Could Persona 5 work on the Nintendo Switch?

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When it comes down to the Persona series it has managed to become popular in the RPG genre of gaming mainly on PlayStation based console.  When Persona 5 was released for the PS4 the game had managed to sell over one million units worldwide and is considered to be one of the best RPG titles of the 10’s decade.  The fact that Person 5 was featured on the PS3 and the PS4 may have been one of the many factors that contributed to the popularity of the game itself.  If Persona 5 was released for multiple game consoles including the Xbox One or the Wii-U the game may have sold less than it did on the PS4.

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However, having Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch would be different considering how popular that console is right now along with the fact that it managed to sell over 10 million units worldwide in less than a year.  Having Person 5 ported for the Nintendo Switch would sound great in theory especially since the console does not have too many RPG’s like it.  However, Atlus doesn’t really have any plans on bring Person 5 to the hybrid console in near future.


Should Marvel vs Capcom 3 be ported for the Nintendo Switch?


Marvel vs Capcom 3 was arguably one of the best crossover fighting titles of the early 10’s and there are many who would love to see the game ported for the Nintendo Switch in future.  As of right now there are many people who are currently focusing on Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite which was released back in September 2017 since its the latest title in the Marvel vs. series.  The question on whether or not Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is coming to the Nintendo Switch is something that is still up in the air.  There has not been much talk about Capcom possibly bring Marvel vs Capcom Infinite to the Nintendo Switch at all.

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But if Marvel vs Capcom Infinite isn’t going to be ported for the Nintendo Switch we should at least get Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the hybrid console. In terms of quality and graphics Marvel vs Capcom 3 would look great on the Nintendo Switch and possibly better than it did on the Xbox 360. While some people look at Marvel vs Capcom 3 as a  thing of the past there are still some people who love the game and would argue that its just as good as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

Will Wasteland 2 be a success on the Nintendo Switch?


We all remember when Wasteland 2 came out  a few years ago for multiple game systems such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and even Microsoft Windows.  This post-apocalyptic game was arguably one of the best PC games of 2014-2015 and despite its level of popularity seemed better of on Microsoft Windows than the PS4 or the Xbox One.  There were various aspects about Wasteland 2 that contributed its replay value including a great plot along with branching storylines based on the decisions that players make throughout the game.

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When it came down to sales revenue Wasteland 2 was impressive considering the fact that it reported managed to generate over $1.5 million within four days of its release.  While Wasteland 2 was one of the hottest PC games of 2014 its hard to tell whether or not the game will be as popular as it was a few years ago once its released for the Nintendo Switch.


Should Hyrule Warriors be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

Hyrule Warrior

Many people remember when Zelda Hyrule Warriors was released for the Nintendo Wii-U back 2014.  Since its release on the Nintendo Wii U Hyrule Warriors had managed so sell over one million units worldwide before it was ported for the Nintendo 3DS during the Nintendo 3DS in the spring of 2016. Even though, the Nintendo 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors did not sell quite as much as the Wii-U port it was still a pretty 3D cool hack and slash that many people would like to see ported for the Nintendo Switch.  However, since Hyrule Warriors is already available on the Nintendo 3DS there are some who would argue that porting the game for the Nintendo Switch would not make any sense at all.


Also, when it comes down to Zelda series the main title that is currently in the spotlight as of right now is Breath of the Wild which was released for the Nintendo Switch back in March 2017.  While Hyrule Warriors may have been a fun title for the Wii-U and the Nintendo 3DS its not quite as popular as Zelda: Twilight Princess or even Skyward Sword.  Besides would be much cheaper to simply buy the game for the Nintendo 3DS or the Wii-U since both consoles are not as expensive as they were a few years ago.

Could Final Fantasy XII have worked for the Nintendo Gamecube?


When it comes down to RPG classics of the 00’s Final Fantasy XII is one of the many games that people think about.  Ever since Final Fantasy XII came out in 2006 the game had managed to sell close to six million units worldwide on the PlayStation 2.  The fact that Final Fantasy XII was a PS2 exclusive during the mid 00’s was probably one of the main reasons why it was a huge success. But despite how popular Final Fantasy XII was on the PS2 there are some people who wondered whether or not it could have worked on the Nintendo Gamecube or even the Wii which came out in November 2006.  There are some who argue that in terms of quality the Nintendo Gamecube was just as good as the PS2.  However, when it came down to memory and data storage the PS2 was arguably better than the Nintendo Gamecube.

Final Fantasy XII (5)

Also, when it came down to popularity the Nintendo Gamecube was not quite on the same level as the PS2.   However, considering that most of the Final Fantasy games were featured mainly on PlayStation consoles starting with FFVII in the 90’s it does not come as much of a surprise that Final Fantasy XII was a PS2 exclusive.  While Final Fantasy XII could have worked for the Nintendo Gamecube in theory its questionable in terms of how well it would have done in sales in comparison to the PS2 during the mid 00’s.

Should Final Fantasy XIII be ported for Nintendo Switch?


When Final Fantasy XIII was between released 2009-2010 many people praised various aspects of the game including the gameplay, graphics along with the story.  However, one of the main things that people questioned was the linearity of the game which arguably detracted from the quality of Final Fantasy XIII.  Despite, issues that some people had with Final Fantasy XIII it was still a pretty cool game.  Final Fantasy XIII was released for both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 but it was never ported for the Nintendo Wii.   Despite, never being ported for the Nintendo Wii many would be impressed to see both part 1 & 2 of Final Fantasy XIII on the Nintendo Switch.

final-fantasy-xiii-2-wide_1920x1080.jpgWhen it came down to sales part one Final Fantasy XIII had reportedly sold over one million units worldwide during its first day in Japan.  While the sales for the second part of Final Fantasy XIII was not high was part one during its first week it was still impressive seeing that part 2 managed to sell over two million units worldwide overall.  As impressive as the overall sales for Final Fantasy XIII 2 was the first game was more impressive since it managed to reach over five million units worldwide in terms of worldwide sales.  If both parts of Final Fantasy XIII are ported for the Nintendo Switch they would easily be RPG titles that would standout from what is already available for the hybrid console.

Should Mega Man 7 have been released for the PS1 during the 90’s?

Mega Man 7 (3)

Looking back at Mega Man 7 it was actually a pretty decent game.   The Mega Man series in general was great during the late 80’s early 90’s.  However, during the mid 90’s it seemed like the Mega Man X series was more popular than the regular Mega Man games which started off on the NES.  Around the mid 90’s when the Sony PlayStation started to become very popular Capcom could have easily have ported Mega Man 7 for the PS1.  After all, they did eventually release Mega Man X4 for the Sony PlayStation shortly after the release of Mega Man 7 during the summer of 1997.

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If Mega Man 7 was released for  the PS1 back in 1995 it could have possibly have sold more than it did on the SNES especially considered how popular the game console was during that time period.  The fact that Mega Man 7 game was not re-released for the PS1 back in the 90’s was somewhat surprising to many people.  But despite the criticism that Mega Man 7 receive its one of those games that is very hard to find in used game stores today which says a lot about the game itself.