Will Mega Man 11 have more success than Mighty No. 9?


When Level 5 Comcept and Inti Creates developed and released Mighty No.9 back in 2016 the gaming world had believed that the game was the closest thing that we were going to get to in relation to another Mega Man game.  After all, Mighty No. 9 did have nice 2D gameplay with 3D graphics along with the fact that the game had utilized the Unreal Engine.  Despite, how cool Mighty No. 9 looked at first glance the game was criticized by many people for a variety of different reasons.  However, looking at graphics of Capcom’s Mega Man 11 some people can make the argument that the game looks similar to that of Mighty No. 9.


The idea of having  a 2D gameplay with 3D graphics was also  something that Sega has tried with the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 back in 2010.  While Sonic the Hedgehog series is mainly known for its 2D 16 bit gameplay on the Sega Genesis which made it popular to begin with Sonic 4 was not considered to be nearly as popular as its predecessor Sonic 3 in terms of quality and sales.  Looking at Mega Man 11 some can easily argue that Capcom can easily make the same mistake that the developers for Mighty No. 9 did when its comes down to gameplay.  However, Capcom rarely fails to disappoint when it comes down to Mega Man games along with the fact that the world has been waiting to see a sequel to Mega Man 10 since 2010.


Should Dragon Ball FighterZ be released for the Nintendo Switch?


Dragon Ball FighterZ is probably one of the most anticipated fighting games of 2018.  Just about everything in Dragon Ball FighterZ looks impressive including the gameplay, graphics along with the roster of characters.   This game is expected to be released in January 2018 for the PS4, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.  However, there hasn’t been anything said about Dragon Ball FighterZ being included on the Nintendo Switch.  Having a game like Dragon Ball FighterZ on  a hybrid console like the Nintendo Switch would be something that would immediately arouse the interest of many people who currently own the game system.


While some might argue that the quality in terms of graphics for the Nintendo Switch would not be on the same level as the PS4 or the Xbox One would be very rare to have a crossover fighting title like Dragon Ball FighterZ on a game system that could also be utilized as a handheld console.  Also, when it comes down to crossover fighting games in general we don’t get a chance to see enough of them on Nintendo based consoles.

Should Marvel vs Capcom 3 be ported for the Nintendo Switch?


Marvel vs Capcom 3 was arguably one of the best crossover fighting titles of the early 10’s and there are many who would love to see the game ported for the Nintendo Switch in future.  As of right now there are many people who are currently focusing on Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite which was released back in September 2017 since its the latest title in the Marvel vs. series.  The question on whether or not Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is coming to the Nintendo Switch is something that is still up in the air.  There has not been much talk about Capcom possibly bring Marvel vs Capcom Infinite to the Nintendo Switch at all.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (2).jpg

But if Marvel vs Capcom Infinite isn’t going to be ported for the Nintendo Switch we should at least get Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the hybrid console. In terms of quality and graphics Marvel vs Capcom 3 would look great on the Nintendo Switch and possibly better than it did on the Xbox 360. While some people look at Marvel vs Capcom 3 as a  thing of the past there are still some people who love the game and would argue that its just as good as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

Should Mega Man 7 have been released for the PS1 during the 90’s?

Mega Man 7 (3)

Looking back at Mega Man 7 it was actually a pretty decent game.   The Mega Man series in general was great during the late 80’s early 90’s.  However, during the mid 90’s it seemed like the Mega Man X series was more popular than the regular Mega Man games which started off on the NES.  Around the mid 90’s when the Sony PlayStation started to become very popular Capcom could have easily have ported Mega Man 7 for the PS1.  After all, they did eventually release Mega Man X4 for the Sony PlayStation shortly after the release of Mega Man 7 during the summer of 1997.

Mega Man 7 (2).jpg

If Mega Man 7 was released for  the PS1 back in 1995 it could have possibly have sold more than it did on the SNES especially considered how popular the game console was during that time period.  The fact that Mega Man 7 game was not re-released for the PS1 back in the 90’s was somewhat surprising to many people.  But despite the criticism that Mega Man 7 receive its one of those games that is very hard to find in used game stores today which says a lot about the game itself.

Nintendo Switch sells over 10 million units worldwide

Nintendo Switch (1)

It’s almost hard for many to believe that the Nintendo Switch has sold as much as it has in such a short period of time.  Shortly after the hybrid game console was first released back in March 2017 nobody could of imaged that the Nintendo Switch could have sold over 10 million units worldwide in less than a year.  As we have heard in the past Nintendo plans on surpassing the total amount of sales of the Wii-U with the Switch console and without a doubt it can possibly happen before March 2018.  When it comes down to the year 2017 it almost seems Nintendo as a company has received more mainstream attention then Sony and Microsoft.


Along with the Switch console being a huge success this year the SNES classic is another console that has placed Nintendo in the spotlight since its release in late September 2017.  As a game console the Nintendo Switch is reportedly selling just as fast as the PS4 and from the way it looks right now may possibly be the best selling game console of 2018 as well.

Would the Nintendo switch have as much success if it wasn’t a hybrid Console?

It is really hard to say on whether or not the Nintendo switch would have achieved the same amount of success that it did if it wasn’t a hybrid console.  If the Nintendo switch was a regular home console then it would be no different from the Wii -U.  The fact that the Nintendo switch is a hybrid game console is the reason why it sold as much as it did worldwide sense it’s released in March 2017.

In so many ways the switch console basically helped Nintendo in the gaming market.  Not only did the concept of having a hybrid game console draw mainstream attention but it Stood out more from Sony and Microsoft’s game systems.  In terms of quality many can argue that the  Nintendo switch is not quite as the PS4 Or the Xbox one.  The fact that Nintendo decided to do something special with their game Console this time around shows everyone that when it comes down to innovative gaming nobody does it better than them.

Was X-Men vs Street Fighter Underrated?

Around the mid 90’s the world got to witness the release of X-Men vs Street Fighter which was probably one of the most popular 2D crossover titles of that time period. In fact, the X-Men vs Street Fighter series was the one that arguably started the Marvel vs Capcom series that we know and love today.

The gameplay for X-Men vs Street Fighter as addictive and those who played the arcade version of the game or had it for the Sega Saturn can easily say that the replay value is high considering the roster of characters along with the difficulty level of the game.  While Marvel vs Capcom 1 & 2 were arguably better games in terms of quality  X-Men vs Street Fighter was definitely one of those games that is difficult to find in used game stores today.