Should the Kid Icarus series make a return to home based Nintendo consoles?

When it comes down to Nintendo games The Kid Icarus series is a classic.  The Kid Icarus series has been around since the mid 80’s and when Kid Icarus uprising was released for the Nintendo 3DS the game was praised by fans and critics alike.  Since its release back in the spring of 2012 Kid Icarus Uprising has managed to sell over one million units worldwide which is great for an 80’s classic that was remade and revived in the early 10’s.

The last time we ever saw a Kid Icarus game for a home based game console was back in the mid 80’s when the original game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System during 1986.  If a new Kid Icarus game were to be released for the Nintendo Switch it would be interesting to see how well the game would do along with how many retro and modern day gamers would purchase the game itself.  Seeing how Kid Icarus Uprising did for the Nintendo 3DS some would argue that the series is good enough be featured on home based Nintendo consoles once more.