Will Turn Based RPG’s eventually decline in popularity?

When it comes down to popular game genres of the 10’s decade the most popular ones that comes to mind are shooters, action-adventure and RPG’s. But as far as the RPG’s are concerned it seems like action role-playing games have become notoriously popular during this decade with titles such as Final Fantasy XV, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn and more. While we did get to see the release of Octopath Traveller for the Nintendo Switch back in July it was probably one of the few high profile turn based RPG’s that has attracted mainstream attention aside from big Action RPG games within the past few years. Some argue that turn based RPG’s are starting to decline in popularity and that 3D action role playing games are more realistic and tends to draw more mainstream attention in general.

While a majority of Final Fantasy games have been turn based RPG’s since the 80’s its well known fact that the upcoming FFVII remake will be a action-role playing game. For the most part turn-based role playing video games seems outdated in this day and age. In fact, turn based RPG’s seems to go much better with 2D titles opposed to 3D Unreal Engine games that are better suited for the action-adventure genre altogether. While the turn based RPG genre are still somewhat popular today its not on the same level as it once was back 90’s. The turn-based genre of gaming has already declined in popularity since the SNES/GBA era of gaming and its quite possible that the trend might continue with the mainstream success that 3D shooters, action-adventure and action role playing games have received during the 10’s decade.

Upcoming Switch Games- Mana Spark: (2018)

As the year comes to a close we still have cool games that have recently been released for the Nintendo Switch such as an Action-RPG known as Mana Spark. For those who are unaware Mana Spark was initially released on Steam back in September 27th and is expected to appear on the Switch console on December 22nd. Mana Spark was developed by BEHEMUTT and Kishimoto Studios and is considered to be an Action-RPG that heavily emphasizes skill-based combat as players throughout the game itself. The visuals for Mana Spark are unique especially since it resembles a modernized 8-bit video game which would definitely stand out more on the Nintendo Switch opposed to the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

As far as popularity is concerned it’s hard to tell whether or not Mana Spark will end up becoming one of the top RPG’s for the Nintendo Switch during the first half of 2019. Mana Spark is considered to be an indie game and for those who are fans of rouge like Action-RPG’s in general they will be able to check it out on the Nintendo Switch eShop on December 22nd.

Was Mortal Kombat II the best MK game of the 90’s?

When retro gamers give their take on what the best Mortal Kombat game of the 90’s was opinions normally vary. But as far as gameplay & graphics are concerned many would argue in favor of MK II. While the original Mortal Kombat game from ’92 was where it all started MK II more memorable because we saw the return of characters such as Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion along with seeing the debut of Kitana, Milenna, Kung Lao and Jax. We also got to witness the debut of Shao Kahn who is considered to be one of the greatest boss characters in fighting games in general.

While Mortal Kombat III had fast paced gameplay in relation to its combo system Mortal Kombat 4 which came out in ’97 was the first ever 3D title within the series and is often overlooked by many people in general. During the 90’s decade the peak of the Mortal Kombat series in relation to popularity was between ’93-’95. While Mortal Kombat II May have peaked to MK III & IV in relation to gameplay it was quite possibly the most popular entry in the series in general.

Mortal Kombat II (1993) vs King of Fighters ‘98 (1998) which was more popular?

When we think about some of the biggest fighting titles to have ever appeared in arcade centers back in the 90’s both Mortal Kombat II along with King of Fighters ’97 are two titles that instantly comes to mind. While Mortal Kombat II was considered a classic and had a cult following King of Fighters ’98 was possibly the greatest entry in the KOF series in general. The improved graphics gameplay and mechanics that we saw in Mortal Kombat II in comparison to the first game that came out in ’92 was impressive. In fact, the visuals for Mortal Kombat II were probably better than its sequel Mortal Kombat III and was far more memorable than Mortal Kombat 4. In fact, Mortal Kombat II was a game that arguably rivaled the Street Fighter II series in popularity following its release in ’93 depending on who you ask.

While SNK’s King of Fighters ’98 game was a huge attraction in arcade centers in the late 90’s it was something that really stood out especially since 3D fighting games started to become more popular during that time period. Between ’98-’00 titles such as Tekken 3, Mortal Kombat 4 along with Soul Calibur were grabbing the attention of people in arcade centers; as a 2D fighting title similar to the likes of Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes KOF ’98 was one of the best that we have seen during that time period. However, if we were to talk which game was popular at its peak following their respective releases many would have to go with Mortal Kombat II over KOF ’98 as a more popular game. While Mortal Kombat II was a more popular game following its release in terms of quality KOF ’98 was definitely superior in relation to gameplay and graphics overall.

The 25th Anniversary of Mega Man X!!!

Today, is a very special day for those who were retro gamers that grew up on the SNES console back in the early 90’s. On this day 25 years ago Mega Man X was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by Capcom. Since its release Mega Man X has been viewed as one of the most legendary action-platformer video games of all-time. Everything from the graphics to the soundtrack along with the storyline that involved stopping a deadly foe in Sigma made Mega Man X a 16-bit gem that is still playable to this day. Out of all the Mega Man games ever created since 1987 Mega Man X is probably the most high profile titles within the series.

Since its release Mega Man X has been ported to multiple game systems including the Nintendo Switch back in September 2018 as a part of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection. The is no question that Mega Man X will always hold a special place in the hearts of retro gamers who owned a SNES during the 90’s and will always be looked at as one of the best 16-bit titles that Capcom has ever made.

Final Fantasy VIII (1999) vs Final Fantasy XI (2002) which game was more underrated?

When it comes down to underrated video games within the Final Fantasy series both FFVIII along with FFXI both come to mind. Even though, Final Fantasy VIII was considered to be one of the best selling video games for the PS1 and was the direct sequel to the highly successful FFVII game that came out in 1997. Despite, the issues people had with Final Fantasy VIII such as the game freezing on certain disks the game still had a solid storyline and has reportedly managed to reach over 8.5 million copies worldwide in relation to lifetime sales. In fact, Final Fantasy VIII is a game that everyone wants to see a high definition remake for in the near future which is something that should of been done many years ago.

Final Fantasy XI on the other hand was the first major MMORPG title within the series. While FFXI had nice visuals and various expansion packs that added to its appeal one of the main drawbacks about it was the lengthy and sometimes very frustrating installation process. Also, the lack of PvP in Final Fantasy XI was somewhat of a letdown to many people following its release back in late 2002 as well. Despite, how popular Final Fantasy XI was as an MMORPG it seems like the series was and still is more suited for traditional RPG gameplay. In terms which Final Fantasy game was more underrated overall many would be more inclined to choose FFVIII over FFXI.

Will Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 reach over one million units in sales within its first week?

As many people know Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is set to appear on the Nintendo Switch next year which is something that has many people very excited. As it currently stands there is still very little we know about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 including its release date which the world is still waiting to hear about. While co-op multiplayer gameplay has been confirmed for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 we are still do not have a full roster of characters for the game which can play a key role in whether or not the game performs well in relation to sales. The last game in the series Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 which came out back in 2009 reportedly sold under one million copies worldwide despite being a decent Action-RPG for multiple game consoles such as the PS3, Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360.

However, the hiatus that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series took for over the past nine years might actually draw the interest of those who were fans of the first two games. Its quite possible that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will end up selling over one million copies worldwide following its release in 2019. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 being a Switch exclusive might also be one of the many factors that contributes to its overall success. But its hard to say that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will end up selling over one million copies within a week seeing how the latest installment did in sales following its release in late 2009.