Could Final Fantasy 4-6 have worked on the Neo Geo back in the 90’s?

Its quite interesting that the Neo Geo does not get talked about as much in this day and age as it should.  When it comes down to game consoles that produced amazing high quality 2D gameplay the Neo Geo was one of the top systems of the 90’s.  However, when it comes down to 2D games for the Neo Geo the fighting titles such as the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series generally stand out more. While Square was mainly making games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System there was no doubt that the Neo Geo had superior 2D graphics and quality overall.  However, the Neo Geo was not as popular as the Super Nintendo or even the Sega Genesis was in North America back in the early 90’s.

Also, the Neo Geo was simply to expensive following its release since it was priced at $649 when it first came out back in 1990.  When it came down to role playing genre of gaming the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which was also released n 1990 for a reasonable price of $199  it was probably better for Final Fantasy 4-6 in the long run.  When Final Fantasy I-III was released on the NES between 1987-1990 they were considered to be popular RPG titles for the 8 bit console and having 4-6 on the SNES made more sense than being on the Sega Genesis or the Neo Geo.


F-Zero GX (2003) vs Sonic Riders (2006) which game had more success?

When it comes down to racing titles of the 00’s both F-Zero GX and Sonic Riders that caught the attention of most gamers besides the Gran Turismo series. F-Zero GX was the long awaited sequel of F-Zero X which was released for the N64 back in 1998. Ever since F-Zero GX was released for the Nintendo GameCube it was seen by fans and critics alike as arguably the best racing title for that console in 2003. F-Zero GX being seen as one of the best racing title of 2003 says a lot especially since Mario Kart: Double Dash was released a few months later for the Nintendo GameCube in November.

Sonic Riders in the other hand was released for multiple game consoles including PS2, GameCube and Xbox back in 2006. The story for Sonic Riders along with the graphics, gameplay and soundtrack was pretty cool. In the early 00’s nobody expected to see a game like Sonic Riders from Sega at the time which made it somewhat memorable. In terms of quality many would probably give F-Zero GX the slight edge over Sonic Riders as a racing game overall.

Metroid 64 vs Earthbound 64 which unreleased game for the N64 was a bigger deal?


When it comes down to video games from the 90’s we got to see plenty of great titles on the N64 such Super Mario 64, Banjo Koozie, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and many more.  While the Mario and Zelda series were btoh big on the NES along with the SNES we got to see brand new games featured on the Nintendo 64.  Seeing how successful both Earthbound and Super Metroid was for the SNES many peope were hoping that they would eventually see Metroid and Earthbound on the Nintendo 64 as well.   Unfortunately, neither Metroid or the Earthbound series never had a game on the N64 despite how popular they both were on the SNES.

earthbound (1).jpg

Following the success of Super Metroid in 1994 one of the biggest games in the series that Nintendo gave us was Metroid Prime which was eventually released for the Nintendo GameCube back in 2002.  Also, Mother 3 ended up being  developed by 1-UP Studio & HAL Laboratory and released exclusively in Japan for the Game Boy Advance back in 2006.  The fact that Metroid Prime appeared on the GameCube in 2002 made the game even more enjoyable considering the fact that it was the first major game in the series since the early 90’s.  As an action adventure game Metroid Prime was seen as one of the best by numerous gaming publications in 2002.  If anything Nintendo waiting to release a Metroid title for the GameCube console and skipping the N64 was a good decision in the long run.   While Earthbound 64 was a title that many people wanted to see the designers of the game considered it to be a very difficult task which let to the game being cancelled altogether by the developers who worked on the game.  In terms of which titles many people would have preferred to see on the N64 between Metroid 64 and Earthbound 64 is debatable.  However, some would probably give the edge to Earthbound 64 on being the biggest game to never have made it to the N64 since the idea of developing a Metroid 64 was never but into practice by Nintendo or any other video game companies.

Super Metroid (1994) vs Super Castlevania (1991) which game was more popular on the SNES?

Super Metroid (2).png

When it comes down to video games from the early 90’s both Super Metroid and Super Castlevania IV were two of the most memorable titles that many people have seen on the SNES.  Back in the early 90’s both Super Metroid and Super Castlevania IV were two of Konami’s most popular games for the SNES and its generally debatable on which tiltle was more popular or had a higher replay value.  While the story along with the visual and graphics for Super Metroid impressed many people the game also had a pretty good story the game had reportedly sold at least 1.4 million units worldwide.  Super Metroid was arguably the best action-adventure to have been released on the SNES and did not receive a home console sequel until Metroid Prime was released in 2002.

Super Castlevania IV.jpg

‘Super Castlevania IV was considered to be an action platform game which many people also found impressive.   While Super Castlevania was a game that had impressive visuals and utilized Mode 7 it was also very challenging since players were expected to complete 11 stages starting the game off with only three lives.  Even though Super Castlevania IV was critically acclaimed the game did not sell quite as much as Super Metroid.  Since its release in the later part of 1991 the game had managed to sell a little over 500,000 units worldwide.  Despite, not selling as much as Super Metroid there is no doubut that Super Castlevania IV is a memorable classic for the SNES that is generally hard to find in used game stores today.  In terms of which Konami game was more popular back in the early 90’s for the SNES some people would probably give Super Metroid the slight edge over Super Castlevania IV.

Super Toy Cars comes to the Nintendo Switch

As many people know Super Toy Cars developed by Eclipse Games will be care will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. As of right now Super Toy Cars is scheduled to be released for the Switch console on March 2nd and will allow up to 4 players. The cool thing about Super Toy Cars is that even though it’s kid friendly it has game modes such as Career which makes the game itself feel more realistic.

On top of that characters will be able to choose from over 15 different cars and multiple tracks that players can choose to race on through the game. As far as the racing genre is concerned Super Toy Cars is definitely a game that Switch owners can look forward to in March 2018.

Should the Wii-U version of Smash Bros be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

Since 2014, the world has been waiting for another Super Smash Bros game. When the Nintendo Switch was first released in March 2017 many have been expecting a Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. As of right now Nintendo has not made any announcement about any upcoming Super Smash Bros games for the Switch console.

However, that does not mean we cannot have Super Smash Bros Wii-U for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Many people are dying to see a Smash Bros game for the Switch console and while Nintendo is working on a sequel they can throw Switch owners a bone and give them the Wii version for now. After all, the Super Smash Bros for the Wii-U did manage to sell over 5 million units and was considered a huge success commercially. As of right now, having Super Smash Bros for the Wii-U on the Nintendo Switch sounds like a pretty cool idea.

Upcoming Games- Shining Resonance Refrain: (2018)

One of the many upcoming RPG titles that will be appearing on the Nintendo Switch is Shining Resonance Refrain developed and published by Sega. Shining Resonance Refrain is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the second or third quarter of 2018. Back in 2014, the original version of this game was released exclusively in Japan for the PS3 and was simply called “Shining Resonance”.

Ever since, Shining Resonance was released for the PS3 many people have wanted to see the game ported for the PS4. The fact that we are going to see Shining Resonance on both the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch awesome considering the fact that the series itself is legendary. Also, Shining Resonance Refrain will be the first game in the entire series to be featured on the Switch console as well.