Should Valkyrie Profile 2: Slimeria be remade in HD?

When it comes down to RPG titles of the 00’s Valkyrie Profile 2: Slimeria is a title that does not get mentioned quite has much in comparison to titles such as Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy 12 and others.  For over a decade the world has waited to see some type of HD remake for Valkyrie Profile 2 preferably on the PS4.  

Despite, the fact that some people found the game to be very challenging in terms of difficulty the storyline for Valkyrie Profile 2: Slimeria was creative and made for an exciting RPG especially considering the fact that the plot takes place a century before the first game.  If there is any RPG title from the 00’s that Square Enix should remake in HD Valkyrie Profile 2: Slimeria is one that instantly comes mind.  

Was the sixth generation era the best time period for offline gaming?

The 128 bit era of gaming was simply amazing for those who grew up in the early 00’s.  Between the years of 2000-2002 We got to see the releases of many cool game consoles such as PlayStation 2, Xbox along with the Nintendo GameCube.  When it comes down to the pinnacle of offline gaming many would argue that the early 00’s was the best time period for 3D games. We had titles such as Gran Turismo III & IV, Soul Calibur III, Virtua Fighter 4, Super Smash Bros Melee and many more games that didn’t rely heavily upon online multiplayer modes.

We all know that Microsoft had developed an online gaming network for Xbox which was made public in 2002.  But despite, online gaming becoming mainstream in the early 00’s we still had so many games that were featured on the PS2 and GameCube which had significantly high replay values.  Fighting games such as Tekken 4, Dead or Alive III, Soul Calibur III, Capcom vs SNK 2, etc.  The lack of offline modes in video game was something that started to become noticeable before online gaming networks started to become popular during the mid 00’s.  Even though, the graphics for 128 bit console were inferior compared to what we have now the early 00’s was such a great time period for video games in terms of offline game modes.  

Games from the 00’s- Grand Theft Auto III: (2001)

We all remember Grand Theft Auto III back when it was released in the early 00’s for the PlayStation 2. Grand Theft Auto III was the first title in the series that utilized third person camera angles during gameplay opposed to the first two GTA titles which were both released back in the 90’s. When Grand Theft Auto III was released back in 2001 many people loved the in-depth graphics along with the amount of realism the game had to offer.

One of the most interesting things about Grand Theft Auto III was the plot because there are so many twists and turns that kept players interested in the story itself.  The fact that Claude’s ex-girlfriend Catalina who turned on him in the beginning of the game ended up being one of the main antagonists of GTA III was something that made completing seem meaningful.  Along with aligning himself with various people who are enemies of the Columbia Cartel led by Catalina the game sees Claude in various missions that involve getting revenge on his ex-girlfriend and putting an end to her gang once and for all.

When it comes down sales Grand Theft Auto III may have exceeded the initial expectations of many people.  In fact Grand Theft Auto III had sold more than three times the amount its predecessor Grand Theft Auto II did when it was released back in 2001.  Since its release Grand Theft Auto III has reportedly sold over 13 million units worldwide for the PS2 while GTA II has sold over 3.4 million for the PS1.  Along with GTA Vice City and San Andreas Grand Theft Auto III is probably one of the most exciting  third person shooter games of the 00’s.

Games from the 00’s- Hitman: Blood Money 

When it comes down to games in the action adventure, stealth or the third person genre titles such Hitman: Blood Money had become very popular on consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  Hitman: Blood Money  which was developed by IO Entertainment had been released for various game consoles back in 2006.  In regards to in game storytelling Hitman: Blood was very interesting since most of it included flashbacks featuring Agent 47 while he is being interviewed.

As players get closer to the present day events they discover interesting plot twist such as Diana assisting Agent 47 in faking his own death.  The alternate endings is something that made the game even more interesting because the antidote that Agent 47 receives can either fail or it could actually work lead to him killing a bunch of people at the funeral.  

Either way, the game was interesting for people who were fans of the series.  However, it was pawned by some critics and generated controversy for being to violent.  In terms of sales Hitman: Blood Money did not do as great as people may have expected but its still considered to be one of the most controversial video games of the 00’s. 

Did the Scarface game have a better ending than the movie?


Scarface was definitely one of the best movies of the 80’s and since its release the film had developed a cult following in America.  When many people look at the movie itself especially the ending they believe that protagonist’s demise was tragic.  Tony Montana who was assisnated by Sosa men lost his life because he did everything in his power to avoid killing a man his boss wanted dead.  

Scarface (1).jpg

If Tony Montana had decided to kill the person Sosa wanted dead he would have ended up killing an innocent woman and children in the process.  Sosa and his henchmen had no problem taking out his target’s family.  But the decision that Tony Montana made not to follow Sosa’s order was probably the main part in the entire movie where he showed himself to be a hero. Throughout, the entire movie Tony Montana was depicted mostly as an antihero.

scarface (2)

Despite, the fact that Tona Montana was a drug dealer/hitman many people would argue that he was one of the few characters in the movie with somewhat a moral compass despite become increasingly paranoid towards the end of the movie prior to his demise.  In the video game Scarface the World is Yours Tona Montana kills Sosa and a majority of his henchmen.  When we look at original ending of Scarface and the alternate ending of the video game the second seemed much better.  While the second ending sees Tony Montana surviving his affair with Sosa the original ending seemed far more depressing.  But then again, if the Scarface movie had the alternate video game ending in the original film it probably would not as successful as it was back in the 80’s and even to this day.

Was Grand Theft Auto Vice City better than the Scarface game?

Gran Theft Auto Vice City.jpg

When it came down to third person shooter games the 00’s was probably one of the best times in the gaming industry to be a huge fan of genre.  When Grand Theft Auto Vice City became popular on consoles such as the PlayStation 2 and Xbox  many people began to draw comparisons between the game and the movie Scarface which was released back in 1983.  When it comes down to the movie Scarface and Grand Theft Auto Vice City there are many similarities including the fact that the timeline takes place in the 80’s.   While the timeline in the Grand Theft Auto Vice City takes place in the 80’s similar to Scarface the main character of the game seems somewhat similar to Tony Montana.   Both games had decent endings where the main protagonists Tommy Vercetti and Tony Montana kills the main antagonists Sosa and Sonny.   While both Tommy and Tony get everything they wanted in life when the game ends its sometimes hard for people to decide which game was better.

GTA Vice city

Since Grand Theft Auto Vice City was released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2002 it had managed to sell over 16 million units worldwide which is very impressive and speaks volumes on how cool the game is.  In fact, shortly after Grant Theft Auto: Vice City was released many people saw this title as Rockstar Game’s version of Scarface.  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City did a great job in mix elements of reality and fantasy to together to create something special.  The 80’s theme Grand Theft Auto game is sometimes regarded as being better than the Scarface video game itself which was developed by Radical Entertainment and released for various game consoles between 2006-2007.

scarface_the_world_is_yours ss2

While the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game did better than Scarface: The World is Yours in terms of worldwide sales many people still enjoyed the video game movie that was released in the mid 00’s.  Not only was the gameplay fast paced and intense but there were some cool lines from movie that was included in some of the action scenes when it came down to killing off Sosa’s hencemen.    Also, the ending for the game was different from Scarface the movie since Tony Montana takes out Sosa in the end as opposed to being assassinated by his henchmen for allegedly double crossing him in movie.  The ending for Scarface the World is Yours was arguably better than the movie due to the exclusion of a tragic ending.   But when it comes down to which game was better between Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Scarface the World is Yours its kinda tough to choose on which game was better.

Was the Grand Theft Auto series more controversial than Mortal Kombat?

As we all know both the Mortal Kombat and the Grand Theft Auto series both started in the 90’s.  When The first Mortal Kombat title was released in arcade centers back 1992 it gained mainstream attention in America shortly afterwards due to how violent the game was.   When the first Grand Theft Auto game was released in late 1997-early 1998 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation the series did not get as much mainstream attention as Mortal Kombat did in the early 90’s.

But when the Grand Theft Auto series started to become more popular during 00’s  it seemingly reached the same level of controversy that Mortal Kombat did in the early 90’s for having video games that were extremely violent.  While Mortal Kombat focuses more on 2D fantasy fighting the Grand Theft Auto series is more reality based.  The type of gameplay we see in Grand Theft Auto games is parallel to a lot of what we see in real life especially in countries like America.  While the Grand Theft Auto series was a huge commercial success during the 00’s and even now in the 10’s RockStar Games have been constantly attacked in the past for a variety of different things.

When Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox  back in 2004-2005 the game was criticized by some people for its explicit sexual mini games along with issues dealing with racial stereotyping and excessive violence.  Despite, how controversial Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the game still managed to be one of the best selling games for the PlayStation 2.  Since its release Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had managed to sell over 20 million units worldwide for the PS2 which was astonishing.  In terms of video game controversy dealing with excessive violence many people would argue that the Grand Theft Auto series was much more violent during 00’s than Mortal Kombat was in the 90’s.