Should Bloodborne be ported for the Nintendo Switch?


Back in the Spring of 2015 the original Bloodborne game was released exclusively for the PS4.  When it comes down to various aspects of the game including the inclusion of a good story, graphics and in game mechanics it they were all qualities that many people found appealing.  Since its release back in March 2015 Bloodborne had managed to sell over 2 million units worldwide and is arguably considered to be in the top ten as far as best action titles are concerned.

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Even though, Blodborne was very popular back in 2015 it was made exclusively for the PS4 .  There are some people wonder whether or not Bloodborne could work for the Nintendo Switch if FromSoftware had any plans to bring the game to the hybrid console.  After all, we did get to see other great games such as Skyrim and even Doom on the Nintendo Switch and the quality of each game on the hybrid console had exceeded the expectations of many people.  Since the Nintendo Switch is arguably at the peak of its popularity bring a game such as Bloodborne to the hybrid console would definitely turn heads in the gaming world


Is Gran Turismo Sport the best racing game of the year?

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When we think about racing games of 2017 one of the many games that stand out is Gran Turismo Sport which many people have been waiting to since Gran Turismo 6 which was released in 2013.  In terms of sales Gran Turismo Sport reported has managed to reach over 982,000 units within its first week.  Even though, Gran Turismo is a good racing game and has done great in sales there are still who are die hard fans of Forza Motorsport 7 and Project Cars 2 and feel one of those games should hold the title for being the best racing game of the year.

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In terms of quality some can make the argument that Forza Motorsport 7 is just as good a Gran Turismo Sport.  However, Gran Turismo Sport was probably the most anticipated racing game of the past few years.  When it comes down to certain aspects of the Gran Tursimo Sport such as the total car count there are some people who are bewildered by the fact that game has less than 200 cars.   Not only has Polyphony Digital reduced the total car count from it predecessor Gran Turimso 6 which included over 1100 vehicles but it seems like Project Cars 2 and Forza Motorsport 7 has more cars than their respective predecessors.  Despite, the lack of cars included in Gran Turismo Sport in comparison to other games the sales for the game were impressive and has already managed to reach over one million units worldwide since its release in October 2017.

Should Dragon Ball FighterZ be released for the Nintendo Switch?


Dragon Ball FighterZ is probably one of the most anticipated fighting games of 2018.  Just about everything in Dragon Ball FighterZ looks impressive including the gameplay, graphics along with the roster of characters.   This game is expected to be released in January 2018 for the PS4, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.  However, there hasn’t been anything said about Dragon Ball FighterZ being included on the Nintendo Switch.  Having a game like Dragon Ball FighterZ on  a hybrid console like the Nintendo Switch would be something that would immediately arouse the interest of many people who currently own the game system.


While some might argue that the quality in terms of graphics for the Nintendo Switch would not be on the same level as the PS4 or the Xbox One would be very rare to have a crossover fighting title like Dragon Ball FighterZ on a game system that could also be utilized as a handheld console.  Also, when it comes down to crossover fighting games in general we don’t get a chance to see enough of them on Nintendo based consoles.

Could A Hat in Time rival Super Mario Odyssey in terms of popularity?

Not to long ago A Hat In Time was released for Microsoft Windows and since its release its been compared to Super Mario Odyssey which came out in late September for the Nintendo Switch.  As far as plot is concerned some can make the argument that A Hat in Time seemed like a game is slightly more interesting than Super Mario Odyssey. The Hat in Time game gives players the ability to control the  main protagonist of the game who is responsible for collecting “Time Pieces” which can be used to manipulate time while fighting off many enemies throughout the game.

While Super Mario Odyssey is a great game the plot utilizes the same formula of having Princess Peach as a damsel in distress but with twist.  In Super Mario Odyssey the main character Mario must work with a hat creature named Cappy to rescue Peach and Tiara while thwarting Bowser’s wedding plans in the process.  While A Hat in Time has a very interesting plot Super Mario Odyssey seems like its more popular mainly because many people have been waiting for a new Mario game since the start of 2017.  In terms of popularity Super Mario Odyssey would mostly have a slight edge over A Hat in Time despite the fact that they are both great platform titles.

Upcoming Games: Days Gone: (2018)

When it comes down to action adventure genre of video games 2018 is looking pretty good right now as far as the PS4 is concerned.  While there are many games that people are looking forward to next year one of the titles that catches the eyes of some people is “Days Gone” which is an Action adventure survival horror game which will be exclusively for the PlayStation 4.  

There are so many cool things about this gaming including the plot taking place in a post-apocalyptic world along with the use of the Unreal Engine 4 which adds to the quality and the realism of the game itself.  In terms of gaming mechanics SIE Bend Studio has tried to make the game as realistic as possible zombies known as “Freakers” being more or less difficult to destroy depending on whether its day or night time in the game.  Days Gone looks like something that many people want to check out next year especially if they are into survival horror video games in general.  

Upcoming Games- The Last of Us: Part II: (2018)


The Last of Us: Part II is a game that many people have been waiting for Naughty Dog to release since 2013.  This action adventure survival horror game has been in the works for years now and is expected to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018.   One of the many things we know about the Last of Us Part II: Is that the setting takes place five years after the first game and that four additional new characters will be introduced in this upcoming title.   Along with being to control one the main characters Elle The Last of Us: Part II will see the introduction of Lev, Emily and Yara into the series.


When it comes down to upcoming releases the Last of Us: Part II has been seen as one of the most anticipated games for the PS4 for the year 2018.  Since the Last of Us: Part I was released back in 2013 the game has managed to  sell over 6 million units worldwide on the PlayStation 3.  The remastered version of the game also did great in terms of sales as well since it managed to reach over one million units worldwide in sales shortly after its release in the summer of 2014.  It will be interesting to see if the Last of Us: Part II will be able to top its predecessor in terms of sales next year on the PS4 as far first week sales are concerned.

Upcoming Games- Detroit: Become Human: (2018)

We have seen many interesting action adventure games on the PS4 since the console was released worldwide back in late 2013.  In 2018, we will have another promising action adventure title to look forward to entitled Detroit: Become Human which will be developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.  

One of the most interesting aspects about Detroit: Become Human is the way that the game is set up.  The branch storylines based on the decisions players make involving Kara, Connor or Markus makes the game feel realistic along with the exclusion of a game over screen following the death of a player. Also, the ability for players to rewind to certain parts of the story is also a pretty cool feature to help players make better decisions as they are going through the game. While the exact release date of this title is still unclear we know that Detroit: Become Human is most like going to be one of the best action adventure titles of 2018 for the PS4.