will have the opportunity to choose from eight different character classics such as Necromancer, Gunner, Wizard, Bishop, Destroyer, Maid, Shielder and Hunter as they battle various different types of monsters with their assembled party as they progress throughout the entire game. For those who want to pre-order Lapis X Labyrinth they can do so at video game stores such as GameStop for $59.99 before it hits stores on May 28th.

Final Fantasy X-2 Confirmed to Appear on Nintendo Switch as Digital Download!!!

As many people know there are so many big games that are expected to appear on various game consoles throughout 2019. As we all know a series of Final Fantasy titles are expected to be ported to the Nintendo Switch this year and one of the many FF games confirmed for the hybrid console for this year are the remastered versions of FFX/X-2. While its possible that Final Fantasy X might see a physical release we know for a fact that FFX-2 will only be downloadable for the Nintendo Switch this upcoming Spring on April the 16th. If anything its probably the best way for Square Enix to go about releasing Final Fantasy X-2 for the Nintendo Switch this upcoming April.

There is no question that Final Fantasy X/X-2 is going to end up becoming one of the most high profile RPG’s that we will see on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. For those who are eager to purchase Final Fantasy X/X-2 both games can be pre-ordered online for $49.99 on Square Enix’s website before its official release this upcoming April April. It will be interesting to see how big of an attraction Final Fantasy X/X-2 will end up becoming on the Nintendo Switch throughout 2019.