Will the exclusion of the VR feature hurt Final Fantasy XV?

As many of us have heard the Prompto VR Shooter mode will not be available for Final Fantasy XV.  Even though, Square Enix showcased this feature back in 2016 for whatever reason they decided not to move forward with the VR mode in FFXV.  However, in terms of sales without the Prompto VR mode Final Fantasy XV is still one of the most popular RPG titles in the gaming world right now.

On the PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy XV has managed to sell close to 5 million units worldwide and it seems like things are only going to improve as we move the year progresses.   As far as whether or not FFXV will be affected in terms of sales don’t seem like much of a question especially for PS4.

Should more PS4 games be ported to the PlayStation Vita?

When it comes down to the PlayStation Vita many people say that the handheld gaming console paled  in comparison to the likes of the Nintendo 3DS and the PSP.  But for some reason it seems like we don’t get the chance to see many PS4 games receive ports for the PlayStation Vita.  There are games such as Overwatch, Titanfall 2, Final Fantasy XV and many others that could turn the heads of gamers and make theme want to purchase the PlayStation Vita.

Also, having video game titles such as Final Fantasy XV and Overwatch ported for the PlayStation Vita could help the sales of the console as well since Nintendo 2DS & 3DS does not have the ability to play those type of games. There should definitely be more mainstream PS4 titles that should be ported for the PlayStation Vita unless Sony decides to release a new portable game console in the future.

Should the new Spider-Man game be ported for the Xbox One in 2018?

As far as action adventure titles are concerned one of the many titles that gamers are looking forward to is the new Spider-Man game which is expected to be released some time in early to mid 2018.  However, the new Spider-Man seems like it’s only going to be available for the PlayStation 4.  While this PS4 exclusive makes the new Spider-Man more desirable to own some are questioning why the game is only available for the PlayStation 4 and not the Xbox One.

In terms of pricing the Xbox One is much more affordable then it was a few years and people can by an Xbox One S for around $299 plus tax at stores such as GameStop.  Also, since the Xbox One X is expected to arrive in electronic retail stores in November 2017 it will be interesting to see if Insomniac Games decides to take steps in having the game ported for that console sometime in 2018.

Is Kickstarter breathing more life into the gaming industry?

When it comes down to brand new video games some of the most exciting titles that we have seen in the gaming industry happens to projects that are funded on Kickstarter.  Games such as Shenmue 3 is something that Sega fans have waited for since the early 00’s when Shenmue 2 was released for the Sega Dreamcast.  Kickstarter is s great platform for not only funding brand new games but also bringing classic game series from the 80’s, 90’s and the 00’s back to life.  

Speaking of new games Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night looks like a promising title which is supposed be similar to the Castlevania series.  Kickstarter can really make a huge difference in the gaming world in terms of reviving classic video game series along the development of new games that  will catch the eye of gamers who are looking for something different.  Some people have the power to bring back classic video game series that gaming companies have not through online funding which is something that was inconceivable back in the 90’s and for most of the 00’s. 

Will Sonic Mania sell more than any of the first three titles for the Sega Genesis?

It’s hard to say right now how well Sonic Mania will do in terms of sales for game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation 4.  Back when Sonic the Hedgehog was released for the 16 bit Sega Genesis consoles in the early 90’s the series ended up becoming one of the regards to platform games during the 90’s.  However, the landscape of gaming has changed dramatically since then.  
The idea of using 16 bit like graphics for the Sonic Mania is something that would definitely appeal to retro gamers along with modern day gamers who missed out on how exciting 2D platform titles were back then.  In terms of popularity the Sonic the Hedgehog series has never been quite the the same as it was back in the 90’s.  However, Sonic Mania can play a significant role in revitalizing the series overall since some of the 2D titles are considered to be more popular then some of the more recent 3D games in the series.  

Will Dragon Quest XI be a success in America?

Since Dragon Quest XI was released in late July of 2017 it has quickly become one of the best selling games for the PlayStation 4 in Japan.  Dragon Quest XI had retails over 2 million units worldwide within 48 hours after its release and has sold at least 3 million units overall.  Keep in mind that Dragon Quest XI was released for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS.  The fact that Dragon Quest XI was such s huge success in Japan may not come as a surprise to many people especially since many fans of the series have been waiting for this game since 2012.

Dragon Quest XI is set to be released in America sometime in 2018 and there are many people wondering how well the game will do in sales.  In America shooter based video games along with RPG’s are both popular genres that people love to buy especially for the PS4 and Xbox One.  Sometime between 2017-2018 Dragon Quest XI is expected to be ported for the Nintendo Switch.  Since the Nintendo Switch has done great in sales in America Dragon Quest XI would be a role playing game will generate the interest of people who own the console.  

Should King of Fighters XIV be ported for the Xbox One?

The fact that King of Fighters XIV was never ported for the Xbox One might be something that may have surprised people who have been fans of the series for years.  After all we got titles such as King of Fighters XIII, King of Fighters XII and The King of Fighters 2002 which were featured on Xbox based consoles.  King of Fighters XIV has been out since August 2016 and even though its a solid fighting title some might argue that the game did not sell as much as people expected.

If King of Fighters XIV was released for the Xbox One it probably would not have done any better then the PS4 version of the game.  In terms of gaming in relation to  PS4 and the Xbox One the most popular genres out the right now includes RPG and shooter titles.  If King of Fighters XIV was released for the Nintendo Switch it would probably stand out more right now considering the fact that there aren’t to many fighting titles for that console right now.