Is Mario Kart 7 still an attraction for the Nintendo 3DS?

As many people know Mario Kart 7 was a game that was released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2011. Since its release Mario Kart 7 has been seen as one of the best games within its series and actually did surprisingly well in relation to sales. In fact Mario Kart 7 was the best selling game for the Nintendo 3DS and has managed to sell over 17 million copies worldwide since its release towards the start of the decade. If you walk in some stores line Best Buy you will see that the game is still available in retail which actually surprising to many pet especially considering the fact that the Nintendo 3DS is starting to lose its value due to the popularity of the Nintendo Switch.

While Mario Kart 7 was not quite as big as its 2014 successor Mario Kart 8 in relation to mainstream popularity its still considered to be one of the best racing games that Nintendo has made that was never released on a home based console. For those who have not played Mario Kart 7 the game is worth checking out and would be somewhat of an attraction in the year 2019.

Upcoming Games- Dragon Marked for Death: (2019)

As far as upcoming video games are con in relation to this year are concerned there are so many cool games that people around the world are looking forward to seeing on various different game consoles. In relation to the Nintendo Switch one of the few titles that is expected to appear in the near future is a 2D side-scrolling game developed by Inti Creates known as Dragon: Marked for Death. For those who do not know Dragon: Marked for Death was originally set to be released for the PSP and is a game that is at least a decade in the making. Dragon: Marked for Death is an action RPG title that gives players control of four different characters from the Dragonblood Clan; each character has their own miveset and set of special abilities for players to master as they progress throughout the game.

The current release date for Dragon: Marked for Death is January 31st and it looks like a game that has the potential to shine on the Switch console throughout the month of February. It will be interesting to see how much of an attraction Dragon: Marked for Death will become in the near future.

Would the PS1 Classic be considered a letdown?

As many people know the PS1 Classic has not achieved the same level of success following its release in December 2018 that the SNES Classic did following its release back in September 2017. There are many people in the gaming world who say that the lack of success that the PS1 Classic has so far is due to the selection of retro games used in the collection. While the titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, Twisted Metal, Tekken 3 and others are featured in the PS1 Classic games like Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot were absent which was something that many people were bummed out. Also, the 3D graphics of the PS1 Classic are far less superior than what we have today for the PlayStation 4 and it would have made more sense for Sony to make HD remakes of each game instead.

However, the fact that we even got to see a PS1 Classic at all is something that is really cool and would make a great collectors item for those who are huge fans of retro gaming in general. The PS1 Classic serves its purpose in relation to nostalgia in bringing people back to the mid 90’s with 20 different 32-bit titles that are hard to find in used game stores in this day and age and that something that would be enough to make gamers want to purchase Sony’s retro based console.

Sakura Kasugano vs Morrigan Aensland who more popular back in the 90’s?

When it comes down to popular female characters within the fighting genre of gaming both Sakura Kasugano from the Street Fighter series along with Morrigan Aensland from DarkStalkers are two big names that comes to mind. Back in the 90’s both characters were seen as unique attractions within their own respective series and were both eventually included together in games such as Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo II, Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix along with Marvel vs Capcom 2 between 1996-2000. Morrigan Aensland first appeared in DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors back in ’94 and was considered to be the most popular character within the series ever since then due to her strength and sex appeal. Sakura Kasugano made her first video game appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and was considered to be one of the most popular characters within the game due to her personality along with the fact that she is considered to be a female version of the game’s main protagonist Ryu.

In fact, Ryu is considered to be Sakura Kasugano’s main love interest which is something that Capcom still plays out to this day in games such as Street Fighter V. While Sakura is still a considered to be a top character within the Street Fighter series Morrigan Aensland has been apart of almost every Marvel vs Capcom game that has been released between 1999-2017. As far as which character was more popular back in the 90’s is debatable among many people. But as far as in-game debut’s are concerned Sakura Kasugano would probably have the edge over Morrigan due to the fact that Street Fighter Alpha 2 in general was a bigger attraction than DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors was in arcade centers back in the mid to late 90’s.

Upcoming Games- The Forgotten City: (2019)

There are so many cool games that the world is looking forward to seeing as we start of 2019. One of the many titles that gamers should look forward to is one developed by Modern Storyteller is entitled the Forgotten City which is supposed to be released sometime this year for Microsoft Windows on Steam. For those who are unaware the Forgotten City was a popular Skyrim quest mod several years ago which was used as inspiration to create this upcoming game. Forgotten City is a time travel murder-mystery game were the setting takes place in a deep underground Ancient Roman mythological city.

In this game players discover a group of explorers who are dead due to the fact that one of them broke a mysterious law. Players will eventually discover a portal to the past that will allow them to either change history and save the lives of the explorers versus doing nothing and letting them perish. As it currently stands we have no idea on whether or not The Forgotten City will eventually appear on the PS4, Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch this year; but there is no doubt that this game will definitely end up becoming an attraction on Steam for Microsoft Windows in 2019.

Would Luigi have made a better villain within the Super Mario Bros series?

There is no question that the Super Mario Bros series has been legendary since the NES days of the 80’s. Both Mario and Luigi are considered to be an iconic duo in relation to platform adventure games and things have been this way over 30 years now on Nintendo based game consoles. However, some wonder how different the Mario series could have ended up becoming if Luigi started off as a villain before joining his brother Mario. On one hand starting off as a villain could off helped Luigi’s popularity in major way. The idea of having Luigi as a video game boss in one of the first three Super Mario Bros titles would have been very interesting and would of made people look at him much differently then they currently do right now.

As it currently stands characters such as Yoshi are considered to be more popular than Luigi especially considering how many games there has been within the Yoshi series since the early 90’s. Also, Wario was more popular than Luigi at some point especially when he started off as the main villain for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins for Game Boy back in 1992. Wario was originally a villain before becoming a anti-hero and if Luigi had a similar role within the Super Mario Bros series it could of ended up making him a somewhat cooler than Mario who is often portrayed as a clean cut hero that rescues Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. In theory, having Luigi as a short term villain who transitions into becoming an anti-hero who works alongside Mario could have worked but Nintendo never intended on making Luigi a more edgier character than his brother.

Will we ever see a direct sequel for Dragonball FighterZ?

When it comes down to some of the biggest fighting games that have appeared on multiple game console in over the past year or so one of the many titles that comes to mind is Dragonball FighterZ. Ever since its release back in late-January of 2018 Dragonball FighterZ managed to reach over 3.5 million copies worldwide since n sales on game systems such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. While Dragonball FighterZ is still very big right now and will remain a huge attraction throughout 2019 some are wondering whether or not we will see a direct sequel for this 2.5D fighting title within the next few years.

Seeing how popular the Dragonball FighterZ has been this far there is almost no question that there will be a direct sequel for this game the main question is when. As it currently stands Arc System Works and Bandi Namco Entertainment has not announced any plans of making a direct sequel for FighterZ but there is almost no question that it will definitely happen sometime in the future.