Could Final Fantasy 4-6 have worked on the Neo Geo back in the 90’s?

Its quite interesting that the Neo Geo does not get talked about as much in this day and age as it should.  When it comes down to game consoles that produced amazing high quality 2D gameplay the Neo Geo was one of the top systems of the 90’s.  However, when it comes down to 2D games for the Neo Geo the fighting titles such as the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series generally stand out more. While Square was mainly making games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System there was no doubt that the Neo Geo had superior 2D graphics and quality overall.  However, the Neo Geo was not as popular as the Super Nintendo or even the Sega Genesis was in North America back in the early 90’s.

Also, the Neo Geo was simply to expensive following its release since it was priced at $649 when it first came out back in 1990.  When it came down to role playing genre of gaming the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which was also released n 1990 for a reasonable price of $199  it was probably better for Final Fantasy 4-6 in the long run.  When Final Fantasy I-III was released on the NES between 1987-1990 they were considered to be popular RPG titles for the 8 bit console and having 4-6 on the SNES made more sense than being on the Sega Genesis or the Neo Geo.


Could Final Fantasy Tactics A2 have sold more on the Nintendo Wii?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a decade since Final Fantasy Tactics A2 was released for the Nintendo DS.  Since its release back in 2007 Final Fantasy A2 has managed to sell at least three quarters of a million units worldwide.  As popular as the Nintendo DS was during the 00’s the Nintendo Wii seemed even more so.  There were so many big RPG titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy Crystal and others that could have easily overshadowed this game on the Nintendo Wii.  

However, when the original Final Fantasy Tactics game was first released in 1997 for the PS1 it managed to sell over 2 million units worldwide.  But since the Final Fantasy was still very big on the PS1 in the mid 90’s following the release of FFVII it probably made sense that the original FF Tactics game would do great in sales during that time period.  Many can agree that the Final Fantasy series has been more popular on PlayStation home based consoles then Nintendo during the 00’s.  If Final Fantasy Tactics A2 was released for the Nintendo Wii it would be hard to tell how well the game would have done overall in terms of sales.

Should Square Enix make a sequel for Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on the Nintendo 3DS? 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that it has been almost a decade since Final Fantasy A2 was released for the Nintendo DS.  Ever since, this JRPG game was released between 2007-2008 many people have wondered if Square Enix was ever going to make some type of sequel for Final Fantasy Tactics A2 in the near future.  Following its release back in the late 00’s Final Fantasy Tactics A2 had managed to sell at least 750,000 units worldwide which is pretty good for a JRPG title for the Nintendo DS.

Despite, how impressive Final Fantasy Tactics A2 looked for the Nintendo DS it still sold less far less than the Final Fantasy Tactics game which was released for Game Boy Advance back in 2003. Since the early 00’s Final Fantasy Tactics for Game Boy Advance had managed to sell over two million units worldwide.  Even though, the latest Final Fantasy Tactics game did not do as well in terms of sales there are hardcore fans of the series would like to see a direct sequel for the Nintendo 3DS.  Some major questions involving a potential development and release of Final Fantasy Tactics A3 would revolve around the story along with what Square Enix could add to the in terms of in-game mechanics that would make it stand out from its predecessor.

Does Final Fantasy XIII deserve more credit?


When Final Fantasy XIII was released in 2008 by Square Enix many people who were fans of the series got something that was slightly different from previous games such as Final Fantasy XII or Final Fantasy VII in terms of gameplay.  The gameplay in Final Fantasy XIII part 1 did not give players the option to control other characters as they were only allowed to use the main character depending on what part of the game they were on.   Also, there were other features like the Crystarium level up system that many people complained about because it felt too much like the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy X.  While many people had complaints about Final Fantasy XIII part 1 more people had seemed to enjoy part 2 even more.


Final Fantasy Xiii (2)

The visual presentation and the cinematic cutscenes for Final Fantasy XIII were among the many defining features of the game.   Also, in terms of worldwide sales the first part of Final Fantasy XIII did great in terms of sales.  When Final Fantasy XIII was released for the PlayStation 3 it had managed to sell over 5 million units worldwide.  Not was Final Fantasy XIII successful on the PlayStation 3 but it also managed to sell over 3 million units worldwide for the Xbox 360 since its release.  While Final Fantasy XIII did include many interesting characters such as Lightning, Snow, Hope, Sarah, Noel Kriss and others the game is often regarded as one that stands about from other titles in the series.

Should there be more co-op gameplay in Final Fantasy titles?

Final-Fantasy Gullwings -X-2-HD-Remaster-1

The Final Fantasy series has made a living for over two decades making their games interesting through spectacular gameplay, visual presentation and storytelling.  When it comes down to actual gameplay a majority of the games in the Final Fantasy series have mainly been single player.  There have been some exceptions in regards to the lack of co-op gameplay in the series including Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.  While Final Fantasy XI & XIV also fall under the same category since they are both MMORPG titles they are generally meant to be played online as opposed to regular RPG titles.  In terms of general RPG titles there were games in the series such as Final Fantasy VII and XV which were only single player.  Despite, being only lacking multiplayer or co-op gameplay they Final Fantasy VII & XV are among two of the best titles in the entire series.

Final Fantasy XIII.jpg

But when some people look at titles such as Final Fantasy XIII part 1 it makes them wonder why Square Enix decided to omit co-op/multiplayer options within certain games.  In the first part of Final Fantasy XIII players cannot control the actions of the members of their parties which was something that was fixed in part 2.  However, games like Final Fantasy XII and XIII could have definitely been more exciting if players could journey throughout different games with their friends.  While some might argue that the single-player only titles added to the appeal of titles such as Final Fantasy VII, XII and XIII other would say that co-op gameplay could have made the quality of such games that much better.  When it comes down to multiplayer games in the Final Fantasy series Square Enix would rather switch over to the MMORPG genre since it has proved to be effective in drawing the interest of players around the world with the creations of Final Fantasy XI and XIV.  Rather than adding more players on a normal RPG title utilizing MMORPG form of gameplay naturally makes more sense in theory and in practice.





Games in the 00’s- Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls : (2004)


There is no question that the Final Fantasy series is among the most popular RPG’s of all time and has been since the 80’s.  When Final Fantasy I & II was released for the original Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80’s many people were impressed by the turn based role playing concept of the game especially considering the fact that they were not  quite as popular as some other genres in the gaming world.  When Final Fantasy I & II were developed by Square Enix back in the late 80’s it was featured on the 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System.  While some people would argue that the graphics for the original two Final Fantasy games seemed abysmal in comparison to the ones for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System they may have also believed that both games deserved some type of high quality 2D remake.  One of the coolest things about the Game Boy Advance era in early 00’s was that many people got to play remakes some awesome classics from the 80’s and 90’s on a 32-bit handheld console.

The original Final Fantasy game gives players the opportunity to play as the Warriors of Light while the second one provides players with the task of thwarting The Emperor of Palamecia’s plans of world domination.   While the adventures in both Final Fantasy games are very interesting one of the coolest things about the Game Boy Advance versions of both games besides better graphics included the changes they made from the NES versions.  Some people would argue that Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls was more rewarding and slightly easier than the NES versions despite not being able to select the level of difficulty.  Also, the inclusion of the Magic Point system and more convenience in regards to purchasing items were also pretty cool features included Dawn of Souls as well.   Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls was a great title for the Game Boy Advance and was one of the games that would easily make many people nostalgic about the Game Boy Advance era in the early 00’s.

Retro Gaming- Final Fantasy Tactics: (1997)


There have been so many exciting Final Fantasy games that Square has released since its inception during the late 80’s for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  While the previous Final Fantasy games from one to seven had been judged for being average, good or even excellent  Final Fantasy Tactics was a tactical RPG that many people enjoyed.  One of the feature that instantly stood out about Final Fantasy Tactics included the isometric visuals for this game.  When Square had decided to utilize isometric style visuals for Final Fantasy Tactics it probably surprised  some people who were fans of the series but at the same time it was impressive.  In this game Square had the opportunity to try something new  with the Final Fantasy series that has been done in other 2D RPG titles such as Tactics Ogre and LandStalker.  Not only was the isometric feature of this game impressive but the pseudo 3D graphics also made Final Fantasy Tactics special. If Square had decided to make Final Fantasy Tactics purely a 3D game it may not have been as visually appealing as it was. Also, the charge time feature of this game was very interesting because it forced players to think more strategically in terms of battles.  As fun as Final Fantasy Tactics seemed at times it appeared to be very tedious during battles but the visual effects along with the animation of the game made up for it in a significant way.

Aside from the visual presentation of Final Fantasy Tactics Square had also included gameplay where players can earn experience points after completing various missions similar to many other games within the series.  Along with EXP players can also earn job points under various titles including priest,wizard, monk, lancer or even a thief. Along with having so many exciting features there were so many playable characters in Final Fantasy Tactics including Ramza, Mustadio, Galthena, Rapha,etc.  Also, Final Fantasy Tactics had included some optional characters including Cloud Strife from FFVII along with others who can be unlocked as one progressed throughout the game.  Even though, many people liked the original version of Final Fantasy Tactics some people would probably prefer the PSP remake since the visual presentation of the game is more refined.  While Final Fantasy Tactics highly differs from  FF VII & VIII some people still consider it to be a very fun game for the PS1.