Should Kingdom Hearts 3 be on the Nintendo Switch?

Kingdom Hearts 3

Throughout the 00’s the Kingdom Hearts series has been considered one of coolest RPG titles that one could ever have for various PlayStation consoles.  The Kingdom Hearts series started on the PlayStation 2 and as many of us know Kingdom Hearts III is expected to be released for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One some time in the near future.   As great as that sound many people are probably wondering whether or not the Square Enix should release Kingdom Hearts III for the Nintendo Switch as well.  As of right now we have no idea on whether or not Kingdom Hearts III will be featured on the Nintendo Switch and there is probably a good chance that it will not happen.  If Square Enix wanted to feature any of their games on any household Nintendo game consoles they probably would have done so for the Wii or the Wii-U during the 00’s.

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Even though, a majority of Nintendo’s games are family friendly and targets children the Kingdom Hearts series have remained absent on their consoles which is a bit puzzling for some people.  Those who know about the history between Nintendo and Square Enix already know that both entities had a fallout during the 90’s.   While Square Enix is working on developing games such as Dragon Quest XI for various consoles including the Nintendo Switch it would be interesting to see whether not Kingdom Hearts III will be coming for the Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Should there be a new Ducktales game?

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Ducktales was one of the most popular animated television shows that Disney had produced when the first episode started airing during the late 80’s. When Ducktales first aired on television many kids loved various things about the show including the catchy theme music.   Along with  having a great intro for the television show the adventures that Scrooge McDuck had with Donald Duck and his three grandnephews were always so much fun to watch back in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  When Ducktales was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System is was a pretty fun yet tough game to play.  The original Ducktales game for the NES was a single player platform title that would bring Scrooge McDuck through five different levels.   Traveling around the world and even to the moon was an exciting experience especially since the game had memorable soundtracks.

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As many people know Capcom had developed the original Ducktales game for the NES.  Also, since its release the game had sold well over one million copies for both Game Boy and the NES home console.  Even though, there was a Ducktales 2 released in the early 90s’ for the NES it was not quite as popular as the original.  This brings us to whether or not there should be a new Ducktales game quite possibly for the Nintendo Switch or for any other modern day game consoles.   If Capcom or any other game company ever decides to make a new Ducktales game one of the main areas of focus would have to include the gameplay.  Should a new Ducktales game maintain the same 2D side-scrolling formula that made the NES title popular?  If not should should it be a 3D open world platform game which is common in many action adventure games today.  Either way, since a reboot of Ducktales series has been confirmed for later this year it would also be cool to see another game for it as well.

Could The Kingdom Hearts Series Have Worked During The 16 Bit Era?


The Kingdom Hearts series has produced some exciting games since the early 00’s which featured some of our favorite Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and others.   The 3D gameplay and visual presentation for many of the games in the Kingdom Hearts series were very impressive and contained basic but interesting plots that many people can easily get attached to.   As many people know Square Enix is well known for making some of the most memorable role playing games ever during the 16 bit area including Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia and many more for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The 2D visuals and graphics for many of the RPG games for the SNES was something that highly contributed to the appeal of those titles.  Another aspect that contributed to the appeal of the older 16 bit games included the amount of creativity that went into developing them despite how limited the hard drives were for consoles released in the early 90’s compared to that of the 2000’s.  However, despite being very popular primarily as a 3D role playing we managed to get at least one 2D Kingdom Hearts title for the Game Boy Advance.

When Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories was developed by Jupiter Corporation and released in 2004 it exceeded the expectations of many people who were originally skeptical about it being made for the 32 bit handheld console known as the Game Boy Advance. The card based battle system was a very creative way of making Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories more appealing because it was something that was very innovative for an RPG game.   If Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was released back in the early to mid 90’s it might have been more popular then it was during its release in the early 2000’s.    However, if the Kingdom Hearts series started off during the 16-bit era would the first two to three games have been similar to that of Chain of Memories? If not would the gameplay for the Kingdom Hearts series resemble titles such titles such as Final Fantasy IV or Secret of Mana?  Some might argue that if the Kingdom Hearts series started off in the 16 bit era it would be just as popular while others might disagree.  When Kingdom Hearts II was released in 2002 everything about the game was fantastic including the gameplay, soundtrack, storyline and visual presentation. If a game like Kingdom Hearts II was released for Super Nintendo in the early 90’s it most likely would have been a great RPG title but probably not to the same extent as the actual PlayStation 2 game that we got.  Overall, the Kingdom Hearts series could have been very popular during the 16 bit era but many are probably more content with the fact that it started in the 128 bit era of gaming.

Classic Gaming- The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse: (1992)


There is nothing like the classics when it comes down the 16 bit retro gaming and The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse is a platform title that many people enjoyed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System following its release in 1992.  This graphics and visual effects for this game was great for the SNES considering the fact that it was developed by Capcom.  While the Magical Quest  has a very basic plot the developers were very creative when came down to some of the in game mechanics of this game.  In the Magical Quest Mickie Mouse has the ability to jump on monsters along with being able to throw items at them similar to that of Super Mario Bros 2.  Also, similar to Super Mario Bros I & III Mickey can change into different costumes to gain special abilities to defeat monsters.  Whether Mickey is dressed up as a magician, firefighter or mountain climber the ability to utilize different costumes in certain stages adds variety to the game itself which makes it stand out from being an ordinary platform title.  As players progress throughout the game to rescue Pluto and to confront King Pete the pass through some fun but tough levels in the game.

Even though, some people might believe that the Magical Quest was an easy platform title there were a few levels in the game that seemed a bit harder than they looked.  The boss battle in Stage 1-4 was tough because players had to attack the monster at least eight times in order to defeat him which was a task that was easier said than done.  Also, the boss battle in Stage 3-4 seemed difficult because players could not think on their feet they can easily lose the fight for they even realize it.  The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse is actually a long game and even though some of the opening stages appear to be simple the boss battles are tough and they manage to get harder as you get towards the end of the game.  Along with having a nice overworld map prior to the start of each stage the designs for each level seemed fantastic.  While many people enjoyed the SNES version of The Magical Quest there were also some who enjoyed the Game Boy Advance port which was released in 2002 and featured Minnie Mouse as a playable character.  At the time it was pretty cool to see a Capcom game that featured Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto.  Disney’s Magical Quest may not have been considered to be one of the best platform games for the SNES but it was definitely a memorable one for those who were true Disney fans.

Retro Gaming- Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: (2004)


Square Enix is best known for its affiliation with some of the most memorable role playing games that many people around the world have ever seen.  The original Kingdom Hearts game released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002 and since its release many people were anxious to see what the sequel would be like.  When Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was developed by Jupiter and released in 2004 many people were interested in the fact that the game was released for the Game Boy Advance.  Releasing Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance seemed like a risky thing to do in the eyes of many people especially considering the fact that the original game was released for the PlayStation 2.   The gameplay, graphics and visual effects of the 128 bit PlayStation 2 console was far superior than the 32 bit Game Boy Advance.  However, just because the quality of the Game Boy Advance was not as great as the PS2 it did not mean that Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories did not make for a very exciting game.

There was so much creativity that when into the development in Chain of Memories in terms of gameplay especially concerning the battles.  Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories had featured a unique card based battle system which included characters having the ability to execute attacks in real time.  The battle system for Chain of Memories looks a bit complex at first but the great thing about this game is that there are tutorials towards the beginning that explains how everything works in detail.  Another great feature about Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories includes the 2D isometric view that is utilized in the game during travel along with various scenes that feature in game dialogue between characters.   The 2D isometric view was a pretty cool feature because it was reminiscent of some older RPG titles such as LandStalker, Final Fantasy Tactics and Super Mario RPG which were also very fun games to play back in the 90’s. Along with having so many great features Chain of Memories had featured several characters that were in the prequel including the main protagonist Sora & Riku along with familiar names from Disney such as Donald Duck, Goofy and King Mickey Mouse.

The CD soundtrack for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was a work of art because it featured songs such as “Dear Beloved” which was simply beautiful.  Another great track had included “Castle Oblivion” which was simply amazing because you can feel the emotion of this track along with the fact that it blended in nicely with game itself.  The final boss theme in this game was pretty epic however many people despised battling Marluxia from Organization XIII.  Even though the final boss battle was tough it was also fun once people really got into Chain of Memories and progressed throughout the game. Following its release Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories had reportedly sold over 100,000 units in Japan within its first week and has sold over 1.8 million units worldwide since its release in late 2004.  While some people enjoyed Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance many people thought that the PlayStation 2 remake was even better when it was released in America during late 2008.  Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories is considered to be one of the most memorable RPG titles of the 2000’s by some people around the world.   Even though, the gameplay for Chain of Memories was significantly different from most RPG titles during its time the amount to creativity that went into the development of this game was impressive.

Should Square Enix include co-op gameplay in Kingdom Hearts 3?


The Kingdom Hearts series has been among the best as far as RPG title are concerned during the 2000’s decade.  Since the Kingdom Hearts series began in 2002 many people were amazed by the amount of creativity that the designers put into the original game.   While other titles in the Kingdom Hearts series were fun to play such as Chain of Memories & Dream Drop Distance the game that was developed for the PlayStation 2 and released in 2005 is generally considered to be the most memorable title to be featured on any home based console by many people.  When Kingdom Hearts II was released in 2005 it included many essential features that made the game itself great including a compelling storyline, fantastic gameplay along with high quality visual design.  One of the few things that separates Kingdom Hearts II from other games in the series such as Chain of Memories & Dream Drop included gameplay.  While Kingdom Hearts I & II were mainly single player games both Chain of Memories along with Dream Drop Distance had included multiplayer gameplay.

Even though, Kingdom Hearts I & II were both very good RPG titles for the PlayStation 2 many people have probably wondered over the years why those two games had never featured a multiplayer mode.  In fact, some people would probably agree that Square Enix had missed out on an opportunity to feature a two or three player co-op mode similar to what was utilized in the Secret of Mana which was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993.  Despite, having multiplayer gamplay for the portable systems such as the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Portable Square Enix had decided to make most of their PlayStation titles single player only.  While many people were perfectly fine with Square Enix making Kingdom Hearts I & II single player only others probably thought that a multiplayer mode would have contributed to improving the overall quality of bot games.  Despite, the fact that first two major games Kingdom Hearts series lacked multiplayer modes some people may wonder whether or not Square Enix will include a co-op mode for the next major title in the series for the PS4 along with the Xbox One.  If Square Enix does include a co-op mode for Kingdom Hearts III it would probably surprise to many people since most of their past PlayStation games were single player. However, there is a very decent chance that Kingdom Hearts III will be a single player action role playing title just like the first two games for the PS2.

Role Playing Games- Kingdom Hearts II: (2005)

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When the original Kingdom Hearts game made its debut in 2002 many people were blown away by the concept having various different Disney characters one game.  Before Kingdom Hearts II was released the world got to witness Kingdom Hearts : Chain of Memories which was for Game Boy Advance.  Some people might argue that making the sequel to the original Kingdom Hearts for the Game Boy Advance was very risky on the part of Square Enix since the quality would pale in comparison to the PlayStation 2.  But since Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was a  pretty fun  RPG title for Game Boy Advance it had proved to be effective in making the events of Kingdom Hearts II follow afterwards.  One of the many features about Kingdom Hearts II which is unforgettable includes its orchestral soundtrack which adds so much life and emotion to this game.

The soundtrack for Kingdom Hearts II had included various different songs that were amazing including “Dearly Beloved”, “Missing You”, “Passion” along with “Sanctuary”.  Some of the character themes in this game were pretty special as well including Sora & Kairi’s because it blended in well with some of the cutscenes along with their personalities.  The soundtrack composed mainly by :Yoko Shimomura  was easily one of the best features of Kingdom Hearts II next to gameplay.  Throughout, the game players are allowed to control Sora and travel to different worlds along side with Donald Duck and Goofy to battle Heartless and members of Organization XIII.  Kingdom Hearts II gives players various options in terms of customization of their three person party in terms of developing their stats, attacks, along with equipping them with items.

Along with the gameplay and cinematic cutscenes the boss battles were both interesting and tough depending how good you are at the game.  Kingdom Hearts II had included some exciting boss battles with the likes of Sephiroth, Larxene, Xigbar, and Zemnas who was the final boss in the game.  Many people having varying opinions on who the toughest boss in Kingdom Hearts II was but aside from the final boss Xigbar proved to be quite challenging.  Trying to get through Xigbars special attacks along with having to adjust to the changing camera angles throughout the battle does not seem as easy as it looks.  Despite, having a three on one advantage in most battles players would be better off developing a strategy before taking on certain opponents even if the odds are in their favor.  The inclusion of characters from the Final Fantasy series  was also a great addition to the Kingdom Hearts II despite not being able to play any of them during the story.

After its initial release in late-2005 Kingdom Hearts II had became one of the best selling role playing games in 2006.  The amount of copies Kingdom Hearts II sold was unreal especially in Japan where it sold over one million copies within its first week.  When the original Kingdom Hearts title was released in 2002 it had managed to sell over 20 million copies worldwide.  Kingdom Hearts II had managed to sell at least 3.5 million units worldwide before the 2.5 Final Mix version was released in 2007.  After the original Kingdom Hearts II title was released it came very close to receiving a  perfect five star rating from GamePro by receiving a score of 4.5  which was still outstanding.  While Kingdom Hearts II received praise from GamePro it was also scored in the nine point bracet out of ten by IGN and earning the title of “Readers Choice” in the process.  When Kingdom Hearts I & II were first released many people around the world many people were highly impressed by the concept, characters, soundtracks, and visual features of both games.  At this point it has been almost a decade since Kingdom Hearts II was released worldwide.   When Square Enix releases Kingdom Hearts III not only will it be worth the wait but it will probably be one of the most anticipated RPG titles in recent memory.