Will the Sega Mega Drive Mini surpass the SNES Classic in sales?

As many people know Nintendo plans on discontinuing the production of the SNES Classic very soon despite the level of success the 16-bit retro mini console has achieved since its release back in September 2017. However, on the plus side the Mega Drive Mini will be available in retail next year and since the SNES Classic will eventually sell out soon it will give Sega’s retro based console the opportunity to shine all throughout 2019. The question is whether or not the Mega Drive Mini will surpass the SNES in relation to sales next year. With games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Streets of Rage II, Golden Axe, Comix Zone and others the Mega Drive Mini is something that retro gamers who grew up in the early 90’s would definitely want to check out next year.

While the SNES Classic managed to reach at least 5 million units worldwide in sales in roughly over a year there are many who question whether or not Sega’s Mega Drive Mini can achieve the same feat. While the PS1 Mini received mixed to negative reviews since its release on December 3rd and is unlikely to be a successful as the SNES Classic the Mega Drive Mini has the Pittsburgh to reach at least one million units in sales within the first few months or even weeks. Its going to be interesting to see how successful the Mega Drive Mini becomes following its release in 2019.

Could LandStalker have been successful on the Sega Saturn?

When it comes down to action-adventure classics for the 16-bit Sega Genesis console one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is LandStalker which came out in 1992. Despite, how popular LandStalker was back in the early 90’s it was a game that was often overshadowed by other titles on the Sega Genesis such as the Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy. There some who argue that LandStalker was a title that could have stood out was more than it did if the game was released for the Sega Saturn opposed to the Genesis. But as many people know the Sega Saturn was not nearly as popular or successful as the Sega Genesis was during the 90’s .

In fact, if LandStalker was released as a Sega Saturn exclusive during the mid 90’s it would probably be a forgotten title altogether. Maybe on the Sega Dreamcast LandStalker would have stood out a bit more than it would on the Sega Saturn but the 16-bit Genesis console was were this game truly belonged. A direct sequel to LandStalker would have been nice too see on the Sega Saturn but it would most likely have ended up as a forgotten title or an underrated gem during the mid 90’s.

Could Sonic the Hedgehog 3 have been a huge success on Sega Saturn?

As many people know Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was one of the most popular 16 bit platform titles of the war 90’s. Sonic 3 had tremendous success on the Sega Genesis and despite not selling as much as the first two Sonic games it was and still is considered to be a memorable platform classic. While Sonic 3 released in 1994 there are some who question whether or not the game could have sold as much on the Sega Saturn following its release in ’95. Its unlikely that the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 would have been a huge success on the Sega Saturn to the same extent as it was for the Genesis console considering how much it ended up selling in retail during the mid to late 90’s.

While the Sega Saturn ended up selling over 9 million units worldwide the Sega Genesis sold over 30 million between 1988-1997. Also, considering the fact that Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 was on the Sega Genesis having the third game on Sega Saturn would not have made too much sense. Overall, releasing Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for the Genesis console worked out well and seeing how popular Sonic CD was in ’93 releasing the game for the Sega CD would have been a better alternative than the Sega Saturn at the time.

Should there have been a Comix Zone game for Dreamcast?

When we think about classic games from the Sega Genesis during the early 90’s that did not have a sequel one of the top games that instantly comes to mind is Comix Zone. There is no doubt that Comix Zone was such a unique beat em up game that deserved a sequel and it was probably one of the titles that Sega missed out on as far as turning it into a series is concerned. While 2D gaming was starting to get old around 1998 there are some who wonder whether or not a 3D Comix Zone title could have worked on the Sega Dreamcast. On one hand seeing a 3D Comix Zone would have been interesting.

On the other hand having a Comix Zone game in 3D could of ended up being a disaster if Sega strayed to far away from the formula which made the 1995 title a success. A 2D sequel of Comix Zone would have definitely been something worth checking out on the Sega Dreamcast between the 1998-2000 time period. But as we all know Sega has shown hardly any interest whatsoever in turning Comix Zone into a series.

Phantasy Star II (1989) vs Shining Force II (1993) which RPG was more popular?

When it comes down to retro gaming in relation to the Sega Genesis the RPG was one that was no quite as popular on this 16-bit as it was to its competition known as the Super NES. During the early 90’s both Nintendo and Sega were very competitive with one another and its a known fact that RPG titles such as Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger and Earthbound were big during that time period. However, the Sega Genesis also had its share of 16 bit RPG classics such as Phantasy Star II along with Shining Force II. In terms of graphics both games looked very impressive. There were fans of the first Phantasy Star game which came out 1987 that were surprised by the fact that Phantasy Star II had diverted from the first person perspective in relation to monster battles while Sega decided to replace it with third person. Also, the third person perspective in relation to monster battles made Phantasy Star standout even more from other RPG’s like Final Fantasy I-III which were released for the NES between 1987-1990.

As far as Shining Force II was concerned it was also very unique tactical turn based RPG considering the fact that battles took place when players moved their characters around on square grids. The animation for the battles in Shining Force were also among the best that anyone would see in a RPG game back in the early 90’s. Both Phantasy Star II along with Shining Force II were among the best RPG titles to have ever appeared on the Sega Genesis. In terms of which game was more popular is questionable since they both seemed like they were on the same level. But some would probably give the edge to Phantasy Star II over Shining Force II since the Phantasy series was more popular in general.

Was Sonic Mania a better game than Sonic the Hedgehog 2?

When we think about popular 2D platform titles of the early 90’s the Somewhat the Hedgehog trilogy normally comes to mind. While its generally debatable on which game it of three was the successful many can agree that they were some of the best games the Sega had produced ever. Out of the 16 bit Sonic trilogy the second installment seems to standout a lot due to the fact that it was the game where the iconic duo Sonic & Tails became popular. In fact, a television show entitled the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was made and aired about a year after Sonic 2 was released for the Sega Genesis. There was no doubt Sonic 2 was one of the best platform games that Sega had ever made despite its level of difficulty towards the end.

Sonic Mania is a game that many people believe should have been released much sooner than it was. Ever since, last year Sonic Mania has managed to become one of the most popular 2D platform titles within the gaming world. Also, the graphics and the visuals for Sonic Mania are highly reminiscent of the older Sonic games from the early 90’s. Since its release back in the summer of last year the game has managed to sell over one million copies worldwide and was praised for its gameplay along having an outstanding soundtrack.

However, as popular as Sonic Mania is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was a classic and without it there there most likely would not be a Sonic Mania. In terms of quality Sonic Mania might be a superior game but retro gamers who are long time fans of the series would probably favor Sonic the Hedgehog 2 slightly more. However, Sonic Mania is basically the game that fans of the Sonic series had been waiting to see since 1994 so its very hard to choose one over the other.

Retro Gaming- Swords of Vermillion: (1989)

There were so many cool action RPG games that came out during the 16 bit era. However, when we look at memorable action RPG titles they generally were featured on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System opposed to the Mega Drive or the Sega Genesis. However, when it comes down to the Mega Drive/Genesis console one of the few action RPG titles that people remembers is Swords of Vermillion back in December of 1989.

Along with having an interesting plot where players have to free Vermillion from Darkness the game had some interesting features. An example, would be that players were able to play Swords of Vermillion from servers different views including Town, Battle, Boss and Dungeon which really made the game itself unique. As interesting as it was to see an action RPG title like Swords of Vermillion on the Genesis console some would probably question why the game never received a sequel despite being critically acclaimed by a few publications back in the early 90’s.