Was the SNES Classic a bigger attraction than the Wii-U during the 10’s decade?

Aside from the Switch sone of the most popular game systems that we have seen from Nintendo this decade includes the SNES Classic along with the Wii-U. While many people would argue that the SNES Classic was more popular than the Wii-U before and after its release there is no question that it definitely did not sell quite as much. While the SNES Classic managed to reach at least 5 million units worldwide in sales the Wii-U reached over 9 million. Its possible that the SNES Classic could have eventually surpassed the amount that the Wii-U has sold worldwide within four years if Nintendo had decided to continue the production of the retro mini 16-bit console.

While the Wii-U was a console that fell well below Nintendo’s expectations in relation to sales the SNES Classic exceeded the company’s expectations in roughly over a year. While the Wii-U has incredible games such as Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo Land, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Bayonetta 2 and others that were big during the 10’s decade the 16-bit classics from the 90’s were almost just as popular on the SNES between late 2017 and the present. In terms of which console was a bigger attraction during the 10’s decade is debatable especially since more people are focusing the Nintendo Switch right now.

Celeste reportedly reached over 50K in sales during 2018!!!

There is no doubt that this year has been wonderful in relation to indie gaming in general. This is especially true with games such as Celeste which is an 8 bit like platformer which managed to win two honors at the 2018 Game Awards such as “Games for Impact” and “Beat Independent Game”. Since its release back on January 25th the Celeste instantly received universal praise from gamers and has appeared on multiple consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The fact that Celeste has managed to reach at less 50K in sales is something that does not come as much of a surprise to many people.

At this rate Celeste can possibly reach over 100,000 units in sales if it maintains its popularity throughout 2019. As a single-player indie platformer this game is worth checking out on multiple game systems if you have not yet played it.

Upcoming Switch Games- Degrees of Separation: (2019)

There are so many interesting games that the world is looking forward to seeing on the Nintendo Switch next year such as Bayonetta 3, Mana Spark and others that will definitely be an attraction on the hybrid console. Also, title that has not been talked about as much entitled Degrees of Separation a 2D puzzle game developed by Moondrop and published by Modus Games which is set to appear on the Nintendo Switch on February 2019. Along with having single-player gameplay it should be noted that Degrees of Separation will include local and online co-op gameplay.

Degrees of Separation has an interesting plot that involves two souls named Ember & Rime who fall in love but are separated. Both characters have to use their powers to progress throughout the game making for an interesting indie adventure title for the Nintendo Switch. There is no doubt that Degrees of Separation will be an attraction for those who are huge fans of indie games in general as it makes its way to the Switch console in 2019.

Mortal Kombat II (1993) vs King of Fighters ‘98 (1998) which was more popular?

When we think about some of the biggest fighting titles to have ever appeared in arcade centers back in the 90’s both Mortal Kombat II along with King of Fighters ’97 are two titles that instantly comes to mind. While Mortal Kombat II was considered a classic and had a cult following King of Fighters ’98 was possibly the greatest entry in the KOF series in general. The improved graphics gameplay and mechanics that we saw in Mortal Kombat II in comparison to the first game that came out in ’92 was impressive. In fact, the visuals for Mortal Kombat II were probably better than its sequel Mortal Kombat III and was far more memorable than Mortal Kombat 4. In fact, Mortal Kombat II was a game that arguably rivaled the Street Fighter II series in popularity following its release in ’93 depending on who you ask.

While SNK’s King of Fighters ’98 game was a huge attraction in arcade centers in the late 90’s it was something that really stood out especially since 3D fighting games started to become more popular during that time period. Between ’98-’00 titles such as Tekken 3, Mortal Kombat 4 along with Soul Calibur were grabbing the attention of people in arcade centers; as a 2D fighting title similar to the likes of Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes KOF ’98 was one of the best that we have seen during that time period. However, if we were to talk which game was popular at its peak following their respective releases many would have to go with Mortal Kombat II over KOF ’98 as a more popular game. While Mortal Kombat II was a more popular game following its release in terms of quality KOF ’98 was definitely superior in relation to gameplay and graphics overall.

Dragonball FighterZ wins “Best Fighting Game” at 2018 Gamers Choice Awards!!!

As many people know the seventh annual Gamers Choice Awards just took place and there are numerous titles that were released in 2018 that received different honors. As far as the “Best Fighting Game” of this year is considered Dragonball FighterZ developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandi Namco Entertainment won that award which is something that does not surprise many people. Ever since its release back in everyone pretty much knew Dragonball FighterZ was going to be the best fighting game of 2018. The anime-ish graphics and the 2.5D gameplay along with the story mode for Dragonball FighterZ was simply breathtaking. In fact, many would agreed that Dragonball FighterZ not only surpassed Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite in terms of quality but overshadowed it during the first half of 2018 and exceeded the expectations of many people who are fans of the DBZ series in general.

In addition, to a creative story mode Dragonball FighterZ has a start-studded roster of characters from multiple sagas in the series in addition to online multiplayer gameplay which added to the replay value of this action-packed 2.5D fighting title. Dragonball FighterZ looked like a masterpiece of a fighting game while utilizing the Unreal Engine 4 and was an attraction of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch while managing to reach at least 3.5 million copies worldwide in sales in less than a year which was very impressive. There is almost no question that if there was a fighting title that was actually released this year that deserved to be called the best fighting title of 2018 it was Dragonball FighterZ.

The 30th Anniversary of Ninja Gaiden!!!

When it comes down to NES Classics from the 80’s with the Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda series Ninja Gaiden is a big title that comes to mind. In fact, today marks the 30 year anniversary of Ninja Gaiden which was released December 9th back 1988. The following year in ’89 Ninja Gaiden was critically acclaimed and was praised for its cinematic cutscenes along with being a NES that was challenging but not exactly impossible to complete as well. Following the release of the original Ninja Gaiden game its reputation for being challenging followed in the two NES sequels that were released in 1990-1991 which eventually became household names as side scrolling platformers for the 8-bit console during the early 90’s.

There is no doubt that the original Ninja Gaiden was without a doubt one of the most legendary video games that Tecmo has ever created. Sometimes its hard to believe that the original Ninja Gaiden game was released 30 years ago on this day especially if you grew up during the 80’s or the early 90’s. Also, it would be cool if Koei Tecmo did something special to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Ninja Gaiden which seems unlikely at this time.

Will Mortal Kombat 11 surpass MK 10 in sales?

As of right now Mortal Kombat 11 is basically one of the hottest topics within the gaming world right now. The trailer of Mortal Kombat 11 along with the announcement regarding its upcoming release in April 2019 has many people very excited. While there is still much more we still have yet to learn about Mortal Kombat 11 there are many who have high expectations for this game especially seeing how great Mortal Kombat 10 was following its release back 2015. Ever since its release Mortal Kombat 10 managed to sell at least 5 million copies worldwide and ended up winning multiple multiple awards for being the “Best Fighting Game” of 2015.

Based on what we currently know about Mortal Kombat 11 its hard to speculate whether or not Mortal Kombat 11 will end up surpassing its predecessor in worldwide sales. We still have no idea on what the storyline for MK 11 going to be about and do not have full roster of characters just yet. However, the gameplay and visuals for MK 11 look pretty sweet and its definitely one of the many elements that will contribute to the overall appeal of the game itself in 2019.