Upcoming Switch Games- The Caligula Effect: Overdose (2019)

There are so many exciting new games that will released for the Nintendo Switch in the near future. However, one of the many big titles that is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 is a title developed by FuRyu entitled The Caligula Effect: Overdose an RPG that was originally released for the PlayStation Vita between 2016 and 2017. This game had already been released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan during May 2018 and is expected to appear worldwide in countries such as America and Europe on a date yet to be announced by the developer.

In The Caligula Effect: Overdose players will have art least nine main characters to choose from as they progress throughout this role playing dungeon crawler game. This one of the main RPG’s that has the potential to standout for the Nintendo Switch seeing that there are too many RPG’s like The Caligula Effect: Overdose in the Nintendo Switch.


Will Dragon Age 4 appear in 2019?

There are so many cool games that the world is looking forward to between now and 2019. In terms of upcoming titles for consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One we got to see various trailers at E3 2018 such as Cyberpunk 2077, Kingdom Hearts III, Jump Force and more. However, there were titles that some were looking forward to seeing at this year’s E3 2018 such as the announcement or trailer for a sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition. As many of us know Dragon Age: Inquisition was initially released for multiple game consoles including the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One back in November 2014.

Since its release Dragon Age: Inquisition has been universally acclaimed by various gaming publications and has won numerous “Game of the Year” awards back in 2014. Seeing how popular Dragon Age: Inquisition was a few years ago many people were hoping that Bioware would have made some type of announcement regarding a direct sequel for the game at either E3 2017 or E3 2018. Since BioWare has mainly been focused on other projects such as the upcoming action role playing game Anthem the development of a Dragon Age 4 has possibly be placed on the back burner for now. As far as there being a release for the fourth installment of the Dragon Age series is concerned for next year it seems unlikely since there is still very little details about the game.

Should Eternal Sonata be ported for the PlayStation 4?

When it comes down to RPG titles of the 00’s Eternal Sonata was a memorable classic that some people got to enjoy on the PlayStation 3 as well as the Xbox 360. Ever since tri-Crescendo released Eternal Sonata Between 2007-2008 the game has been praised by numerous critics for features involving its musical score, visual design along with its innovative combat system. As good as Eternal Sonata was for the PlayStation 3 back in the late 00’s there are many people who wanted to see a direct sequel for this game.

However, it’s been over ten years and it seems like Eternal Sonata 2 does not seem like it’s going to happen despite the outstanding praise that the first game received in the late 00’s. While the Xbox One is backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 the PlayStation 4 does not have that same feature when it comes down to to PlayStation 3 games. A PS4 port of Eternal Sonata would be pretty cool if the fan support for the game is really high but there is always a possibility that it will become overshadowed by various upcoming titles between now and 2019.

Upcoming Games- We Happy Few: (2018)

There are so many big games that are expected to appear on various game consoles as we progress throughout the rest of 2018. For those who are into the action adventure genre of gaming you will be interesting in titles such as We Happy Few which is expected to appear on the PlayStation 4 along with The Xbox One next month. As it currently stands We Happy Few is set to be released on August 10th and it will be an interesting game where the setting takes place during the 1960’s. For those who are into world history We Happy Few is especially intriguing since the game takes game place in a alternative time in relation to World War II.

In this alternative timeline Germany ends up gaining control over the British Empire following the establishment of a second German Empire. At this point Great Britain has been damaged due to the effects of chemical warfare forcing the citizens of Wellington Wells to engage horrible activities to survive. Also, the use of a hallucinogenic drug called Joy is used on society to surpass dramatic memories regarding World War II. One of the main characters Arthur Hastings has the duty of abolishing any type of news regarding the war that could possibly remind citizens about the events concerning World War II. The story alone for We Happy Few sounds like something that worth checking out. In fact, the video game developer Compulsion Games might end up having one of the most popular action adventure titles of 2018.

Upcoming Games- State of Mind: (2018)

There are so many upcoming games that everyone is looking forward to as we get closer to 2019. For those who are fans of the action adventure genre of gaming you will be happy to know that Daedalic Entertainment will be releasing a title called State of Mind next month on August 15th. State of Mind will be available for multiple game consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. This game has an interesting concept that focuses on a theory that humans have the ability to evolve beyond their mental and physical limitations.

The game also has an interesting plot where people will play as a journalist Richard Nolan in trying to find answers in regards to society. After losing his wife and child while is memory starts to fade away he discovers that humans are starting to become filled with drones and androids which sound like a good science fiction story in this upcoming action adventure title. It will be interesting to see how fans and critics react to State of Mind following its multi-platform release next month.

Upcoming PS4 Games- Firewall Zero Hour: (2018)

There are so many exciting new games that are expected to appear on the PlayStation 4 as we progress throughout the year in 2019. But for those who are are fans of the first person shooter genre of gaming than Firewall Zero Hour is a game worth checking out this upcoming August on the 28th. For those who do not know Firewall Zero Hour is an upcoming game developed by First Contact Entertainment Inc and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment that will also give players the option of enjoy the game using the Virtual Reality headset.

In addition to having Virtual Reality gameplay there also game modes such as single and multiplayer training. Also, players will have the chance to choose from multiple mercenaries and will be able to upgrade their weapons throughout the game. Playing a first person shooter game like Firewall Zero Hour while having the feeling of being on a actual battlefield sounds amazing. There is no doubt that Firewall Zero Hour will end up becoming one of the most popular first person shooter games of 2018.

Upcoming Games- Phantom Doctrine: (2018)

If you are or have bedeviled a fan of XCOM series in the past than Phantom Doctrine might be a title worth checking out. This upcoming turn based strategy game will be developed by CreativeForge Games with Good Shepherd Entertainment as the publisher for this title. One of the cool things about Phantom Doctrine is the setting which puts players during the Cold War time period where they are given responsibilities regarding how things are ran within a rouge intelligence agency.

In this game players will be allowed to hire recruits, send spies on various missions while keeping track of the behavior of multiple agents within the intelligence agency. For those who are interested in purchasing Phantom Doctrine you will be happy to know that this game will be released on August 14th for multiple game systems including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If anything Phantom Doctrine has the potential to be one of the top turn based strategy games of this summer.