Game Boy Color (1998) vs Nintendo Wii-U (2012) which console was more popular?

Nintendo has released many impressive video game systems for over the past three decades. When we think about some of Nintendo’s most popular video game consoles in general we think about the NES, SNES, Wii, Nintendo DS and most recently the Switch console. Game systems such as the Game Boy Advance along with the Wii-U are not quite as popular as the consoles just mentioned but people still had a lot of fun playing various different titles on both. While the Wii-U has some cool games such as Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Land, Super Mario Maker the console itself still managed to sell far less during the 10’s decade than Game Boy Color did during the late 90’s-early 00’s following its release in 1998.

While the Wii-U ended up selling less than 10 million units worldwide there is no question that the Game Boy along with Game Boy Color were far more popular especially since both ended up selling a combined total of over 118 million units altogether. With games such as Pokémon Gold & Silver which were both huge attractions during the early 00’s considering how popular the series was during the time there is no question that the Game Boy Color was a bigger deal than the Wii-U was despite being more inferior in quality. However, some might favor the Wii-U over Game Boy Color since its a console from a more recent generation.

Would Tactics Orge: LUCT be an attraction for the Nintendo Switch?

As far as legendary tactical-role playing games are concerned one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is Tactics Orge: Let Us Cling Together. For those who do not know Tactics Orge: Let Us Cling Together was initially released in Japan back in October 1996. Since then it has been ported to multiple game systems such as the Sega Saturn, PS1 during the 90’s along with the PlayStation Portable back in 2011. Seeing how popular Tactics Orge: Let Us Cling Together has been within the gaming world over the past 20 years it would definitely sound like a game that would standout on the Nintendo Switch along with the likes of Disgaea 5.

However, as it currently stands video game developer Quest or Square Enix fo not seem to have any plans on bringing Tactics Orge: Let Us Cling Together to the Nintendo Switch. If the online fan demand was high enough it would possible that Square Enix would probably take bring Tactics Orge: LUCT to the Nintendo Switch. But its also possible that the old-school tactical role-playing game could be overshadowed by big titles such as Super Smash Bros Brawl, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and many others. In theory, having Tactics Orge: Let Us Cling Together on the Switch would be nice but the game might fall below the expectations of many people.

Upcoming Switch Games- Super Mario Maker 2: (2019)

As far as earth-shattering news is concerned one of the many big surprises that came from Nintendo Direct was the announcement of Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. This is big news considering the fact that the gaming world has been waiting to see Super Mario Maker 2 since prequel was released for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii-U back in September 2015. The original Super Mario Maker game has managed to sell at least 4 million copies worldwide on the Wii-U since its release and is within the top ten best selling titles for Nintendo’s last generation console. As far as details regarding how Nintendo will improve upon the gameplay for Super Mario Maker 2 in comparison to the prequel is concerned we are still in the dark about that for the most part.

However, Nintendo has mentioned that Super Mario Maker 2 is expected to be released this upcoming June. If Super Mario Maker 2 is anything like its predecessor there is no doubt that it will most likely sell one million copies before the end of 2019. Along with Super Mario Odessey this game was the potential to be one of the top platformers of this year for the Nintendo Switch.

Did the NES have a bigger cult following than the the PS1?

When we think about some of the most iconic video games consoles to have emerged within the past 30 years there are many names that comes to mind especially the Nintendo Entertainment System which came out in 1983 and the PS1 which came out in ’94. Both game consoles were very popular within their respective decades considering the fact that the NES went on to sell over 61 million units worldwide since its release in the 80’s. While the NES was considered to be the best selling game console of the 80’s the PS1 was considered to be most popular game system of the 90’s since it reached over 102 million units worldwide in sales. Despite, the fact that the PS1 ended up selling more than the NES overall it seems like the NES is considered a more memorable console due the catchy chiptune soundtracks that we have heard in titles such as Mega Man I-III, Castlevania I-III and more.

While the PS1 obviously had more superior visuals and sound fonts in relation to soundtrack development the chiptune sound of the NES required a ton of creativity to make masterpieces in relation to BGM. Also, Mario who is arguably the biggest name in gaming history is just as popular now as he was back in the 80’s despite the fact that the platform genre of gaming has declined in popularity over the past two decades. Even though, some of the greatest video games ever made such as Final Fantasy VII came from the PS1 the console itself dies not seem as iconic as the NES.

Upcoming Indie Games- Spelunky 2: (2019)

As far as upcoming games are concerned in relation to this year there are so many big titles that are expected to appear on numerous game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. For those who are huge fans of rouge-lite indie platform games you will be happy to know that the highly anticipated Spelunky 2 game will be appearing in Steam sometime in the near future. The fact, that Spelunky 2 going to be released sometime this year is very exciting news especially since the prequel for this game came out over a decade ago in 2008. The PlayStation 3 remake of the original Spelunky game came out in 2013 and has been critically acclaimed since its release before appearing on the PS4 the following year in 2014.

It should be noted the Mossmouth, LLC the developer for the original Spelunky title will be working alongside with BlitWorks to release Spelunky 2 for PC later this year at a date yet to be revealed. The trailer that was revealed for Spelunky 2 this past year looked impressive as the setting for the game takes places following the events of the original title which came out in ’08. Also, one of the biggest changes to Spelunky 2 is the fact that the levels within the game will include second layers which will allow players to travel back and fourth throughout each stage. Along with improved visuals the gameplay for Spelunky 2 is something that will attract those who were fans of the first game once its finally appears on Steam.

Upcoming Switch Games- Killer Queen Black: (2019)

There are so many games that the world is looking forward to seeing on multiple game consoles as we progress throughout 2019. As far as indie games are concerned one of the more interesting titles that is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year is an action strategy platform game developed by Liquid Bit, LLC entitled Killer Queen Black. This game is pretty exciting as a 2D platformer especially since it supports multiplayer gameplay that allows up to eight players. It should be noted that Killer Queen Black has multiple game modes such as: Ranked, Custom, Quick Match and Arena.

Players will have the opportunity to go solo versus partnering up with others as they race to complete certain stipulations within the process. As it currently stands Killer Queen Black does not have a specific release date but hopefully it will appear on the Switch console sometime before Fall 2019.

Upcoming Games- Tales of the Neon Sea: (2019)

As far as 2019 is concerned it looks like it’s going to be a very promising year for the role-playing genre of gaming with the upcoming releases of big games such as Kingdoms Hearts III, Code Vein, Biomutant and many other titles. In relation to indie RPG’s one of the few titles to be on the lookout for this year is Tales of the Neon Sea. For those who do not know Tales of the Neon Sea is an indie adventure role-playing game developed by Palm Pioneer and published by Zodiac Interactive where the setting of the game takes place in a cyberpunk environment where robots and human attempt to co-exist while tension continually rises between them. In this game players will take the role of a retired police veteran to learn about a killer who has never been bought to justice.

Tales of the Neon Sea makes for an excellent adventure/mystery game especially since players will have to solve various puzzles while being mesmerized by the retro-pixelated visuals of this indie title. As it currently stands Tales of the Neon Sea is expected to appear on Steam sometime this year on a date that has yet to be revealed.