Retro Gaming- Swords of Vermillion: (1989)

There were so many cool action RPG games that came out during the 16 bit era. However, when we look at memorable action RPG titles they generally were featured on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System opposed to the Mega Drive or the Sega Genesis. However, when it comes down to the Mega Drive/Genesis console one of the few action RPG titles that people remembers is Swords of Vermillion back in December of 1989.

Along with having an interesting plot where players have to free Vermillion from Darkness the game had some interesting features. An example, would be that players were able to play Swords of Vermillion from servers different views including Town, Battle, Boss and Dungeon which really made the game itself unique. As interesting as it was to see an action RPG title like Swords of Vermillion on the Genesis console some would probably question why the game never received a sequel despite being critically acclaimed by a few publications back in the early 90’s.


Retro Gaming- R-Type III: The Third Lightning: (1993)

When it comes down to side scrolling shooter titles R-Type III: The Third Lighting was arguably one of the best games to have been featured on the SNES. In fact some, might argue that next to the original R-Type gaming that R-Type III: The Third Lighting was one of the best side scrolling shooter titles of the early 90’s in general.

The inclusion of extremely tough boss battles was one of the few things that made R-Type addictive. Also, the inclusion of a two player mode was another feature that added to the replay value of R-Type III: The Third Lightning and was also something that was a great deal of fun for those who had friends who were also big fans of the series. The game was so popular back in the early 90’s that it eventually got ported for the Game Boy Advance and the Wii Virtual Console during the 00’s.

Final Fantasy VIII (1999) vs Chrono Cross (1999) which game is more deserving of an official HD remake?

Final Fantasy 8

When it comes down to RPG titles of the mid to late 90’s Final Fantasy VIII and Chrono Cross are both considered to be underrated titles for the PS1.  While Final Fantasy VIII may not have been quite as popular as its prequel Final Fantasy VII its still considered to be a solid RPG by many critics which makes them wonder whether or not the game will ever receive an HD remake.  Its no secret that Square Enix plans on releasing an HD remake of Final Fantasy VII sometime in 2018.  As far as Chrono Cross is concerned not only have we seen a direct sequel from Chrono Cross which was actually critically acclaimed but there has never really been any talk on making an HD version of Chrono Cross at all.

Chrono Cross

Similar to Final Fantasy VIII, Chrono Cross was not quite as popular as its prequel Chrono Trigger which was released for the SNES back in 1995.   In terms of popularity some would probably give the slight edge to Final Fantasy VIII over Chrono Cross considering the fact that the FF series still continues to this day.   While many people have wanted to see a sequel to see a direct Chrono Cross since the early 00’s the chances of it actually happening are very slim since the overall sales of the game fell below certain expectations.   If Square Enix were had to choose one out of the two games to make an HD remake for it would most likely be Final Fantasy VIII.

Nintendo 64 vs Nintendo DS which game console was more popular?


When it comes down to Nintendo based game consoles the N64 was arguably just as popular in the mid to late 90’s as the Nintendo DS was during the early 00’s.  In terms of which game console was better overall really depends on who you ask.  In terms of overall sales the Nintendo 64 has managed to sell over 23 million units worldwide since the console was first released back in September 1996.   With games such as Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 007 Goldeneye and Perfect Dark the Nintendo 64 was arguably better at producing 3D video games than the PS1 as far as graphics are concerned.

Nintendo Ds.jpg

Ever since, the Nintendo DS was first released back in November 2004 it has managed to sell over 154 million units worldwide and is seen as one of the best selling game consoles of all time under the PlayStation 2.  While the Nintendo 64 had some great titles back in the late 90’s and the year 2000 the Nintendo DS got to see the return of SNES Classics such as Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest IV, Final Fantasy III & IV among others.  We also managed to get games such Pokemon Heart Gold, Diamond and Pearl along with Black & White which we big sellers on the Nintendo DS throughout out a majority of the 00’s and the early 10’s.  Not did the Nintendo DS seem to have more games but  the actual game system itself was available in retail for about a decade opposed to the N64 which was discontinued in the Spring of 2002.  Also, one of the top things that stands out about the Nintendo DS was the fact that the game system had a better frame rate than the N64 despite being a handheld console.  If anything the Nintendo DS was surprisingly way more successful than many people could have ever imagined.

Should there have been an Actraiser III for the Nintendo 64?

Actraiser 2 (1).png

When it comes down to platform city simulation building games the Actraiser series for the SNES instantly comes to mind. There were so many things about Actraiser 1 & 2 that made the game appealing including the graphics, gameplay along with the soundtrack which was composed by Yuzo Koshiro.   Both the first and second Actraiser game was somewhat popular back in the early 90’s and it raises questions on why Quintet never decided to make an Actraiser III for the Nintendo 64 back in the mid to late 90’s.  Its no secret that the Nintendo 64 was not too big on 2D titles and often featured 3D games between 1996 and 2000.

Actraiser 2 (2).jpg

However, a sequel to Actraiser II could have definitely have worked on PS1 back in the mid to late 90’s.  When it came down to 2D video games the PS1 was full of games that had great animation that you would never see on the N64.  While the idea of having a 3D Actraiser game for the Nintendo 64 would have been pretty cool in theory it would not only be hard to pull off in practice but the finished product may have feel below the expectations of many people.

Could the Secret of Mana have worked on the Sega Genesis?

When we think about RPG classics from the early 90’s we think about various titles such as the Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Selina Densetsu 3, Illusion Gaia and many others that we only got to see on the SNES. Seeing that Square Enix mainly did business with Nintendo during the 16 bit era of gaming we never got to see to many memorable RPG’s for the Sega Genesis at all.

However, if a game like the Secret of Mana was released for the Sega Genesis it may not have had a much success as it did for the SNES. Even, though Square did not make hardly any games for the Sega Genesis that game system was not to big on having RPG titles. If anything it seemed like platform titles were more popular on the Sega Genesis.

Tomb Raider (1996) vs Perfect Dark (2000) which game was better?

When it comes down to retro titles both Tomb Raider and Perfect Dark are among the most popular games that the world has seen from the 90’s and the early 00’s. While Tomb Raider is considered to be more of an action adventure platform title Perfect Dark is more lenient towards being a stealth like first person shooter game. Both Tomb Raider and Perfect Dark have strong female protagonists which adds to the appeal of both games and they were both big names following their respective releases.

In terms of which game is better is highly debatable. While some might argue that Perfect Dark had better graphics since it was on the Nintendo 64 others would say that Tomb Raider had sold at least 7 million units worldwide and was more popular overall. In fact, Tomb Raider eventually got its own movie back in 2001 about a year after Perfect Dark was released. In terms of which game was better in terms of graphics and game play some would give the slight edge to Perfect Dark. However, in terms of which game was more popular Tomb Raider would definitely take the lead over Perfect Dark.