Mai Shiranui vs Morrigan Aensland which character is more popular?

Mai vs Morrigan

When it comes down to the gaming world both Mai Shiranui and Morrigan Aensland are considered to be two of the most popular female video game characters of the 90’s by many people.  In terms of which character is more popular between the two generally varies among many people who were fans of the fighting genre of gaming back in the 90’s and even to this day.  When Mai Shiranui had first made her appearance in Fatal Fury 2 she was seen as arguably the most popular character in the game.  In fact, in terms of popularity Mai Shiranui was often seen as SNK version of Chun-Li.

Mai Shiranui Dead of Alive 5.jpg

Since Fatal Fury 2 Mai Shiranaui has made numerous appearances in the King of Fighters series since 1994 and had recently appeared in the latest game King of Fighter XIV.  Aside from appearing on King of Fighters XIV back in the Summer of 2016 Mai Shiranui made an appearance in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round as a DLC guest character that same year due to her popularity in within the fighting genre of gaming.  While King of Fighters XIV and Dead or Alive 5 Last Round are considered to be good fighting games they were not quite as popular as the Marvel vs Capcom series which Morrigan Aensland has been featured in since 1999.

Morrigan DarkStalkers Resurrection.jpg

Morrigan Aensland has been around since DarkStalkers Night Warriors was first released back in 1994.  Since her appearance in the original DarkStalker game in the early 90’s Morrigan Aensland has been featured in a several high profile crossover titles such Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000,  Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tatsunoko vs Capcom and more recently Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.  Along with being featured in numerous crossover titles involving Capcom she appeared in DarkStalkers: Resurrection a collection of the older 2D titles in the series which was praised by both fans of the series along with critics following its release back in the Spring of 2013.   In terms of fighting titles many can easily argue that Morrigan has appeared in more high profile games than Mai Shiranui has over the past two decades.  However, since Capcom has become more popular than SNK on a mainstream level in terms of gaming it only makes sense than Morrigan has appeared in bigger fighting titles than Mai Shiranui.  In terms of which character is more popular overall really depends on whether your more of a Capcom or SNK fan.


Contra III: The Alien Wars (1992) vs Zombie Ate My Neighbors (1993) which game was more successful?

Contra III Alien Wars.jpg

When it comes down to classic run and gun games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System there were so many cool games.  Two run and gun games that stand out from the early 90’s were Contra III: The Alien Wars along with Zombie Ate My Neighbors which many people thought were cool games during the time.  Not only was Contra III: The Alien Wars considered to be a great run and gun title developed by Konami but it was arguably one of the best titles in the Contra series in general.  The nice graphics along with the creativity used in some levels such as Stage 2 made Contra III: The Alien Wars an unforgettable gaming experience for many who owned an SNES during the 16 bit era of gaming.  One of the only drawbacks about Contra III: The Alien Wars is that the game itself was not as lengthy as other titles such as Zombie Ate My Neighbors which was released a year later during the Summer of 1993.

Zombie ate my neighboors (4)

Zombie Ate My Neighbors was also a pretty cool  survival horror themed run and gun title.  Even though, Zombie Ate My Neighbors had somewhat of a dark theme to this title  still seemed somewhat family friendly due to comedic aspects of game and had at least 55 levels.  Zombie Ate My Neighbors was probably one of the few run and gun titles that seemed almost impossible to beat especially if one played the game by themselves.  Even with the use of passwords to skip through various levels some people would have trouble completing Zombie Ate My Neighbors in its entirety due to how difficult each stage was especially towards the end.  While Zombie Ate My Neighbors had eventually went on to become somewhat of a cult classic some would give Contra III: The Alien Wars the edge in terms of success on the SNES.  Not only was Contra III: The Alien Wars considered to be one of the best titles in the Contra series but the game was so popular that it was re-released for the SNES Classic Edition back in September 2017.

GameMaker Studio 2 comes to the Nintendo Switch

For those who are creative own a Nintendo Switch you will be excited to know that GameMaker Studio 2 will be coming to hybrid console in the near future. GameMaker Studio 2 is one of the most popular video game development programs in this day and age and would be perfect for a console such as the Nintendo Switch. The cool thing about GameMaker Studio 2 is that making your own game is easy and requires no type of previous programming experience whatsoever.

The latest partnership between YoYo Games and Nintendo is one that can ultimately prove beneficial to the gaming industry in general since we are likely to see more indie games in the future. Also, GamerMajker Studio 2 will allow people to port games to multiple systems such as the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android along with iOS. As of right now GameMaker Studio 2 is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch during the summer of 2018. There is no doubt that GameMaker Studio 2 will be very popular for the Nintendo Switch.

Upcoming Games- Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection: (2018)

If you are a huge fan of the the Street Fighter series then you will be happy to know that Capcom will be releasing a collection of every game in the set from the original 1987 title all the way up to 3rd Strike which came out in 1999. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the legendary Street Fighter series has been around for at least decades now. The Street Fighter series was arguably at its peak in terms of popularity during the 90’s before making a comeback in the late 00’s with the emergence of Street Fighter IV.

As of right now the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is set to be released on multiple game consoles including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 in May 2018. Not only will players have the chance to relive various classics in the Street Fighter series but they will also be able to join lobbies for online multiplayer gameplay. There is no doubt that the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is going to be a game that many fans of the series will look forward to purchasing in the future.

Should Bonds of the Skies be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know Bonds of the Skies was developed by Hit Point Co. Ltd and released for the Nintendo 3DS back in November 2017. As a 2D RPG title Bonds of the Skies looks like it would definitely stand out on the Nintendo Switch especially considering the fact that the Nintendo Switch has received more mainstream attention than the Nintendo 3DS nowadays.

The graphics for Bonds of the Skies looks like something similar to a SNES or Game Boy Advance title and has turn based battles like you would see in general RPG titles. As of right now there is no talk of Hit Point Co. Ltd or publisher KEMCO wanting to bring Bonds of the Skies to the Nintendo Switch. But having Bonds of the Skies on the Switch console would definitely be interesting. V

Super R Type (1991) vs Star Fox (1993) which game was more successful?

When it comes down to rail shooting games of the early 90’s both Super R Type along with Star Fox are two popular games that stands out. For the SNES Super R Type was arguably one of the most difficult rail shooters ever made. There are some people who have a ton of trouble get pass the first two stages let a along complete Super R Type in its entirety. Super R Type was a rail shooter title that was much more difficult than it actually looked which was one of the few things that added to its overall appeal back in the early 90’s.

Star Fox on the other hand was a different type of rail shooter game. One of the main things that added to the appeal of Star Fox was the use of polygonal Super FX graphics which was something that was new back in 1993. Since it’s release Star Fox had managed to sell over four million copies on the SNES by the late 90’s and is generally regarded as one of the best SNES games ever made. In terms of which game was more successful some would probably give the edge to Star Fox over Super R Type for the SNES.

MegaMan X (1993) vs Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994) which platform game was more successful?

When it comes down to platform titles of the early 90’s MegaMan X along with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 where two very popular titles that stood out from that time period. Both game were very challenging had interesting storylines along with addictive soundtracks which contributed to the replay values of both games. During the console wars between Nintendo and Sega these are two titles a majority of gamers wanted to own.

Shortly, after MegaMan X was released for the SNES between late 1993 and early 1994 the game managed to sell over 1 million copies worldwide. While Sonic the Hedgehog 3 also managed to sell over 1 million copies worldwide on the Sega Genesis it still did not sell quite as much as its predecessors Sonic 1 & 2. But in terms of popularity and success some might argue that Sonic 3 and MegaMan X are approximately on the same level.