Will there ever be a sequel to the Killer Instinct game for the Xbox One?

Ever since, the Killer Instinct series made its return back the Fall of 2013 it has turned the heads of gamers who were fans of the series back in the 90’s when it was featured in game consoles such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Even though, the gameplay and mechanics that Double Helix Games had created for the latest Killer Instinct game was impressive the game did not sell a much as man people had hoped.

Some might argue that making Killer Instinct an Xbox One exclusive may have played a role on why the game did not do as well in terms of sales.  After when the Xbox One was first released in 2012 it was priced around $499 while the PS4 was $399.  Despite, Killer Instinct not doing to well in terms of sales if Double Helix Games ever decides to make a sequel it should be for multiple game consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc.

Has the racing genre declined in popularity on Nintendo based consoles?

When it comes down to the racing genre of gaming there are so many titles that people enjoy on video games consoles such as the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, etc.  When it comes down down to Nintendo based consoles the only racing titles that comes to mind is the Mario Kart series.  While the Mario Kart series has provided many people with an unforgettable gaming experience for over the past two decades there has not been to many memorable racing titles that we have seen on Nintendo based consoles.

Back in the 90’s and the early 00’s the F-Zero series was still popular while providing a gaming experience that was arguably better than any of the Super Mario Kart games.  Even though we have some impressive games for the Nintendo Switch such as Fast Racing Neo which is pretty much a spiritual successor to the F-Zero series the game has received the rype of recognition that it deserves.  With the exception of the Mario Kart series it seems like racing genre of gaming has declined in popularity when it came NES down to Nintendo based consoles and has been a trend that has been going on since its he 90’s.  

Will we see a Diablo 4 in the future?

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Diablo III was released in the spring of 2012.  Since its initial release back in 2012 it seems like Diablo has received expansion packs such as the “Reaper of Souls” and Necromancer which many people seemed to enjoy.  Whether or not Blizzard Entertainment decides to make a Diablo 4 is something that has been in question for almost five years now.  

Since Diablo III was first released it managed to sell over 5 million units worldwide which speaks volumes about how popular the series is.  If Blizzard Entertainment does decide to release a Diablo IV it would be interesting to see whether or not the plot follows the events from the Diablo III series along with what new features would be added to the game itself.  

Should the new Spider-Man game be ported for the Xbox One in 2018?

As far as action adventure titles are concerned one of the many titles that gamers are looking forward to is the new Spider-Man game which is expected to be released some time in early to mid 2018.  However, the new Spider-Man seems like it’s only going to be available for the PlayStation 4.  While this PS4 exclusive makes the new Spider-Man more desirable to own some are questioning why the game is only available for the PlayStation 4 and not the Xbox One.

In terms of pricing the Xbox One is much more affordable then it was a few years and people can by an Xbox One S for around $299 plus tax at stores such as GameStop.  Also, since the Xbox One X is expected to arrive in electronic retail stores in November 2017 it will be interesting to see if Insomniac Games decides to take steps in having the game ported for that console sometime in 2018.

Will there ever be a Super Mario Maker 2?

Super Mario Maker was probably one of the most creative games for the Wii U back in 2015.  Ever since  Super Mario Maker was released for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS the game had managed to sell millions worldwide.  Super Mario Maker had managed to sell over 2 million units worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS while doing over 3 million for the Wii U since the Fall of 2015.

Whether or not we see a Super Mario Maker 2 in the future is s bit hard to tell right now especially since Super Mario Maker was released almost two years.  If Nintendo ever decides to make a Super Mario Maker 2 it will probably come in a few years since many people are still enjoying the Super Mario Maker game that was released in 2015.  The idea of having a 3D based Mario Maker title is something that would be interesting since many people are fond of titles such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, etc.  

Should Xenoblade Chronicles II ported for the Nintendo 3DS XL?

There have been many people who waited for years to see the sequel for the first Xenoblade Chronicles game which was originally released in Japan back in 2010.  When the first Xenoblade Chronicles game was first released in the early 10’s it was for the Nintendo Wii and the New Nintendo 3DS.  Xenoblade Chronicles II is set to be released for the Nintendo Switch sometime in the near future but now many are question whether or not it will still happen due to the issues Nintendo currently has with Gamevice.

If the Nintendo Switch gets banned from retail then it would be great to see Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ported for the Nintendo 3DS XL similar to how the prequel was ported for the New Nintendo 3DS a few years ago.  In terms of sales the original Xenoblade Chronicles game was decent for the New Nintendo 3DS since sold reached at least half a million units worldwide.  It will be interesting to see what Nintendo decides to do with upcoming Switch exclusives in the future and whether we will see them for the Nintendo 3DS XL or not.  

Should Microsoft release more games that are exclusive for the Xbox One?

As many people know it has been recently reported that the Nintendo Switch has released more exclusive video games in the past few months than Xbox One has in the past couple of years.  When it comes down to exclusive titles for the Xbox One we have seen pretty cool titles such as Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and others but there seems to be more third party titles for the that console in comparison to the Nintendo Switch.

The idea of having exclusive titles for a particular game console is one of the many things that attracts gamers to the game system that a particular comprised trying to sell.  One of the reasons why consoles such as the Nintendo Switch has gained as much success as it did in a short period of time is because it has games such as Splatoon 2,  Arms along with upcoming titles such as Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles II  that cannot be played on another game console.  While having many third party support on the Xbox One is great for gamers who are into the Resident Evil of Mass Effect series some would that it could work against certain game companies more then help tgem