Will the new updates for the Nintendo Switch help with sales?

It has been recently reported that the latest version of the Nintendo Switch has received some new updates that would make the gaming experience for players more convenient and enjoyable.  The Nintendo Switch version 4.00 will allow players to transfer saved game data along with the video capturing for games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Arms, Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart Deluxe 8.  

In terms of whether or not these new features will help the hybrid console in terms sales is not much of a question; especially considering the fact that the Nintendo Switch has managed to selling 2.5 million units worldwide within a few months following it release.  If we get the data transfer and the video capture feature on the Nintendo Switch for the same price of approximately $300 as the original version then that would be considered good news.  If the Nintendo  Switch 4.00 is more expensive for whatever reason that definitely be questioned by people who still want to buy the hybrid console.  


Is the SNES Classic a bigger success than the Nintendo Switch?

Ever since the SNES Classic was released in late September of 2017 the retro based game console had managed to exceed the expectations of many worldwide in terms of sales.  It has been reported that the SNEE Classic has managed to sell over 368,000 within the first four days of its release which is more than the Nintendo Switch has done in a week during its first week.  

The Nintendo Switch had only managed to sell over 330,000 units worldwide during its first week following its release in early March 2017 and has now reached over 2.5 million units in terms of worldwide sales.  If anything the nostalgia of retro video game titles may have played a significant factor in the SNES Classic selling more than the Nintendo Switch.  

Not only were many old school games attracted to the SNES Classic but the console featured classics such as Mega Man X, Star Fox, F-Zero, Secret of Mana and others for on $80 plus tax.   Also, most of the games on the SNES Classic are often hard to find in used video game stores in general which usually forces people to buy these titles on eBay or Amazon.  As of right now it’s a little tough to predict how much the SNES will sell worldwide within a year.  But at the current rate that the SNES Classic is flying off the shelfs in electronic retail stores cross countries like Japan and America it would be safe to expect at least one million units worldwide before September 2018.  

Would Game Boy have sold more during the 80’s?

There is no doubt that Game Boy and the Game Boy Color are two of the most popular handheld game systems of all time.  Most of the games that were featured on handheld game consoles including the Pokémon series, Zelda: Link’s Awakening were amazing.  The Pokémon series looked like it could have worked out well on the NES back in the 80’s considering the fact that various versions of the game such as red, blue and yellow were a major success.

When it comes down to handheld game systems Game Boy and Game Boy Color had games that like Pokémon that highly resembled the graphics of the 8 bit NES which as popular back in the 80’s.  Even though, the original Game Boy was released back in 1989, there are some who believe that the console would have sold more if it was released shortly after the NES first appeared in the summer of 1983. Even though, Game Boy had Star out with black and white graphics before Game Color was released in 1998 it still could have blown up in terms of sales back in the 80’s.  

Should the NES Double Dragon games be included in the Nintendo Switch eShop? 

As of right now there isn’t too many big NES titles that is currently featured on the Nintendo Switch eShop as of right now other than Mario Bros.  In terms of retro gaming from the 8 bit era a cool title that many people would love too see make a return is the Double Dragon series.  Double Dragon I-III was so much fun to play back in the 80’s along with the fact that the games was more difficult than they appeared to be.  

Even though, the beat em up genre has declined since the early 90’s seeing the Double Dragon trilogy on the Nintendo Switch eShop would be something that many people would love to see.  Since the Nintendo Switch is still considered to be a new console having games such as Mario Bros could open up the possibility of having countless NES games available for the Nintendo eShop in the future.  

Should NES Castlevania games be re-released for the Nintendo Switch eShop?

The Castlevania series for the NES originated back in the 80’s and since then it has achieved legendary status in the gaming world.  When we think about the Castlevania series we think more about the classics for the NES, SNES and the PS1.  When the Castlevania series was arguably at the peak of its popularity during the 80’s and 90’s people would purchase these games without thinking twice about it.  

The replay value of the first three 8 bit Castlevania titles for the NES are definitely games that people would love to see in the Nintendo Switch eShop in the future.  If the pricing for the first three Castlevania games for the Nintendo Switch eShop are decent many people who own the Switch console might buy it.  In fact each Castlevania game for the NES might actually be worth $8 if they are ever re-released for the Nintendo Switch eShop.  

Should the NES Ninja Turtles game be re-released for the Nintendo Switch eShop?

The 2D side scrolling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game from 1989 is arguably the most difficult game to have ever been released for the NES.  While many fans of the TMNT series may be fond of this game the chances are that about 10 percent of them have actually completed the game in its entirety.  

While it would be cool to have the NES TMNT game on the Nintendo Switch eShop there may not be too many people who would actually buy the game given its notorious reputation for being a very hard game to beat.  Also, if the 1989 NES Ninja Turtles game is ever to be featured on the Nintendo Switch eShop it should be less than $8 for the game itself opposed to Mario Bros.  

Would the Nintendo GameCube be considered a better game console than the Wii-U?

The Nintendo GameCube was probably one of the most underrated game consoles of the 00’s.  With a Dolphin OS operating system and gaming mini discs that can hold up to 1.5 GB of data the Nintendo GameCube was very impressive.  In fact the Nintendo GameCube had managed to sell over 21 million units worldwide since its release back in the Fall of 2001.

The Wii-U on the other hand had managed to sell over 13 million units worldwide since its release back in the Fall of 2012.  Despite, being backwards compatible with Wii -U games while having between 8 to 32 GB of storage space it seemed like more people were interested in the original Wii console.  The original Wii console seemed less expensive than the Wii-U at the time.  Also, many people felt that the cost of the Wii-U was too expensive in 2012-2013.  While the Wii-U had better gameplay and visual quality than the GameCube it seems like the console was being outshined by the likes of Xbox One and the PS4.  Despite, not selling as much as the Nintendo GameCube many people will agree that the Wii-U was a better console overall.