Upcoming Games- Xenon Racer: (2019)

As far as upcoming games in relation to this year is concerned there are so many titles that many people are looking forward to seeing on various different game consoles. For the Nintendo Switch one of the few video games that has recently been confirmed for a upcoming release this Spring is a futuristic racing title called Xenon Racer. For those who do not know Xenon Racer is a game developed by 3DClouds and published by SOEDESCO and the gameplay looks and resembles the likes of popular futuristic racing titles such as F-Zero and Fast RMX. The setting of Xenon Racer takes place in the near future of 2030 where racers compete against one another in a tournament using electric vehicles.

Xenon Racer is expected to appear on multiple game consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and the Nintendo Switch in March 26th. As a racing game Xenon Racer has the potential to become one of the top games within its genre in relation to 2019. It will be interesting to see how much Xenon Racer sells following its release and whether or not it will surpass the likes of V-Rally 4 in popular this year.

Will video game consoles be obsolete before 2030?

As many people know in relation to video games it seems like streaming is starting to become more popular as time progresses. There has been speculation about the Xbox One X being Microsoft’s last game system along with hints of Nintendo moving away from console in order to emphasize streaming services as mentioned by the company’s President Shuntaro Furukawa earlier this month in an interview. While game consoles are still very exciting to have mobile gaming on devices such as IPhones and IPads have definitely become very popular throughout the 10’s decade and looks like a trend that will continue throughout the 2020’s decade as well. To say that game consoles will become obsolete altogether before 2030 is a bold statement especially since Sony is coming out with the PlayStation 5 very soon which will last throughout a majority of the 2020’s decade.

As likely as it may seem there is a possibility that the console wars between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo can potentially continue past 2030. However, the year 2030 is about eleven years from now and its possible that anything could happen from companies no longer producing consoles to making game systems which will not require physical CD’s or cartridges in favor of streaming.

Upcoming Games- The Forgotten City: (2019)

There are so many cool games that the world is looking forward to seeing as we start of 2019. One of the many titles that gamers should look forward to is one developed by Modern Storyteller is entitled the Forgotten City which is supposed to be released sometime this year for Microsoft Windows on Steam. For those who are unaware the Forgotten City was a popular Skyrim quest mod several years ago which was used as inspiration to create this upcoming game. Forgotten City is a time travel murder-mystery game were the setting takes place in a deep underground Ancient Roman mythological city.

In this game players discover a group of explorers who are dead due to the fact that one of them broke a mysterious law. Players will eventually discover a portal to the past that will allow them to either change history and save the lives of the explorers versus doing nothing and letting them perish. As it currently stands we have no idea on whether or not The Forgotten City will eventually appear on the PS4, Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch this year; but there is no doubt that this game will definitely end up becoming an attraction on Steam for Microsoft Windows in 2019.

Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age confirmed for Switch release in April 2019!!!

As far as upcoming releases in relation to this year are concerned there are many titles that many people are looking forward to seeing on the Nintendo Switch such as the series of Final Fantasy games that Square Enix has promised to bring to the hybrid console. It should be noted that it has recently been announced that Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has been confirmed to appear on the Nintendo Switch this upcoming April on the 30th. For those who do not know Final Fantasy XII: was originally released back in 2006 for the PlayStation 2 before the remastered “Zodiac Age” version of the game appeared on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One during in 2017.

The PS2 version of Final Fantasy XII had reportedly managed to sell at least 6 million copies worldwide since its ’06 release and is arguably considered to be best FF game of the 00’s decade. Also, the PS4 remastered version of Final Fantasy XII has managed to reach at least one million copies in worldwide sales which shows how popular the game remains in this day and age. There is no question that Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age will definitely be a huge attraction on the Nintendo Switch as a solid RPG especially since the hybrid console is lacking many strong titles within that genre right now.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 confirmed for Nintendo Switch in April 2019!!!

As many people know it was confirmed back in 2018 that multiple Final Fantasy games were set to appear on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year. In fact Final Fantasy X/X-2 was one of those games that has been confirmed for this year and it has been recently revealed that its set to appear on the Nintendo Switch on April 16th. For those who do not know Final Fantasy X/X-2 are two popular RPG titles that appeared on the PlayStation 2 back in the early 00’s before the remastered versions of both games appeared on the PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 between 2013-2015.

Back in the 00’s nobody ever thought that we were ever going to see Final Fantasy X/X-2 on a Nintendo console. This is especially exciting since the Nintendo Switch is definitely in need of more solid RPG’s and with Final Fantasy X/X-2 are titles that will probably become one of the big attractions on the hybrid console throughout 2019. It will be interesting to see how popular Final Fantasy X-X-2 becomes on the Nintendo Switch as we progress throughout 2019.

Dead or Alive 6 release pushed back to March 2019!!!

As far as upcoming release are concerned for fighting games one of the big titles that many people were looking forward to see on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One in February 2019 was Dead or Alive 6. It was recently announced that the highly anticipated game going to be pushed back to March 2019. Based on what we know Koei Temco’s upcoming fighting is not fully complete and the developer wants to take more time on polishing it so that fans of the series will end up getting their money’s worth. After all, Dead or Alive 6 is a game the world has been waiting to see since 2012 when DOA 5 was released for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

There is almost no question that Dead or Alive 6 will be just as big as an attraction as its DOA 5 was over six years ago. One of the questions that many people have in relation to Dead or Alive 6 is whether or not it will surpass DOA 5 in sales on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One following its upcoming release on March 1st.

Will streaming continue to grow in popularity during the 2020’s decade?

There is no question that streaming has become very popular throughout the 10’s decade. Despite the fact that Steam was launched back in 2003 it seems like Value Corporation’s platform has received more mainstream attention in the 10’s than it did in the 00’s and has often been the go to site for those who want to play demos for upcoming video games prior to their respective releases. In fact, majority of indie games have become noticed on through streaming and it seems like something that has and will only continue to increase in popularity as we move into the 2020’s decade.

In relation to streaming services its a well known fact that Microsoft wants to focus more on streaming services in the future meaning that we might not see another game console following the Xbox One X. In fact there has recently been talk about Nintendo possibly moving away from the development of game consoles in favor of streaming while focusing more on mobile gaming in the future. Its quite possible that the console era of gaming will eventually come to an end during the 2020’s due to the advancement of technology and the rise of streaming; but hopefully that will not be the case since video game consoles are still considered to be huge attraction in retailers worldwide. However, there is no doubt that streaming will continue to increase in popularity throughout the 2020’s decade.