Upcoming Games- Wario Ware Gold: (2018)

For those who have been fans of the Wario series since the 90’s you will be happy to know that we will finally be seeing a new game on the Nintendo 3DS. As if right now Wario Ware Gold is expected to appear on the Nintendo 3DS on August 3rd. There is still much about Wario Ware Gold that is unknown except for the fact that it’s 2D. Also, there are some who might argue that Wario Ware Gold should be released on the Nintendo Switch opposed to the Nintendo 3DS.

But seeing how popular games like Super Mario Odessey is it would probably be best if Wario Ware Inc remained on the Nintendo 3DS even though the handheld game system has sharply declined in popularity for over the past year. Despite, the Nintendo 3DS not being as popular as the Nintendo Switch Wario Ware Gold might end up being a great game in general.


Upcoming Releases- Etrian Odessey X: (2018)

For those who are into the RPG genre of gaming one of the top releases to be on the lookout for this upcoming summer is Etrian Odessey X which will be released for the Nintendo 3DS. The video game developer Atlus will be hosting a live stream of Etrian Odessey X on May 21st which is expected to last close to an hour. The live stream of Etrian Odessey X can be viewed on websites such as Periscope and YouTube and will be played by voice actors Yoshihisa Kawahara & Ayumu Murase.

As an RPG title for the Nintendo 3DS Etrian Odessey X looks solid but it’s questionable in terms how the game will do in sales. There is no question that the Nintendo Switch has received more mainstream attention than the 3DS for over the past year since its release. Also, Etrian Odessey X is expected to be released exclusively in Japan on August 2nd as of right now.

Should Bonds of the Skies be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know Bonds of the Skies was developed by Hit Point Co. Ltd and released for the Nintendo 3DS back in November 2017. As a 2D RPG title Bonds of the Skies looks like it would definitely stand out on the Nintendo Switch especially considering the fact that the Nintendo Switch has received more mainstream attention than the Nintendo 3DS nowadays.

The graphics for Bonds of the Skies looks like something similar to a SNES or Game Boy Advance title and has turn based battles like you would see in general RPG titles. As of right now there is no talk of Hit Point Co. Ltd or publisher KEMCO wanting to bring Bonds of the Skies to the Nintendo Switch. But having Bonds of the Skies on the Switch console would definitely be interesting. V

Would Mega Man 11 be better off on the Nintendo 3DS?


There is no doubt that the gaming world is waiting for Mega Man 11 which is expected to be released on multiple game consoles including the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.  While having Mega Man 11 on multiple game consoles is great there are some who question whether or not the game would work on the Nintendo 3DS.


In some ways having Mega Man 11 on multiple game consoles could decrease it’s value.  Having Mega Man 11 on as an exclusive game on a console such as the Nintendo 3DS would definitely make those who are skeptics who own the Nintendo 3DS want to purchase it.  But since we waited over eight years to see the sequel to Mega Man 10 there are many who believe that the game deserves to be released for home consoles such as the PS4 and Nintendo Switch opposed to the Nintendo 3DS.

Is shutting down the Miiverse for the Wii U a good idea?

As we have all heard Nintendo plans on shutting down the Miiverse for the Wii-U.  Whether or not shutting down the Miiverse is not much of a question considering the fact that Nintendo has discounted the production of the Wii-U altogether.  If anything the discontinuation of the Miiverse on the Wii-U would make people want to buy the Nintendo Switch even more. 

However, the issue that Nintendo currently has with Gamevice in relation to the Switch console would make people wonder if closing down certain online features for the  Wii altogether is a good idea of not since there is a possibility that Nintendo will be banned from producing Switch consoles in retail stores in the future.  

Should Bloodstained Ritual of the Night be ported for the Nintendo 3DS?

There are so many upcoming titles that people are waiting to release for various game consoles including the Nintendo Switch in 2018.  Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is probably one of the main video games that Switch owners are looking forward too right.  As we know the 2.5D action adventure game will be featured for consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo Switch.

What is surprising about Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is that the game was never announced for the Nintendo 3DS.  As a handheld gaming system the Nintendo 3DS is more popular than the PlayStation Vita. However, since the Nintendo Switch is considered to be a hybrid console there is probably no need to have Bloodstained Ritual of the Night ported for the Nintendo 3DS. 

Should Splatoon 2 be ported for the Nintendo 3DS?

The idea of having such a popular game such as Splatoon 2 ported for the Nintendo 3DS is definitely something that many people would love to see.  However, the chances of it actually happening is something that is questionable.  There was never a 3DS version of the original Splatoon game since it was exclusively for the Wii U.  Splatoon 2 is considered to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and making it available for any other game console could possibly diminish the value that the game already has on the Nintendo Switch.  

If Nintendo really wanted Splatoon 2 to be available for the Nintendo 3DS they would have ported the game for the handheld 3DS device back in July 2017.  If Splatoon 2 was ported for the Nintendo 3DS on one hand it would help the game become more popular in terms of sales.  On the other hand having Splatoon 2 on the 3DS could possibly turn some attention away from the Nintendo Switch which is very hot in the gaming market right now. Making Splatoon 2 a Nintendo Switch exclusive was probably a good decision on the part of Nintendo in the long run.