Would the Pokémon series have ever worked on the NES or the SNES?

Since the mid 90’s the Pokémon series has been very popular on handheld game Consoles such as Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, etc.  Sometimes people wonder if PokeMon series has started in the 80’s or the early 90’s would it be more popular than it currently is.  The idea of having Pokémon for the NES or the SNES would have be awesome.  But as we know Pokémon games generally take a long time to complete and having them for home based console would definitely bore many people.  The fact that Pokémon games are normally featured handheld based consoles is probably one of the things that contributes to the appeal of those titles.  Honestly, if handheld Pokémon games were featured on home consoles like the SNES and the NES they could have been easily overshadowed during the 80’s and 90’s.  With games like the Super Mario series, Mega Man X, F-Zero, Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid and others Pokémon titles probably would have been overlooked during that time period.

Would Pokémon games ever work on the PlayStation Vita?

When it comes down to Pokémon games many people believe that handheld Nintendo based consoles such as the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and  Nintendo 3DS has produced some of the games in the series that we have ever seen.  In terms of sales Pokémon is quite possibly the best handheld video game series that the world has ever seen.

If Pokémon was released for game systems such as the PSP or the PlayStation Vita the set might not be as popular.  For the most part Nintendo specializes in having family friendly titles for their game consoles.  The Pokémon series for the most part has been family friendly and has made a profit on handheld based Nintendo consoles since the mid 90’s.  After seeing Pokémon on handheld Nintendo based consoles for almost two decades it would be hard to imagine the series on anything else.

Should Pokemon games include Virtual Reality?

The idea of having a Pokémon game for Virtual Reality is something that many fans of the series have probably been dreaming about since the late 90’s and early 00’s.  The idea of playing Pokémon Stadium or any of the handled titles such as Pokémon Black and White would be awesome.  If Virtual Reality was included in Pokemon games it could set up where players become players he trainers while they watch their Pokémon battle.  Similar to the older games players could capture Pokémon, earn badges along with battling other gym leaders and Team Rockets as they progress throughout the game.

The biggest feature of having a Pokémon game with Virtual Reality would be the inclusion of a multiplayer battle mode.   Similar to how players linked up their Game Boy consoles in the past to play against each other having them battle against one another through Virtual Reality would make for an amazing gaming experience.  Also, there was a Pokémon game that included Virtual Reality the idea of having an online multiplayer mode for battles would prove to be very appealing and marketable  as well.  If Game Freak can find a way to include Virtual Reality gameplay into Pokémon titles it would be a groundbreaking addition to the series.

Should Ash Ketchum have been featured in older Pokemon games?

Pokemon Ash (2)

When we think about the older Pokemon games for Game Boy such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Gold there are many things that comes to mind including how cool it was.  The older handheld Pokemon titles included many elements in the game that you would see on the show including battles, different cities, gym leaders, badges along with actual Pokemon.  While all of those things are pretty exciting one can’t help but notice that the main character of the show was never featured in any of those games between the late 90’s or the early 00’s.  Instead of having Ash Ketchum as the main character players had the change to create their own custom trainer in order to have an adventure similar to that of Ash.  Some people would  argue that it was a bit awkward not having Ash Ketchum in the game despite being the main character in the television series.  Others would say that it was one of the best decisions that Game Freak has made prior to developing most of the older Pokemon games.

Pokemon Ash.jpg

The ability to create you own custom character made the gaming experience that much better because it was different from the show.  Many people have polarizing opinions about Ash Ketchum as the main protagonist of the Pokemon series. It would be save to say that his inclusion in any of the older games may not have made a significant difference in regards to how well each title did in terms of worldwide sales following their respective releases.  In fact, some could make the argument that having Ash Ketchum as the main protagonist in the video game series could have possibly of been detrimental to the series.  If the Pokemon games resembled the television series too much it would probably have lost its appeal over time.   Not having Ash Ketchum as the main character in any of the handheld Pokemon games was not a big deal because the they were still successful in terms of worldwide sales regardless.




Would Handheld Pokemon Games Be Better on Home Consoles?

Pokemon ruby and sapphire.jpg

The Pokemon series which originated back in the 90’s is without a doubt  one of the most popular shows in the history of cartoons.  Also, when it comes down to handheld games the PokeMon series is almost unparalleled in terms of sales. The question of whether or not Game Boy games involving the Pokemon series would have done well or not depends on who you ask.  When Pokemon titles originated on the original Game Boy handheld console they started off as 8 bit games.  Back in the 80’s the 8 bit style of gaming was as popular as the 16 bit games were during the first half of the 90’s.  If the Pokemon series started back in the 80’s it could possibly have been very popular for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Whether or not the Pokemon series could have rivaled other titles such as the Super Mario Bros. or the Legend of Zelda in terms of popularity and sales back in the 80’s would have been interesting to see.  If the Pokemon series started of as a 16 bit role playing game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or the Sega Genesis back in the 90’s it could have possibly diminished its level of popularity.  With games such as Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Mega Man X, and Sonic the Hedgehog the Pokemon series might not have been as popular because there were so many other amazing games that were released in the early 90’s.  Despite, how great the Pokemon role playing series was back when it first got started around the mid 90’s it could have easily have been overshadowed on home consoles.  In fact, if the Pokemon series did not start on the handheld Game Boy console it probably would not be as popular as it is today.


Retro Gaming- Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: (2006)


When it came down to gaming the 00’s was definitely on of the best time periods to be a fan of the Pokemon series.  Following the release of games such Pokemon Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire the world eventually got to see Diamond & Pearl in 2006.  Pokemon Diamond & Pearl were among the first games within its series to be released for the Nintendo DS and were both considered to be great titles for the 32-bit handheld console.  As players journey throughout both games they have the opportunity to battle many gym leaders and earn various badges including the Coal, Forest, Cobble, Fen Relic, Mine, Icicle and their Beacon badge.  While progressing throughout the game players have to deal with various obstacles including encounters with Team Galactic along with their leader Cyrus.  Similar to the other Pokemon games players must do battle with the Elite Four towards the end of the game.  In Pokemon Diamond & Pearl players must battle a new group of individuals in the Elite Four including Aaron, Bertha , Flint and Lucian.

The game throws players a curve ball with the final battle with Cynthia considering the fact she as multiple types of Pokemon as opposed to creatures who are all of the same element.  Along with Pokemon Diamond & Pearl providing people with fantastic 32 bit excitement both titles were among the first to feature online multiplayer gameplay.  With some the earlier games a link cable was required for players to engage in battle with one another but since the mid 00’s was the time period online gaming started to become big it was only necessary that Game Freak had implemented such a feature in their Pokemon games.  One of the most impressive things about Pokemon Diamond & Pearl is that together both games sold over 18 million units worldwide since its release back in the mid 00’s.  Selling over 18 million units worldwide was an impressive feat considering the fact that Pokemon Diamond & Pearl  surpassed their successors Ruby & Sapphire which hit over 15 million units since its release in the early 00’s for the Game Boy Advance.  As time progressed many people would agree that the series has improved with age considering the fact that Game Freak always come up with a way to draw interest of gamers who are fans of the Pokemon series.

Games from the 00’s: Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire: (2002)


Most games from the early 2000’s were exciting especially for the Game Boy Advance which utilized 32 bit gameplay & graphics.  Following the success of various Pokemon games such as Yellow, Red, Blue, Silver and Gold Game Freak had continued producing titles for the Game Boy Advance.  When Game Freak had developed Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire in the early 00’s many people were impressed by various features that both games had to offer.  One of the many features that stood out the most in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire included the double battles where creatures could fight two on two. Many people would probably consider Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire to be one of the most innovative titles within the series since it introduced the double battle feature with Pokemon along with having a pretty cool storyline. In the beginning players start off in Littleroot town where they have the option of choosing Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip as their starter Pokemon after meeting Professor Birch.  As they progress throughout the game players have the opportunity to travel to various cities including Petalburg, Oldale, Dewford, Rustboro, Dewford, Slateport and many others to battle various gym leaders.

Similar to the previous Pokemon games earning badges is one of the main goals as players travel into different cities.  In Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire players had the chance to earn badges such as: Stone, Knuckle, Dynamo, Heat, Balance, Feather, Mind and the Rain badge.  Along with earning various badges from different cities everyone had the opportunity to battle Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia and Drake who were members of the Elite Four towards the end of the game.  Since the Elite Four was among the toughest opponents in both games players were expected to level up their Pokemon to the 50’s and 60’s in order to have a greater chance in defeating them before battling the Pokemon League Champion Steve .  While many people loved the original versions of Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire for the Game Boy Advance other would probably prefer the remakes for the Nintendo 3DS which were released in 2014.  Either way, Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire where arguably two of the most innovative games within its series for the Game Boy Advance and is often viewed as a classic by many people who have played the game during the 00’s.