Was Killer Instinct Gold overlooked on the N64? 

When we think about head to head fighting games from the 90’s we think about Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter Alpha series and others.  However, a majority of these fighting games were released on the PS1 or the Sega Dreamcast back in the 90’s.  For the N64 we did not get to many memorable head to head fighting titles maybe with the exception of Mortal Kombat 4 and Killer Instinct Gold.

As cool as Killer Instinct Gold was for the Nintendo 64 the game could have gained more recognition and sold more worldwide if it started off in arcade centers first.  However, the popularity slowly started to decline following the early 90’s due to the fighting genre becoming more competitive at the time in terms of gaming.  Even though, the game had 3D backgrounds and stages it still had 2D gameplay.  If Rare had decided to make a fully 3D Killer Instinct game for the N64 it would have been interesting to see how well it would have done in terms of sales.


Was the Gran Turismo Sport bundle for the PS4 a good idea?

As many of us know Gran Turismo Sport will be available in gaming and electronic stores in many countries on October 19th.  While many long time fans of the Gran Turismo series are excited for the long awaited release of GT Sport there are some who questioned the decision that Sony Interactive Entertainment Taiwan had made in terms of releasing the bundle for an outrageous price.  

The GT Sport bundle had included a PS4, PSVR headset along with an actual 2018 Mazda MX-5 along with other accessories which was priced at $46,000.  Even though, the Gran Turismo Sport bundle was out  for a limited time along having only one available the price seemed ridiculous unless one was actually looking for a brand new 2018 car for a decent price.

Will BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle have more success on the Nintendo Switch or the PS4?

As many people know we have another crossover tag battle game to look forward to besides Dragon Ball FighterZ entitled BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle in 2018.  BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle will be developed by Arc Work Systems and will feature 2D two on two tag team gameplay with many interesting characters such as Jin Kisarigi, Rachael Alucard, Hazama and others.  

As excited as many are for this upcoming BlazeBlue title many are wondering which version of the game will end up selling more between the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch:  While the PS4 version of the game may have better graphics BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle is less likely to be overshadowed by RPG and first or third person shooter titles.  Also, the fact that Marvel can Capcom Infinite was released for the PS4 a few weeks ago on the PS4 could most likely affect how much BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle would do on the PS4 in terms of sales.  

Will we ever see a Marvel vs DC game? 

Over the years we have seen many cool crossover over video games that featured the Marvel vs Capcom series along with games such as Tekken vs Street Fighter, J Stars Victory VS along with many other 2D and 3D titles for various game systems including PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and others.  While the Marvel vs Capcom series has been quite impressive for over the past decade many people are interested in seeing a Marvel vs DC title in the future. 

A Marvel vs DC Universe game would defy turn the heads of many people who are long time fans of the older games and the comic book series for the past couple of decades.  While the idea of developing a Marvel vs DC Universe game sounds great in theory it would be hard to imagine how it would play out in practice. Multiple things would have to be taken into consideration when developing a Marvel vs DC Universe game such as the plot, characters included along with many other things.  As of right now a Marvel vs DC game is unlikely to happen in the near future but it would definitely be something that millions of gamers would pay to see.  

Is the SNES Classic a bigger success than the Nintendo Switch?

Ever since the SNES Classic was released in late September of 2017 the retro based game console had managed to exceed the expectations of many worldwide in terms of sales.  It has been reported that the SNEE Classic has managed to sell over 368,000 within the first four days of its release which is more than the Nintendo Switch has done in a week during its first week.  

The Nintendo Switch had only managed to sell over 330,000 units worldwide during its first week following its release in early March 2017 and has now reached over 2.5 million units in terms of worldwide sales.  If anything the nostalgia of retro video game titles may have played a significant factor in the SNES Classic selling more than the Nintendo Switch.  

Not only were many old school games attracted to the SNES Classic but the console featured classics such as Mega Man X, Star Fox, F-Zero, Secret of Mana and others for on $80 plus tax.   Also, most of the games on the SNES Classic are often hard to find in used video game stores in general which usually forces people to buy these titles on eBay or Amazon.  As of right now it’s a little tough to predict how much the SNES will sell worldwide within a year.  But at the current rate that the SNES Classic is flying off the shelfs in electronic retail stores cross countries like Japan and America it would be safe to expect at least one million units worldwide before September 2018.  

Should there a Rock Band game for the Nintendo Switch?

When it comes down to the musical genre of gaming Rock Band is one of the most popular video game industry next to the likes of Guitar Hero and Just Dance. While many people have been waiting for a new Guitar Hero game for quite some time there have been just as many people who want to see a Rock Band 5.  In terms of popularity the Rock Band series has arguably declined in popularity.

When Rock Band 4 was released back in October 2015 the game failed to sell over one million units worldwide on the Xbox One and the PS4 separately.  If we were to get a Rock Band 5 on the Nintendo Switch the key issues would be on whether or not the developers can make it work and whether or not there are any special features that would separate this game from Rock Band 4.  As of right now it’s probably to soon for a Rock Band 5 since it has been about two years the release of Rock Band 4.  But if there is a Rock Band 5 for the Switch console in the future it would be interesting to see how things would play out on the hybrid console.  

Would Marvel vs Capcom Infinite be considered a success?

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is a game that many people have waited for since the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3 back in 2011.  Ever since Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was released back in late September the game has received positive reviews for its visuals,  crossover gameplay and story mode.  However, the game has been criticized by some for its roster.

In top of that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was unable to reach the top 10 in terms of best selling games during the week of its release in the UK. While Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is a game that considered to be a blast for those who have been long time fans of the series some would argue that the game pales in comparison to Marvel vs Capcom 3. 

 The exclusion of three on three battles in Marvel be Capcom Infinite definitely worked against the overall quality of the game because it felt like a step backwards in comparison to Marvel vs Capcom 3.  While Marvel vs Capcom 3 was an awesome crossover game back in 2011 it was pretty tough to develop a title that could top it.  Even though, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite did not live up to the expectations of some fans of the series it’s still a solid crossover fighting game overall.