Upcoming Games- Xenon Racer: (2019)

As far as upcoming games in relation to this year is concerned there are so many titles that many people are looking forward to seeing on various different game consoles. For the Nintendo Switch one of the few video games that has recently been confirmed for a upcoming release this Spring is a futuristic racing title called Xenon Racer. For those who do not know Xenon Racer is a game developed by 3DClouds and published by SOEDESCO and the gameplay looks and resembles the likes of popular futuristic racing titles such as F-Zero and Fast RMX. The setting of Xenon Racer takes place in the near future of 2030 where racers compete against one another in a tournament using electric vehicles.

Xenon Racer is expected to appear on multiple game consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and the Nintendo Switch in March 26th. As a racing game Xenon Racer has the potential to become one of the top games within its genre in relation to 2019. It will be interesting to see how much Xenon Racer sells following its release and whether or not it will surpass the likes of V-Rally 4 in popular this year.

Is Mario Kart 7 still an attraction for the Nintendo 3DS?

As many people know Mario Kart 7 was a game that was released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2011. Since its release Mario Kart 7 has been seen as one of the best games within its series and actually did surprisingly well in relation to sales. In fact Mario Kart 7 was the best selling game for the Nintendo 3DS and has managed to sell over 17 million copies worldwide since its release towards the start of the decade. If you walk in some stores line Best Buy you will see that the game is still available in retail which actually surprising to many pet especially considering the fact that the Nintendo 3DS is starting to lose its value due to the popularity of the Nintendo Switch.

While Mario Kart 7 was not quite as big as its 2014 successor Mario Kart 8 in relation to mainstream popularity its still considered to be one of the best racing games that Nintendo has made that was never released on a home based console. For those who have not played Mario Kart 7 the game is worth checking out and would be somewhat of an attraction in the year 2019.

Blaster Master coming soon to Nintendo Switch Online!!!

As many people know Master Blaster was among one of the NES that was recently announced for a release on the Nintendo Switch Online Shop on January 16th. Master Blaster will be available on the Nintendo Switch Online Shop alongside Zelda II: Adventure of Link another game that were released back in the 80’s. For those who do not Master Blaster was a run and gun platform title that was originally came out in 1988 and since then has spawned a series of sequels throughout the 90’s, 00’s and the 10’s decade on various different consoles.

Blaster Master for the NES was considered to be one of the best Metroidvania titles of time and is considered to be one the most memorable games late 80’s. There is no question that Master Blaster will definitely be an attraction on the Nintendo Switch Online Shop alongside Zelda II: Adventure of Link but we are still unsure about what the prices for both games are going to be.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 confirmed for Nintendo Switch in April 2019!!!

As many people know it was confirmed back in 2018 that multiple Final Fantasy games were set to appear on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year. In fact Final Fantasy X/X-2 was one of those games that has been confirmed for this year and it has been recently revealed that its set to appear on the Nintendo Switch on April 16th. For those who do not know Final Fantasy X/X-2 are two popular RPG titles that appeared on the PlayStation 2 back in the early 00’s before the remastered versions of both games appeared on the PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 between 2013-2015.

Back in the 00’s nobody ever thought that we were ever going to see Final Fantasy X/X-2 on a Nintendo console. This is especially exciting since the Nintendo Switch is definitely in need of more solid RPG’s and with Final Fantasy X/X-2 are titles that will probably become one of the big attractions on the hybrid console throughout 2019. It will be interesting to see how popular Final Fantasy X-X-2 becomes on the Nintendo Switch as we progress throughout 2019.

Could the Supaboy S have been a huge success during the early 90’s?

As many people may already know the SupaBoy S is retro based a game system that does not get talked about as much these dats as it should. For those who do not know the SupaBoy S is pretty much the 90’s version of the modern day Nintendo Switch but only with the 16-bit SNES. If a console like the SupaBoy S was released back in the early 90’s opposes to the original SNES game system that we got back in 1990 it could have been groundbreaking. In fact, if Nintendo made a game system like the SupaBoy S back in the early 90’s it could have definitely been more of an attraction than the Sega Genesis. But then again the development and release of the SupaBoy S would probably defeat the purpose of owning a Game Boy back the early 90’s.

What made Nintendo’s Game Boy system an attraction was the fact that it was a handheld console. As far as quality was concerned there was no question that Game Boy was inferior compared to the SNES and that also would have been the case with if SupaBoy S was released 28 years ago. The release of a SupaBoy S console back in the 90’s would probably be as popular as what we have right now in relation to the Nintendo Switch.

Should Nintendo consoles be available in retail for longer periods of time?

When we think about some of the most popular video games consoles produced by Nintendo over the past fifteen or so names such as Wii, Wii-U and GameCube comes to mind. For whatever reason Nintendo has decided to shorten the length of time their consoles are available in retail and it seems like on average they last about six years in stores before the company releases their next generation game system. Game systems that have bee produced by Nintendo that has lasted in retail for approximately a decade included the likes of the NES along with the SNES and the 3DS. But then again all of those game system were popular and still are to some extent and has done extremely well in relation to sales.

Ever since, the NES was released by Nintendo back in 1983 the game system has remained an attraction in Japan until it was ultimately discontinued in 2003. There are game consoles like GameCube and the Wii-U that were not nearly as popular as the NES or the SNES which is probably why they did not last as long as they did. As far as whether or not the Nintendo Switch will remain in retail longer than the likes of the Wii-U or GameCube is concerned we will just have to wait and see as time passes.

Could the PS1 have outsold the NES if it were released in the 80’s?

When we think about some of the most popular video game consoles within the past 30 years both the PS1 along with the NES are systems that comes to mind. While the NES was the best selling game console of the 80’s the same thing can be said about the PS1 in relation to the 90’s. Since its initial release in 1983 the 8-bit NES managed to sell over 61 million units worldwide and is considered to be more popular than both the SNES and the N64. While the NES did have some competition towards the late 80’s following the release of the Sega Mega Drive console it was not considered to be a serious Nintendo seeing how the company released the SNES in 1990.

If a console like the PS1 was released back in the 90’s then Nintendo would have definitely of had some set competition. Not only would the PS1 have been ahead of its time during the 80’s but companies such as Konami and Capcom would have most likely have chosen to do business with Sony over Nintendo in relation to games such as those within the Mega Man or Castlevania series. Also, the landscape of gaming would have been different if the PS1 came out back in the 80’s because its possible that we would have seen consoles such as GameCube and the PlayStation 2 in the 90’s opposed to the early 00’s.