Should Bloodborne be ported for the Nintendo Switch?


Back in the Spring of 2015 the original Bloodborne game was released exclusively for the PS4.  When it comes down to various aspects of the game including the inclusion of a good story, graphics and in game mechanics it they were all qualities that many people found appealing.  Since its release back in March 2015 Bloodborne had managed to sell over 2 million units worldwide and is arguably considered to be in the top ten as far as best action titles are concerned.

bloodborne (1).jpg

Even though, Blodborne was very popular back in 2015 it was made exclusively for the PS4 .  There are some people wonder whether or not Bloodborne could work for the Nintendo Switch if FromSoftware had any plans to bring the game to the hybrid console.  After all, we did get to see other great games such as Skyrim and even Doom on the Nintendo Switch and the quality of each game on the hybrid console had exceeded the expectations of many people.  Since the Nintendo Switch is arguably at the peak of its popularity bring a game such as Bloodborne to the hybrid console would definitely turn heads in the gaming world


Should Hyrule Warriors be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

Hyrule Warrior

Many people remember when Zelda Hyrule Warriors was released for the Nintendo Wii-U back 2014.  Since its release on the Nintendo Wii U Hyrule Warriors had managed so sell over one million units worldwide before it was ported for the Nintendo 3DS during the Nintendo 3DS in the spring of 2016. Even though, the Nintendo 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors did not sell quite as much as the Wii-U port it was still a pretty 3D cool hack and slash that many people would like to see ported for the Nintendo Switch.  However, since Hyrule Warriors is already available on the Nintendo 3DS there are some who would argue that porting the game for the Nintendo Switch would not make any sense at all.


Also, when it comes down to Zelda series the main title that is currently in the spotlight as of right now is Breath of the Wild which was released for the Nintendo Switch back in March 2017.  While Hyrule Warriors may have been a fun title for the Wii-U and the Nintendo 3DS its not quite as popular as Zelda: Twilight Princess or even Skyward Sword.  Besides would be much cheaper to simply buy the game for the Nintendo 3DS or the Wii-U since both consoles are not as expensive as they were a few years ago.

Should Killer Instinct have been released for the Wii-U in 2013?

It was quite surprising to see another Killer Instinct game in the early 10’s considering the fact that the popularity of the series  had declined following the 90’s.  After the Killer Instinct series became very popular in arcade centers the very first game was ported for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the summer of 1995. We also got the chance to see Killer Instinct Gold for the Nintendo 64 in the fall of 1996 and despite not selling as much as the first game on the SNES it still came close to selling over one million units worldwide.  

The Killer Instinct game that was released exclusively for the Xbox One in 2013 did not do so well in sales quite possibly because the console itself was too expensive since the price averaged around $499 during that time period.  Even though, Wii-U was considered to be a commercial failure by many people in the gaming world Killer Instinct could have definitely stood out more on that console than it would have the Xbox One.  

Will we ever see a Little Big Planet 4?

The Little Big Planet series has been around since 2008 and has managed to impress many people since it first started.  Ever since the very first Little Big Planet game was released in 2008 it had managed to sell over 5 million units worldwide.  The latest game in the series Little Big Planet 3 had managed to around 2 million units worldwide on the PS4 indicating that the series as a whole is still very popular.

As of right now Sumo Digital has not revealed any plans in regards to a potential release of Little Big Planet 4 which is understandable since Little Big Planet 3 is only about three years old.  But as far as the puzzle sandbox genre is concerned the Little Big Planet series is something that many people would love to see continue in the near future.

Should Splatoon 1 be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

As many of us know Splatoon 2 is currently one of the most popular games for the Nintendo Switch right now.  However, the original Splatoon game that was released in the Spring of 2015 is only featured for the Nintendo Wii-U.  The original Splatoon game had managed to sell over four million units worldwide since its release and would be popular one of the most popular titles on the Wii-U.

As of right now the sequel Splatoon 2 is very popular and could easily overshadow the original game.  But then again for people who are new to the Splatoon series and never owned a Wii-U or played the original game it’s unfair them since they will never have a chance to play the game that started it all.

Should Sonic Mania have been released for the Wii-U?

Sonic Mania is quite possibly the most popular Sonic game that the gaming world has seen a very long time.  Considering the fact that the Wii-U was discontinued earlier this year it would not have made to much sense to have Sonic Mania ported for that console at all.  In fact Sonic Mania is one of the many titles that would make people consider buying the Nintendo Switch.

The  Nintendo Switch can also be utilized as a handheld console which makes it stand out from the Nintendo Wii. Since the Wii-U paled in comparison to sales for the PS4 and the Xbox One having Sonic Mania on the Wii-U would not have been as big as having it on the Nintendo Switch.

Does Castlevania: Symphony of the Night deserve an HD Remake?

When it comes down to retro games Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is considered to be a classic.  Symphony of the Night is a game that deserved a remake for a very long time. Seeing this game on the Switch would be interesting especially since Bloodstained Ritual of the Night will on that console as well.  

But an HD remake of this would probably better off on the PS4 opposed to the Switch since Sympony of the Night started off on the PS1.