Was the Nintendo DS more popular than the N64?

Both the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 64 were memorable gaming systems that many people still cherish to this day.  While both the Nintendo DS and the N64 bring back a sense of nostalgia to retro gamers it would be tough for them to choose on which on was better over all.  In terms of sales the Nintendo DS managed to sell over 154 million units worldwide while the Nintendo 64 had managed to reach over 32 million.  

While the Nintendo DS sold more than the N64 its debatable on whether or not it was more popular.  When the N64 was first released in the mid 90’s it was very since it was the first ever 64-bit game console that the world has seen.  In terms of availability it seems like the Nintendo DS has been retail long along with the fact that the console had more games overall.  There games such as Super Mario 64, MRio Kart 64, GoldenEye 007, Zelda Majora’s Mask, Perfect Dark and others that sold millions on the N64.  But on the Nintendo DS we had titles such as Pok√©mon Diamond, Pearl, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Diamond along with Mario and Zelda games that people would spend their money on without thinking twice about it.  The fact companies such as Microsoft and Sony went beyond 128 bit gaming in the 00’s in some way made the 64 bit Nintendo DS very popular.  In fact the Nintendo DS sold more than the PSP did in the 00’s.

Will there ever be a sequel to the Killer Instinct game for the Xbox One?

Ever since, the Killer Instinct series made its return back the Fall of 2013 it has turned the heads of gamers who were fans of the series back in the 90’s when it was featured in game consoles such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Even though, the gameplay and mechanics that Double Helix Games had created for the latest Killer Instinct game was impressive the game did not sell a much as man people had hoped.

Some might argue that making Killer Instinct an Xbox One exclusive may have played a role on why the game did not do as well in terms of sales.  After when the Xbox One was first released in 2012 it was priced around $499 while the PS4 was $399.  Despite, Killer Instinct not doing to well in terms of sales if Double Helix Games ever decides to make a sequel it should be for multiple game consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc.

Could Final Fantasy Tactics A2 have sold more on the Nintendo Wii?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a decade since Final Fantasy Tactics A2 was released for the Nintendo DS.  Since its release back in 2007 Final Fantasy A2 has managed to sell at least three quarters of a million units worldwide.  As popular as the Nintendo DS was during the 00’s the Nintendo Wii seemed even more so.  There were so many big RPG titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy Crystal and others that could have easily overshadowed this game on the Nintendo Wii.  

However, when the original Final Fantasy Tactics game was first released in 1997 for the PS1 it managed to sell over 2 million units worldwide.  But since the Final Fantasy was still very big on the PS1 in the mid 90’s following the release of FFVII it probably made sense that the original FF Tactics game would do great in sales during that time period.  Many can agree that the Final Fantasy series has been more popular on PlayStation home based consoles then Nintendo during the 00’s.  If Final Fantasy Tactics A2 was released for the Nintendo Wii it would be hard to tell how well the game would have done overall in terms of sales.

Retro Gaming- Children of Mana: (2006)

As far as the JRPG genre is concerned the Mana series is probably one of the most recognizable considering the fact that it has been around since the early 90’s.  The Children of Mana was a game that had a good storyline which revolved around the Mana Lord who seemed like he was the main antagonist of the game.  Not only did the Mana Lord try to destroy the main character but he also captured a priestress named Tess after stealing the Sword of Mana.  

The interesting thing about the plot is that as the player progresses throughout the game they eventually learn that the Nana Lord had good intentions and that he was one of the children of Mana who had saved the world in the past.  The player also learn that Mana Lord’s life purpose was to fill the world with Mana while the other child was doing the opposite and bring destruction.  

While there are some unexpected plot twists and revelations that players discover throughout the game one them was that the Mana Lord suffered a tragic demise and eventually ended up taking his own life before giving the Sword of Mana to the hero who ends up defeating the Sciron of Mana.  Since its release for the Nintendo DS back in 2006 the Children of Mana had managed to sell close to half a million units worldwide worldwide which good considering the fact that series was not as popular 00’s in comparison to the early 90’s.  But as far as popularity is concerned the Mana will continue to be one of the most legendary JRPG series that the gaming world has seen.

Should Sonic Colors be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

 As many people are looking forward to the upcoming releases of Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces there have been online forums talking about whether or not Sonic Colors should be re-released for the Nintendo Switch.  When it comes down to 3D Sonic titles there have been some hits and missed over the past couple of years.  However, Sonic Colors was one of the most recent 3D games that many enjoyed for the Nintendo Wii.

Since its release back in Fall 2010 Sonic Colors has managed to close 2 million units worldwide.  Sonic Colors is definitely one of those platform games for the Wii that people would love to see for the Nintendo Switch.  However, if Sonic Colors is ever re-released for the Nintendo Switch it should probably take place sometime next year.  As cool as Sonic Colors was for the Nintendo Wii if the game is re-released in the near future it could possibly be overshadowed by titles such as Sonic Mania.

Did the N64 have better first person shooter games then the PS1?

When it comes down to first person shooter titles of the late 90’s and the 00’s there were many games for the PS1 and the Nintendo 64 that kept players on the edge of their seats.  However, in terms which console had better first person shooter titles some people are more inclined to agree the the Nintendo 64 had better games.  When it came down to best selling titles for the PS1 they mainly included third person action adventure titles such as Tomb Raider I & II. While the PS1 did have its fair share of first person shooter titles such as Quake II and Duke Nukem 3D those games pales in comparison to what the N64 had to offer in terms of graphics and gameplay.

For the Nintendo 64 we had games such as GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark which turned out to be two of the best titles to have ever been featured on that console.  Perfect Dark had managed to sell over 2 million units worldwide in the N64 while GoldenEye 007 had managed to hit over with million in terms of sales.  If anything the first person shooter genre was starting to gain momentum in terms of popularity in the late 90’s and early 00’s with N64 before games such as the Halo, Gears of War and the Unreal Tournament started to become a big deal.

Should Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins have been ported the SNES?

If you were a fan of the Mario series back in the 90’s then you already know how popular Super Mario Land: 6 Golden Coins was for Game Boy.  After this Super Mario Land was first released in 1992 many people were interested in this game mainly because it was very different from what we get in normal Mario games.  Super Mario Land: 6 Golden Coins saw the introduction of a new antagonist named Wario along with a plot that involving his role in placing a spell over Mario’s kingdom.

Ever since, Super Mario 2: 6 Golden Coins was released the title had managed to sell over 11 million units units worldwide which is amazing.  Not only was Super Mario 2: 6 Golden Coins available for the original Game Boy but it was also released for the Nintendo 3DS as well.  As good as this game was if Super Mario 2: 6 Golden Coins was released for the SNES it could have easily been overshadowed by Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars along with other big platform titles for the SNES in the early to mid 90’s.