Super Contra (1988) vs Mega Man II (1988) which game was more popular?

When it comes down to run and gun titles for the NES there is no doubt that Super Contra and Mega Man II were major titles for the 8 bit game consoles.  The cool thing about Super Contra was the fact that it was also a multiplayer game where players had to complete various side scrolling levels with Bill and Lance.  Unlike Mega Man, II, Super Contra had received an arcade release and was arguably one of the hottest run and gun titles that Konami had developed during the late 80’s.  This is not to say that Capcom’s Mega Man II was not that impressive as well.  Mega Man II was not only challenging but it also had a memorable soundtrack and tough boss battles.

In terms of sales Mega Man II was more successful than its prequel which was released back in December 1987.  On the NES Mega Man II had managed to sell over 1.5 million copies and is considered to be one of the best selling Mega Man titles in the series overall.  In terms of popularity its highly debatable which title was more popular considering the fact that Capcom and Konami were both making awesome games during the late 80’s-early 90’s time period.  Some would give the edge to Super Contra due to its high replay value and multiplayer gameplay.  Others would argue that Mega Man II was more challenging and was a cult hit since its release back in the late 80’s.

Classic Gaming- Mega Man 4: (1991)


The first three Mega Man games were both tough and awesome.  Many people thought that the second Mega Man game was probably the best of the three depending on who you ask. Each game became even more challenging than the previous one leading people to question whether or not they can beat any of those games especially Mega Man II & III.  The good news about Mega Man 4 is that both the gameplay and visual presentation is fantastic for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The bad news is that Mega Man 4 is just as hard as its predecessors considering the fact that most of the stages in this game are unforgiving.   One the plus side along with having great gameplay the soundtrack for Mega Man 4 was probably as good as the second title.

The soundtrack for each stage seem to fit the atmosphere for each level and played a significant role in making the overall gameplay enjoyable.   There is much debate to this day on which soundtrack is the best when it comes down to stage themes.   There were also many tough boss battles in this games with the likes of Quick Man, Elec Man, Skull Man with others.  Another thing that was cool about Mega Man 4 was the fact that they introduced a new villain named Dr. Cossack. At some point the constant run ins with Dr. Wily in each game were starting to become repetitive and along with the Mega Man series stepping its game in terms of quality adding a new villain character in some ways helped re-freshen the series.  Added features to Mega Man 4 made this game stand out including the ability for Mega Man charge before attacking his enemies and the ability to utilize his dog named “Rush” to assist you in completing the game.

Mega Man 4 was considered to be one of the most exciting games for the Nintendo Entertainment System along with being one of the most challenging.  Since its release in the early 90’s Mega Man 4 received praise from various gaming publications such as GamePro, IGN, and Nintendo Power for being an outstanding action platormer game.  The Mega Man series for the NES were among the best and shockingly  Nintendo continued making games for that console despite the release of the SNES game console during the later part of 1990.

Classic Gaming- Mega Man III: (1990)


We all remember how awesome the first two Mega Man games were during the late 80’s.  Not only were the first two Mega Man titles challenging but they were also very fun to play once you got the hang of them.  Even though, the first two Mega Man games were challenging they both pale in comparison to Mega Man III which was released by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990.  While some people might argue that Mega Man III was not as good as the second installment most people would definitely agree that its more difficult then the first two installments for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Unlike second game Mega Man III does not have an intro it just takes players directly to the start screen and they just begin playing after choosing the first boss they want to battle.

It did not seem to matter which stage you played they were all very difficult since there were too many ways to lose. The first boss you battled as Mega Man was usually the most difficult because you had no special weapons to start out with which made defeating him very difficult to some people.  The boss order for this game is important because there are some bosses who are tougher than others along with the fact that weapons you gain after defeating each one is a vital part of helping one progress throughout the game.  While opinions may vary on who the most difficult bosses in the game were the truth is Mega Man III in general required a significant amount of trail & error in order to make progress.  Stage Bosses such as Shadow, Magnet, Gemini, and Spark man were difficult but things only seem to get worse after you defeat all eight bosses on the select screen along with entering Dr. Wily’s Castle similar to Mega Man II.

The only difference with Mega Man III from II is that the levels in Dr. Wily’s castle are insanely difficult to complete.  This was a case where the password system was especially useful in Mega Man III because similar to  Mega Man II  it would help players pick up where they left off in terms of progress made throughout the game.  Wily’s Castle seemed like a nightmare right after defeating the eight robot masters along with facing off against the four Shadow men as Mega Man.  Many would probably argue that Mega Man III was unusually long and difficult even for an NES game.  The shocking thing about Mega Man III was that its not considered close to being the toughest game for the NES.  After its release Mega Man III had managed to sell over one million copies worldwide.  Mega Man III did not sell as much as MM II but the game was considered a success overall for the NES. The third game in the Mega Man series also happened to be the first title to be released in the 1990’s.  While many people enjoyed the first three Mega Man games primarily on the NES things only got better on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as the series progressed throughout the 90’s.

Classic Gaming- Mega Man: (1987)


Mega Man was a very popular platform game in the late 80’s during a time period games such as Super Mario Bros was becoming a mainstream attraction in the gaming world.  When the original Mega Man was released many people were blown away by the innovative gameplay that was included in this title. This single player platform game had featured multiple robots including Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fir Man and Elec Man who were all created by Dr. Light and needed to be stopped due to an accident that made these machines malfunction and become destructive.   The plot for this Mega Man was interesting and the concept for this game was innovative because it was unlike the traditional platform games.  In Super Mario Bros, you were able to battle the enemies by jumping on them along with using items that provided special abilities for a limited time depending upon your performance during a certain level.  Similar to Zelda II: Adventure of Link players are given some type health bar for each level.

Also, Mega Man also shows you the health bars of the stage bosses and gives you the opportunity to use their powers in different stages after defeating them.  The musical composition for Mega Man made the game more exciting and even though it was good many would argue that some of the soundtracks in some of the later MM titles were outstanding.  One of the things that were kinda cool about this game included how Fire Man’s stage looked similar to Bowser’s Castle.  Also, towards the end of the game players must fight a Mega Man copy which is somewhat similar to Zelda II: Adventure of Link where you must battle “Dark Link” towards the end.  When Capcom had developed the Mega Man series they did a pretty good job creating top down side scrolling shooter game that was both adventurous and family friendly.  While its debatable which Mega Man game the NES & SNES series is the best the original title was definitely an instant classic that many people enjoyed during the late 80’s.