The Monster Boy series returns

Monster Boy Switch (2)

Its been a very long time since we have seen a Monster Boy game for any console but at some point in 2017 the series will return to the Nintendo Switch.  The Monster Boy series was very popular back in the early 90’s for the Mega Drive and the Sega Genesis.   Seeing the Monster Boy series come to the Nintendo Switch is something that many people who were fans of the series probably thought would never happen in a million years.  The Monster Boy series was an exciting action adventure platform title back in the early 90’s and since then many people thought the series itself was dead.   The last time we saw a major title in the Monster world series was around 1994 when Monster World IV was released in Japan for the Sega Genesis.  Ever since Monster World IV was released exclusively in Japan we never got the chance to see a direct sequel throughout the 90’s or the 00’s.

Monster Boy Switch

In terms of games for the Nintendo Switch its good that Game Ateller and FDG Entertainment is bring back a Sega classic like the Monster World series back.  As of right now the Nintendo Switch needs as many new games as it could possibly get since the console is brand new and desperately needs more games in order to make people want to buy the console itself.   Even though, the platform genre of gaming is not the most popular genre right now there is a good chance that Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom will do well in terms of sales on the Nintendo Switch considering the fact that its a classic that will gain the attention of retro gamers who were fans of the series back in the early 90’s.  Also, since platform titles are generally more popular on Nintendo based consoles opposed to Xbox and PlayStation consoles there is a fair chance that people who are unfamiliar with the Monster Boy series will become interested if the game is marketed the right way.

Which decade was the best for platform games?

Super Mario Bros (2).jpgThe platform genre of gaming has been around since the 80’s and since then many people have wondered which decade was the best for that particular genre.   The original Super Mario Bros game is quite possibly the most popular title ever in the platform genre of gaming.  While the 80’s included mostly 8-bit gameplay for various Mario games we eventually got titles like the Sonic the Hedgehog series during the 16-bit era in the of gaming. 

As the Super Mario Bros series was slowly transitioning into the 16-bit Super Nintendo game console the Sonic the Hedgehog series was starting to become increasingly popular for the Sega Genesis.  Not only was the gameplay for both the Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog series impressive but the colorful graphics led and sprites used in most of the titles added to the appeal of those games.


 By the time we reached the mid to late 90’s we got games like Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure which introduced players to a whole different style of platform gaming.  The concept of a 3D open world environment was something that many people were amazed by when Super Mario 64 was released.  Instead of simply just running and jumping Mario could utilize various attacks against his enemies.  While Sonic Adventure was similar Sega had decided to Main the fast paced run and jump formula that was popular in the older Sonic games.  

Super Mario Galaxy (2).jpgBy the time we reached the 00’s the platform genre started to improve visually with some games such as Super Mario Galaxy.  The 2000’s was a good decade to be a fan of open world 3D platform gaming despite not being the most popular genre during time.  We got so many classics such as the New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 along with others.

Super Mario 3D World.png

  When it came down to platform gaming in the 10’s we began to see more creativity develop in this genre.  Super Mario 3D World for the Wii-U was a great example of this.  The idea of having multiplayer open would gameplay with up to four characters was something that many peopl believed should have happened sooner.  Along with Super Mario 3D World we got Kirby’s Return to Dreamland which had  simultaneous multiplayer gameplay which is something that we might start to see more from platform games in the near future.  While many people argue on which decade is better in relation to the platform genre some would say that things are starting get even better going into the 2020’s. 

Will Sonic Mania be better than Sonic the Hedgehog 4?


As of right now many people currently anticipating the release of Sonic Mania which is suppose to be released on various game consoles including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.  While Sonic Mania is set to be released sometime in the year 2017 many people are excited about the fact that this title highly resembles the Sonic games of the early 90’s.  In fact, some people would agree that in terms of visual presentation Sonic Mania is more suited to be an official successor to Sonic the Hedgehog 3 than Sonic 4. Even though, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 featured side scrolling gameplay many would argue that it did not feel the same since Sega had decided to utilized 3D graphics rather than 2D sprites and colorful level designs which added to the appeal of the Sonic titles of the early 90’s.

As far as soundtracks are concerned Sonic the Hedgehog 4 had made a pretty good effort to create soundtracks that one would hear on the old school Mega Drive console.  In terms of soundtrack many people enjoyed Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and while the gameplay was pretty good it did not feel quite the same.  In fact, some people believe that Sonic the Hedgehog 4 should have been fully 2D like Sonic Mania is suppose to be.  Not only does Sonic Mania highly resembles the classic 16 bit games within the series but it provides older fans with a strong sense of nostalgia.  As of right now many people are under the impression that Sonic Mania might be better than Sonic the Hedgehog 4 simply because Sega has finally decided to do what many people have been waiting for them to do for many years.  The Sonic the Hedgehog series may have had some impressive 3D games during 00’s but some would say that the Sonic the Hedgehog series is best suited for 2D sprites and graphics which is what we will get in Sonic Mania.

Retro Gaming- Sonic Rush: (2005)


When we look at Sonic the Hedgehog games from the 90’s until now there have been many exciting titles that were considered to be not only fun but memorable those who have played them.   Even though, some of the best 2D Sonic the Hedgehog games were released during the 90’s the 00’s also had some great 2D titles as well.  Along with the Sonic Advance series for the Game Boy Advance one of the coolest games that emerged from the 00’s was Sonic Rush which was developed by Dimps along with the Sonic Team and released for the Nintendo DS in 2005.  The gameplay and 2D visual graphics in this game were amazing and looked like something that many people from the 16 bit era had dreamed for many years before it actually happened.  The developers for Sonic Rush had included 2D graphics along with 3D sprites in order to develop 2.5D game which was very impressive.  Along with the inclusion of fantastic visual graphics this game included a new storyline featuring the debut of Blaze the Cat.  In the game Sonic & Blaze who were both reluctant to trust each other have to stop Eggman & Nega Eggman collecting emeralds.

While Nega Eggman seeks to collect the Sol Emeralds in Blaze’s world Dr. Eggman desires to collect the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic’s as both of their dimensions were on the verge of merging with each other.  Along with having a great plot the levels in Sonic Rush were mind-blowing allowing people to play as Sonic & Blaze and going through a very exciting adventure as they progress throughout the game.  When it comes down to both gameplay and graphics some people would probably argue that most of the Sonic games that were released during the 00’s on consoles such as Xbox and Nintendo Wii should have utilized a similar format.  It’s no secret that many people who are hardcore Sonic fans love the 2D graphics that made the series very popular during the 90’s.  Along with having an impressive visual display Sonic Rush groundbreaking & innovative gameplay along with a new plot that probably could have worked if Sega had decided to make this game the direct sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog 3.  While opinions may vary about most of the 3D Sonic the Hedgehog games that were released in the 00’s it was good to know that the 2D titles were always fun to play if one was a true fan of the series.

Game Boy Advance Games- Sonic Advance 2: (2002)


As many of us know Sonic Adventure 2 was another cool platform game that was developed by Dimps and the Sonic Team during the early 2000’s for the Game Boy Advance.  In terms of gameplay Sonic Advance 2 was one of the best 32 bit platform games for the Game Boy Advance along with other games within its series.  Similar to the older 2D Sonic games for the Sega Genesis Sonic Advance 2 is a fast paced platform game. But unlike the older Sega Genesis titles Sonic Advance 2 allows people to play with up to five characters in the game as opposed to just one or two.  The game allows players to start off as Sonic the Hedgehog and as they progress throughout the game they unlock other characters including Tails, Knuckles Cream the Rabbit and Amy Rose.    Out of all of the characters in the game Amy Rose is the most difficult to unlock considering the fact they players must complete the entire game with each character prior to unlocking her.

Even though unlocking Amy Rose is a difficult task to complete in Sonic Advance 2 the game itself is very fun along with the fact that the other characters are not as difficult to unlock in comparison her.  While progressing throughout the game people have the chance to complete so many exciting levels including Sky Canyon, Ice Paradise, Music Plant, Leaf Forest and Egg Utopia.  Each level presented a boss fight that was both exciting and challenging because players had to learn how to defeat each one through trial and error if they were new to Sonic Advance 2.  Along with the level designs and the various characters people were able to play as the special stages were also pretty unique since it featured 2D graphics on a 3D like landscape.   In terms of gameplay this 32 bit Sonic game was very impressive and is probably one of the most exciting platform titles one will ever play if they are a true fan of the series.

Should there be a Megaman x9 for the Nintendo NX?


As many of us know the Mega Man X series had originated in the early 90’s and since it began a majority of gamers have been highly impressed by various aspects of almost each game including the storylines, gameplay, and graphics.  Ever since Mega Man X8 was released for the PlayStation 2 back in the early 00’s many people have been waiting for over a decade for a possible sequel for that particular game.  Unfortunately, Capcom currently has no plans on releasing a sequel to Megaman X9 despite how badly many people want to see it.  As of right now the idea is that Capcom is not too high on Mega Man right now and has refrained from making any more major titles within the series.  As of right now one of the closest things that we got  in terms of a new Mega Man game is Mighty Number 9. which was developed by Comcept & Inti Creates.

Despite, not getting a new Mega Man X game many people will still have the opportunity to play the first six Mega Man games on smartphones very soon.  While the original Mega Man games are always fun for retro gamers who grew up during the late 80’s and early 90’s  the X’s series definitely stood out in terms of having some of the coolest platform titles back in the day.  As of right now we all know that the Nintendo NX is suppose to be making its debut sometime during early 2017.  If Capcom were to develop a Mega Man X9  for the Nintendo NX there is a significant chance that it would perform very well in sales considering the fact that its a game that many people would have waited over a decade to see. Also,  Megaman X9 could also have the possibility to be a main attraction game for the Nintendo NX besides titles like the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dragon Quest XI and Project Sonic 2017.  Even though, there may potentially be no sequel to Mega Man X8 for the Nintendo NX the idea of having Mega Man X9 sounds like something that many fans of the series would be very interested in if were to happen.

Classic Gaming- Super Mario Bros. 2: (1988)


Super Mario Bros 2. was a unique title in the series when it was first released back in 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The second main installment of Super Mario was very special because it was different from the original games in more ways than one.  Generally, with Super Mario titles many elements of each game remains the same including the main character and the main villain Bowser.  Super Mario Bros 2. diverted from the traditional story that was used in many games in the series where Bowser was the villain and decided to go with something that was completely different. The setting in the game takes place in a dreamland called Subcon and the main villain in this game is somebody named Wart.  Along with having new gameplay & setting the gameplay and mechanics for this game was completely different from anything you would see in a traditional Mario game.

In this game you had the option to choose multiple characters during gameplay including Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad.  The option to choose between four characters rather two was great but the only catch was that the game was single player as opposed to the original Super Mario Bros along with the third installment.   Super Mario Bros 2 is similar to Zelda II: Adventure of Link because both games are very different from the first and third game in their respective series.  After each series began both Super Mario and the Zelda  took a chance and diverted from the traditional gameplay that made them popular.  Following the sequel of both Super Mario and Zelda one not only was the gameplay very different but the plots had also changed and the main antagonists did as well.  In Super Mario Bros. 2 attributes played a role in the game itself and determined how effective each character was.  In this game some characters could jump higher than others along with being more powerful in terms of strength while dealing with enemies.

In this game instead destroying enemies simply jumping on them you have to pick them up and throw them into other adversaries.  The addition of a health system was also a unique improvement because unlike the original game.  In Super Mario Bros 2 each character has health that is represented in the form of little hearts in the upper left corner of the screen.  The added health system was great because in some ways it made things easier when it came down to game completing.  In almost every other 2D Super Mario game if you get touched once without a mushroom you instantly lose a life.  The health system in this game was not only unique but it made the game easier to complete since it can be expanded over the duration of the game.  Since Super Mario Bros 2 was released in the late 80’s the game sold over 7.4 million units worldwide which is impressive.  However, out of the first three NES games in the series Super Mario Bros 2 had sold the least.  The original Super Mario Bros game had sold over 40 million units worldwide while the third installment sold over 17 million since its release.  However, despite being the lowest selling Mario game of the trilogy the second installment still managed to sell more than the first three Zelda games separately which is a testament to how fun this game was.  Super Mario Bros 2. might be very different from what you are use to seeing in a normal game within the series but its considered to be an unforgettable classic that retro gamers can still enjoy 27 years later.