Was the Gran Turismo Sport bundle for the PS4 a good idea?

As many of us know Gran Turismo Sport will be available in gaming and electronic stores in many countries on October 19th.  While many long time fans of the Gran Turismo series are excited for the long awaited release of GT Sport there are some who questioned the decision that Sony Interactive Entertainment Taiwan had made in terms of releasing the bundle for an outrageous price.  

The GT Sport bundle had included a PS4, PSVR headset along with an actual 2018 Mazda MX-5 along with other accessories which was priced at $46,000.  Even though, the Gran Turismo Sport bundle was out  for a limited time along having only one available the price seemed ridiculous unless one was actually looking for a brand new 2018 car for a decent price.


Will BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle have more success on the Nintendo Switch or the PS4?

As many people know we have another crossover tag battle game to look forward to besides Dragon Ball FighterZ entitled BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle in 2018.  BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle will be developed by Arc Work Systems and will feature 2D two on two tag team gameplay with many interesting characters such as Jin Kisarigi, Rachael Alucard, Hazama and others.  

As excited as many are for this upcoming BlazeBlue title many are wondering which version of the game will end up selling more between the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch:  While the PS4 version of the game may have better graphics BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle is less likely to be overshadowed by RPG and first or third person shooter titles.  Also, the fact that Marvel can Capcom Infinite was released for the PS4 a few weeks ago on the PS4 could most likely affect how much BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle would do on the PS4 in terms of sales.  

Should there be a Golden Sun game for the Nintendo Switch?

We all remember the RPG classic from the early 00’s known as Golden Sun.  Since the very first games was released for the Game Boy Advance back in 2001 it has been praised by many for being underrated in the RPG of gaming.  Also, since the release of the latest game entitled Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the Nintendo DS back in 3010 many people have been waiting for a potential sequel for that particular game.  

If there is ever a sequel for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn it should be featured either on the Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo Switch console. If the Golden Sun series is ever revived it would make a bigger impact on the Nintendo Switch than it would on the Nintendo 3DS.  Plus it would be great to see a Golden Sun game featured on a home based console opposed to handheld game system for once.  

Does the SuperBoy S have more value than the SNES Classic?

Some people might find it strange that the SNES Classic is a bit more popular than the SupaBoy S.  When you think about it the SupaBoy is like the SNES version of the Nintendo Switch in some ways.   Because of the feature that allows people to play the SupaBoy S as a hybrid console some people believe the game system is more valuable than the SNES Classic.

While the SNES Classic limits their people to about 21 built in games the SupaBoy S gives players more options in terms of what games they prefer.  However, the games that are included on the SNES Classic such as Secret of Mana, Zelda: Link to the Past, F-Zero, Mega Man X and others are very hard to find in used game stores nowadays and usually requires people to purchase them on eBay or Amazon.  Whether the SupaBoy S has more value than the SNES Classic or not is debatable.  But considering how well the SNES Classic has been doing in terms of sales as of late many people are probably more inclined to agree that the SNES Classic is more valuable.  

Should NES Castlevania games be re-released for the Nintendo Switch eShop?

The Castlevania series for the NES originated back in the 80’s and since then it has achieved legendary status in the gaming world.  When we think about the Castlevania series we think more about the classics for the NES, SNES and the PS1.  When the Castlevania series was arguably at the peak of its popularity during the 80’s and 90’s people would purchase these games without thinking twice about it.  

The replay value of the first three 8 bit Castlevania titles for the NES are definitely games that people would love to see in the Nintendo Switch eShop in the future.  If the pricing for the first three Castlevania games for the Nintendo Switch eShop are decent many people who own the Switch console might buy it.  In fact each Castlevania game for the NES might actually be worth $8 if they are ever re-released for the Nintendo Switch eShop.  

Retro Gaming- X-Men Mutant Academy 2: (2001)

X-Men Mutant Academy was a 3D fight game that was developed by Paradox Development and released for the PS1 back in 2001.  It was actually surprising to see X-Men Mutant Academy 2 on the PS1 considering the fact that the PS2 was released in the Spring of 2000.  When it comes down to underrated fighting titles for the PS1 X-Men Mutant Academy 2 would probably be on the top 25 list of many retro gamers from the 90’s.  

X-Men Mutant Academy 2 features some of the most popular characters in the series including Cyclops, Wolverine, Beast, Storm, Rouge, Psylocke,  Spider-Man, Magneto and others.  This game also featured some interesting game modes such as Arcade, Academy, Survival and Versus mode which all contributed to the replay value of the game itself.  Since its release for the PS1 the X-Men Mutant Academy 2 had reportedly came close to selling over one million units worldwide which could might have happened if the game was released for the PS2 instead during the early 00’s.  

Should the Illusion of Gaia have been re-released for the Game Boy Advance?

There were so many great games for the SNES during the 90’s that were eventually re-released for Game Boy Advance in the early 00’s.  Unfortunately, the Illusion of Gaia was one of the few games that did not make it to the Game Boy Advance.  Some might argue that the Illusion of Gaia was a solid RPG title even though the game did not do as well as many expected in terms of sales on the SNES.

It’s quite possible that the Illusion of Gaia was overshadowed by other Action RPG titles for the SNES such as Secret of Mana, Soul Blazer, Terranigma and others during the early 90’s.  Even if the Illusion of Gaia was re-released for the Game Boy Advance in the early 00’s it probably would have been overshadowed by various RPG titles including the Pokémon series, Super Mario Advance, Sonic Advance along with other games that were very popular for that game console.