Sega reveals ten additional titles for Mini Mega Drive console!!!

As far as upcoming games is concerned many people are looking forward to the future release of the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini which is currently scheduled to appear in retail in Fall 2019. While many people have been excited about Sega’s upcoming Mini console since 2018 there had been a ton of speculation about what games would appear on the retro-based 16-bit console. As far as classic 16-bit titles are concerned Sega had recently revealed an additional list of games including Mega Man: Willy Wars, Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, Phantasy Star IV, Beyond Oasis, Sonic Spinball, Ghouls n’ Ghosts, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Vectorman, Golden Axe along with Wonder Boy in Monster World. These games will definitely be attractions for the Sega Mega Drive Mini especially Mega Man: Willy Wars since many people in America never got a chance to play during the mid 90’s.

As far as whether or not the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini will have much success as the SNES Classic remains to be seen. Since its release back in late-September 2017 the SNES Classic managed to reach roughly over 5 million units in worldwide sales and is still considered an attraction among gamers to this day. The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini will be priced $79.99 in America and £69.99 in the United Kingdom when it appears in retail in Fall 2019. It will be interesting to see how much of a success the retro 16-bit Mini console becomes following its upcoming release.

The Sega Saturn becomes 24 years old in America!!!!

There is no question that the Sega Saturn was one of the most underrated game consoles of America back in the 90’s. Sometimes its hard to believe that on May 11th of 1995 the Sega Saturn had appeared in North America after it was initially released in Japan in November 1994. Despite, the fact that the Sega Saturn was a 32-bit console like Sony’s PS1 console that also came out in ’94 within Japan it was seemingly overshadowed between ’95-’98. Even though, the Saturn was not Sega’s most popular game console it still managed to reach close to ten million in sales before its was ultimately discontinued in 2000. There were titles such as Nights Into Dreams (1996), Shining Force III (1997), Panzer Dragoon Saga (1998) and others that looked like they had the potential to be more successful then they were following their respective releases.

Unfortunately, the competition in America started to become more stiff because the Sega Saturn had to compete not only with Sony’s PS1 but also against Nintendo’s N64 console which appeared in the United States in September ’96. While Sega May have fell behind both Sony and Nintendo during the mid to late 90’s in relation to the console wars the Saturn console is still one that retro gamers still like to talk about to this day. Its also possible that the Sega Saturn could have been more successful had games like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi had appeared on the 32 bit console especially since they were considered to be big attractions for the Sega Dreamcast between ’98-’00. Either way, it’s pretty cool that the Sega Saturn has become 24 years old in America and hopefully we can get HD remakes of titles that appeared on that console during the mid 90’s.

Ducktales (1989) vs Darkwing Duck (1992) which NES game was better?

As far as classic non-Mario platform games are concerned we got to see several cool titles for the NES during the 80’s and early 90’s. As far as games that stand out both Ducktales and Darkwing Duck both stand out mainly because of the popularity that both television series had back then. While NES platform games are well known for their notorious levels difficultly there were still many people who enjoy both Ducktales and Darkwing Duck on the 8-bit NES console. The Ducktales television series was popular among children after it started back in 1987. Scrooge McDuck who was the main character in Ducktales was known to be very wealthy and normally took part in numerous adventures to further increase his monetary status while serving as a caretaker of his three nephews. While the NES Ducktales is based off of the television series there are many people who would argue that the game is just as good if not better. The stages in Ducktales were challenging and the soundtracks were decent especially the “Moon” theme which is considered to be legendary.

Despite, how popular Darkwing Duck was after the series first premiered in Fall 1991 was a game that was not released for the Super NES which came out in 1990. By the early 90’s the NES console was starting to become old and more people began turning to 16-bit gaming on consoles such as the Super Nintendo along with the Sega Genesis. Darkwing Duck for the NES was cool especially considering the Mega Man vibes it give off allowing players to choose what stages they wanted complete first. Also, the ability to unlock various weapons throughout the game made Darkwing Duck somewhat similar the NES MegaMan games which made players really got into. Even though, the NES Darkwing Duck game May have had better visuals many would probably argue that the Ducktales title from ’89 was more popular overall due to the success of the series between the late 80’s-early 90’s. While Darkwing Duck is also considered to be an iconic kids show that was just as big as Ducktales the game itself is generally overlooked due to the growing popularity of more advanced game systems of the early 90’s.

Tekken 2 (1995) vs Soul Caliber (1998) which game was more successful?

When we think about arcade classics within the fighting genre that were popular during the 90’s there various titles that comes to mind including the Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, Tekken and the Soul Calibur series. While the Tekken series was staring to be come big in arcade centers following its release in December ’94 it seemed like the first three titles within the series was more popular on the PS1 than arcade centers especially in America. The soundtracks along with the 3D gameplay and graphics for each Tekken game were very impressive during the mid to late 90’s. However, many people would argue that the original Soul Calibur game from ’98 had more superior visuals than the first three Tekken titles. Also, it seemed like the gameplay for Soul Caliber 1 was more faced paced than the three Tekken games.

The Soul series had introduced iconic characters such as Sophita, Ivy, Nightmare and Siegfried and others. While Tekken has its fair share of top characters such as Nina Williams, Heihachi Mishimaand Kazuya Mishima there are many people who would be inclined to agree that the series as a whole was bigger than Soul Calibur in general during the 90’s and the 00’s. While Tekken 2 was critically acclaimed following its release and was seen as the best 3D fighting of ’96 by gaming entities such as GamePro and Electronic Gaming Monthly. Also, Sony’s PS1 was more successful than Sega’s Dreamcast console was during the late 90’s; there is almost no question that Tekken 2 was more successful than Soul Calibur was during the late 90’s.

Fatal Fury Special (1993) vs King Of Fighters ‘98 (1998) which game was more popular?

There were so many cool fighting games that came out back in the 90’s that were considered to be very popular including the Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken series. Back in the 90’s 2D fighting titles were considered to be big attractions in arcade centers. However, there are many people who would probably agree that a lot of SNK’s fighting titles were overlooked back in 90’s such as Fatal Fury (1991), Fatal Fury 2 (1993), King of Fighters ’94 (1994) and a few others. While SNK has produced many solid fighting games during the 1990’s decade games like Fatal Fury: Special along with King of Fighters ’98 were considered to be among the best that the company has ever developed.

While many people are divided on which game was more popular in arcade centers following their respective releases some would probably choose King Of Fighters ’98 over Fatal Fury: Special. King Of Fighters ’98 was arguably the best 2D fighting game of the 90’s decade with highly refined graphics in comparison to its predecessors dating back to 1994. The roster for King Of Fighters ’98 was robust with the inclusion of characters such as Ryo Sakazaki, Joe Higashi, Mai Shiranui, Kyo Kusanagi and others which became an arcade smash hit before it was ported to console such as Neo Geo, PS1 and Sega Dreamcast between 1998-1999. While King Of Fighters ’98 is considered to be a classic it remained a Japanese exclusive following its release back in the Summer of ’98 and did not come to America until it appeared on Dreamcast in the Fall of ’99.

As popular as KOF ’98 was during the late 90’s the game could have easily been overshadowed by titles such as Street Fighter: Alpha 3 (1998) and Marvel vs Capcom (1999) in America. Also, you had the growing popularity of 3D fighting games such Tekken 3 (1997) and Soul Calibur (1998) which were also very big in the United States back in the late 90’s. As competition grew within the fighting genre of gaming SNK seemed to have been unfortunately overlooked which is probably while King Of Fighters ’98 was not as popular as it should of been back in the day.

Retro Gaming 90’s- X-Men vs Street Fighter: (1996)

When we think about some of the greatest crossover fighting video games from the 90’s decade one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is X-Men vs Street Fighter. After X-Men vs Street Fighter appeared in arcade centers during the later part of 1996 many people were blown away by the Capcom’s game especially since it seemed like something that nobody expected at the time. It was no secret that the Street Fighter series was extremely popular following the initial release of SF II back in ’91. Also, X-Men has seemed like it was just as popular as the Street Fighter series considering how successful the 1992 animated series had become along with the series of video games we got to see during the early to mid 90’s.

We got see games such as X-Men Arcade (1992), X-Men Mutant Apocalypse (1994) along with X-Men: Children Of The Atom (1994) which were considered to be very good games prior to the release of X-Men vs Street Fighter in ’96. While Street Fighter Alpha 2 which also came out in ’96 was considered to be one of the best fighting games of that year X-Men vs Street Fighter took the gameplay to whole another level. X-Men vs Street Fighter had characters such as Ryu, Wolverine, Ken, Cyclops, Storm, Chun-Li, Rouge, Magento, Gambit, Cammy White, M. Bison along with having Apocalypse as a boss character. X-Men vs Street Fighter was probably one of the first major crossover fighting games that the gaming world had seen at the time and it eventually lead to the creation of the Marvel vs Capcom series which began back in 1999.

The arcade & Sega Saturn versions of X-Men Street Fighter were considered to be masterpieces the PS1 port that came out in ’98 was generally criticized due to the limitations of 32-bit console. While the PS1 version of X-Men vs Street Fighter had a crossover mode players were limited to mirror matches which ultimately ended up detracting from the overall quality of the game itself. Despite, the inferiority if the PS1 version of X-Men vs Street Fighter the arcade version was great. Players could perform special attacks, double team special attacks and numerous partner assists throughout each battle until there was one team left standing. As an arcade classic X-Men vs Street Fighter will never get old to retro gamers who were huge fans of 2D fighting games during the mid to late 90’s.

The 20th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VIII!!!

As far as gaming is concerned today is a very special day especially for those who have been long time fans of the Final Fantasy series since the late 90’s. It was on February 11th back in 1999 where Final Fantasy VIII was released on the PS1. Final Fantasy VIII was the highly anticipated sequel of the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII game Square Enix released for the PS1 console that was released back in 1997. While Final Fantasy VII ended up becoming the second best selling PS1 title reaching over 9.7 million units worldwide Final Fantasy VIII was not quite as popular as its predecessor. However, Final Fantasy VIII was still very successful and managed to reach over 7.8 million units in sales on the PS1 while becoming the seventh best selling game on the 32-bit console during the late 90’s.

The multi-disk FFVIII game is one that many people have wanted to see receive an HD remake for two decades now and its uncertain on whether or not Square Enix plans on making it a reality. While a series of Final Fantasy games are expected to on the Nintendo Switch including FFVII, FFX, FF Crystal Chronicles and FFXII there has been no talk of FFVIII being ported to the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, Square Enix will do something special with Final Fantasy VIII within the next year or so especially since the demand of a remastered version of the game is high among those who are huge fans of the series in general.