Upcoming Switch Games- Cosmic Star Heroine: (2018)

There are countless games that many people are looking forward to seeing between now and the first half of 2019. As far as the role playing genre of gaming is concerned one of the many interesting titles to lookout for on the Nintendo Switch is a game developed by Zeboyd Games entitled Cosmic Star Heroine. For those who do not know Cosmic Star Heroine was originally released back in April 2017 for the PlayStation 4 along with Microsoft Windows. The cool thing about this game that stands out the most is the 2D visuals and design.

The graphics and artwork resembles something you would see for the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis. Cosmic Star Heroine give players the opportunity to explore three different planets while engaging in turn based combat as they progress throughout the game. As it currently stands CosmicStar Heroine is set to be released next month on August 24th and has the potential to be one of the top RPG titles for the Nintendo Switch this summer.


Upcoming Switch Games- The Caligula Effect: Overdose (2019)

There are so many exciting new games that will released for the Nintendo Switch in the near future. However, one of the many big titles that is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 is a title developed by FuRyu entitled The Caligula Effect: Overdose an RPG that was originally released for the PlayStation Vita between 2016 and 2017. This game had already been released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan during May 2018 and is expected to appear worldwide in countries such as America and Europe on a date yet to be announced by the developer.

In The Caligula Effect: Overdose players will have art least nine main characters to choose from as they progress throughout this role playing dungeon crawler game. This one of the main RPG’s that has the potential to standout for the Nintendo Switch seeing that there are too many RPG’s like The Caligula Effect: Overdose in the Nintendo Switch.

Upcoming Switch Games- Starship Avenger: (2018)

There are so many exciting games that are expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. For those who are into action arcade shooter games and than you will be happy to know that Starship Avenger will be released for the Nintendo Switch in the near future. In this game players are charged with the task of defeating an onslaught of enemies as they attempt to take down the Crius Force which proved to be too powerful for mankind’s defense system.

In this 2D defense action shooter game players will battle various threats in order to save humanity. This action packed arcade like shooter is expected to appear on the Nintendo on July 19th for those who are interested in purchasing the game for the Nintendo Switch.

Upcoming Switch Games- Let’s Sing 2018

There have been so many interesting games that has been released since the starting of 2018. For those who currently own the Nintendo Switch and are fans of the Music/Party genre oh gaming you will be happy to know that Let’s Sing 2018 will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. As of right now the anticipated release date for Let’s Sing 2018 on the Nintendo Switch July 17th. For those who do not know Let’s Sing 2018 was developed by Voxler Games and published by Plug In Digital and was initially released for the PlayStation 4 back in 2017.

For those who are fans of pop music Let’s Sing 2018 has soundtracks from famous artists such as the Chainsmokers, One Republic, Kygo and many others. Seeing Let’s Sing 2018 on the Nintendo Switch will be a real treat and could end up being one of the best Music/Party games on this console since Superbeat Xonic which appeared on the hybrid console in late 2017.

Upcoming Games- State of Mind: (2018)

There are so many upcoming games that everyone is looking forward to as we get closer to 2019. For those who are fans of the action adventure genre of gaming you will be happy to know that Daedalic Entertainment will be releasing a title called State of Mind next month on August 15th. State of Mind will be available for multiple game consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. This game has an interesting concept that focuses on a theory that humans have the ability to evolve beyond their mental and physical limitations.

The game also has an interesting plot where people will play as a journalist Richard Nolan in trying to find answers in regards to society. After losing his wife and child while is memory starts to fade away he discovers that humans are starting to become filled with drones and androids which sound like a good science fiction story in this upcoming action adventure title. It will be interesting to see how fans and critics react to State of Mind following its multi-platform release next month.

Will the Nintendo Switch surpass the Xbox One in sales?

As of right now the Nintendo Switch along with the Xbox One are two of the hottest game consoles in retail right along side of the PlayStation 4. As far as the console wars are concerned there is absolutely no question that the PlayStation 4 has the lead over the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch since its initial release back in late 2013. While the PS4 has managed to sell over 79 million units worldwide which is nothing short of impressive. While the PS4 has definitely had more success than the Xbox One some wonder who or not the Nintendo Switch can eventually surpass the Microsoft’s console in terms of sales despite it being released over a year ago.

While the sales figure for the Xbox One was never officially revealed by Microsoft many people speculate that the console sold between 25 and 30 million units worldwide. Ever since, March 2017 the Nintendo Switch has already sold over 17 million units worldwide and within a few years its like to surpass the Xbox One. If anything Nintendo might possibly regain their lead in the console wars over both Sony and Microsoft seeing how popular the Switch console has become over the last year.

Should Nintendo Land be ported for the Switch console?

There are so many games from the Nintendo Wii-U that many people would love to see on the Switch console in the future. In fact, one of the many titles that some would argue deserves to be on the Switch console is Nintendo Land. Ever since Nintendo Land was released back in November 2012 it has been seen as one of the best Party games for the Wii-U. Since its release Nintendo Land has managed to sell over 5 million copies worldwide and is within the top five best selling games on the Wii-U.

As cool as it would be to have Nintendo Land on the Nintendo Switch some would question on how it would work out in practice. On the Wii-U the console’s game pad along with the remote added to the fun factor of Nintendo Land. It would be interesting to see if Nintendo Land would still be playable using the Switch console’s Joy-Cons opposed to the Wii-U gamepad or remote. If whatever reason we never get a Switch port of Nintendo Land than a direct sequel to this adventure party game would be the next best thing for the hybrid console.