Retro Gaming 00’s- Metroid Prime 3: Corruption: (2007)

When we think about some of the best non-Mario games to have been released for the Nintendo Wii between the mid-late 2000’s One of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. For those who do not know Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was a game developed by a Retro Games and published by Nintendo and released back in August 2007. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was considered to be the direct sequel to Metroid Prime 2: Echoes which was initially released for GameCube in 2005. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption sees the return of Dark Samus as the main protagonist while players control Samus while confronting Space Pirates while trying to avoid being controlled by the Phazon virus. Not only does Samus try to avoid being controlled by the Phazon she attempts to stop it from spreading to various different planets as well.

The visuals and gameplay for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was fantastic on the Nintendo Wii. While the controls for the game which included the Wii remote and nunchucks was a bit of challenge to some people it provided players with a more unique gaming experience than what they are generally used to. As far as sales are concerned the game managed to reach over one million copies in sales and while the MP3: Corruption was not quite as popular as the first Metroid Prime game its definitely a title that many people would not mind seeing on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. As it currently stands Retro Studios is currently working on Metroid Prime 4 which is expected to be released for the Switch console sometime between 2021-2022. When it comes down to top action-adventure titles for the Wii console during the late 00’s Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was definitely one of the top games for that console during that time period and is one that fans of the Metroid series should check out if they never had a chance to do so in the past.

Retro Games -Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight (1990)

When it comes down to NES classics from the 80’s games such as the Super Mario Bros Trilogy, Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania and many others are titles that instantly comes to mind. As far as forgotten and possibly underrated titles are concerned some would that games such as Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight would be one that fall within that category in relation to the NES back in the early 90’s. This game was basically a 80’s sci-fi spin-off of the 1987 Street Fighter game with Ken as the main character according to the English localization. While the game has a somewhat of a bizarre plot some would argue that Street Fighter 2010: Final Fight wS without a doubt one of the most hardest NES games from the 8-bit era along with the likes of the TMNT that came out in 1989.

While Street Fighter 2010: Final Fight was a solid yet nearly impossible platformer to beat it was a title that could have definitely been more popular than it was if it were released a few years earlier in the mid to late 80’s opposed to 1990. In fact, if Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight has been released for the SNES it could have possibly been more popular than it was especially since the 16-bit console was initially released that year and had more Super graphics than its 8-bit predecessor. While a direct sequel to Street Fighter 2010 would have her pretty cool its well known that in the early 90’s the Street Fighter II series became an arcade hit and eventually when on to become one of the most legendary fighting games of all-time.

Game Boy Color (1998) vs Nintendo Wii-U (2012) which console was more popular?

Nintendo has released many impressive video game systems for over the past three decades. When we think about some of Nintendo’s most popular video game consoles in general we think about the NES, SNES, Wii, Nintendo DS and most recently the Switch console. Game systems such as the Game Boy Advance along with the Wii-U are not quite as popular as the consoles just mentioned but people still had a lot of fun playing various different titles on both. While the Wii-U has some cool games such as Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Land, Super Mario Maker the console itself still managed to sell far less during the 10’s decade than Game Boy Color did during the late 90’s-early 00’s following its release in 1998.

While the Wii-U ended up selling less than 10 million units worldwide there is no question that the Game Boy along with Game Boy Color were far more popular especially since both ended up selling a combined total of over 118 million units altogether. With games such as Pokémon Gold & Silver which were both huge attractions during the early 00’s considering how popular the series was during the time there is no question that the Game Boy Color was a bigger deal than the Wii-U was despite being more inferior in quality. However, some might favor the Wii-U over Game Boy Color since its a console from a more recent generation.

A copy of Super Mario Bros for the NES sells for 100K!!!

As far as shocking news is concerned regarding the gaming world we have recently heard a few things especially from Nintendo within the past month or so. Along, with the announcement of the The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake and the upcoming release of Super Mario Maker 2 we have recently just learned that a first-run copy of the Super Mario Bros game from 1985 has been sold for $100,000. It may not come as a surprise to many people considering how legendary the original Super Mario Bros is. Since its initial release back in ’85 Super Mario Bros has managed to sell over 40 million copies worldwide and was the best selling game for the NES.

Super Mario Bros is still considered to be somewhat an attraction in relation to modern day gaming especially since it was the title that played a huge role on placing the platform genre of gaming on the map. The fact that the original Super Mario Bros for the game has that much value speaks volumes about the game itself and it looks like the value of the first-run copy of the classic NES will not decrease anytime soon.

The 20th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VIII!!!

As far as gaming is concerned today is a very special day especially for those who have been long time fans of the Final Fantasy series since the late 90’s. It was on February 11th back in 1999 where Final Fantasy VIII was released on the PS1. Final Fantasy VIII was the highly anticipated sequel of the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII game Square Enix released for the PS1 console that was released back in 1997. While Final Fantasy VII ended up becoming the second best selling PS1 title reaching over 9.7 million units worldwide Final Fantasy VIII was not quite as popular as its predecessor. However, Final Fantasy VIII was still very successful and managed to reach over 7.8 million units in sales on the PS1 while becoming the seventh best selling game on the 32-bit console during the late 90’s.

The multi-disk FFVIII game is one that many people have wanted to see receive an HD remake for two decades now and its uncertain on whether or not Square Enix plans on making it a reality. While a series of Final Fantasy games are expected to on the Nintendo Switch including FFVII, FFX, FF Crystal Chronicles and FFXII there has been no talk of FFVIII being ported to the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, Square Enix will do something special with Final Fantasy VIII within the next year or so especially since the demand of a remastered version of the game is high among those who are huge fans of the series in general.

Should Sonic Generations be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

When we think about popular yet underrated platform games that has been released throughout the 10’s decade one of the many games that instantly comes to mind is Sonic Generations which initially came out for the PlayStation 3 along with the Xbox 360 back in 2011. Not only did Sonic Generations reach close to 2 million units worldwide in sales but it was a blast to the past for people who were fans of older Sonic titles from the early 90’s but with a twist. The option playing as retro or modern day Sonic was something that fans of the series absolutely loved along with the inclusion of classic stages such as Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Stardust Speedway

While Sonic Generations might not be as much of an attraction as other platformers such as Super Mario Odyssey or Sonic Mania in relation to the Nintendo Switch it would still turn heads for those who huge fans of the Sonic series. But as it currently stands the next big Sonic game that is supposed to be released later this year is Team Sonic Racing which is coming up in May and it seems like the Generations game will not end up being ported for the Nintendo Switch any time soon.

Super Mario World (1991) vs Super Mario 3D World (2013) which game was more popular?

As far as platform related Nintendo games are concerned titles such as Super Mario World & Super Mario 3D World were both considered to be extraordinary titles following their respective releases. While Super Mario World was arguably the best 2D installment within the entire series Super Mario 3D World was quite possibly the best 3D game especially when it comes down to multiplayer gameplay. There is no question that Super Mario 3D World for the Wii-U was far more superior than Super Mario World for the SNES in relation to visuals and gameplay. But unfortunately Super Mario 3D World only sold about a third of what Super Mario World for the SNES did during its time in retail.

While Super Mario 3D World only managed to sell around 5.8 million copies worldwide the Super Mario World game from 1990 managed to sell over 20 million units worldwide. In fact, Super Mario World was literally the best selling video game for the SNES in general. Also, Super Mario World was eventually re-released for the Game Boy Advance back in the early 00’s as Super Mario Advance 2and managed to reach over 5.6 million units worldwide. There is almost no question that Super Mario World for the SNES was more popular than Super Mario 3D World and will most likely always be more iconic than the Wii-U game from 2013.