Would Kirby: Planet Robobot have done better on the Wii U in terms of sales?

Kirby Planet Robobot which was released o. The Spring of 2016 was a game that was received well by fans and gamers alike.  If the game was released for the Nintendo Wii U opposed to the Nintendo 3DS it may not have done as great in terms of sales.  As cool as Kirby Robobot was for the Nintendo 3DS the game would have paled in comparison to Kirby Return to Dreamland which was released back in the fall of 2011.

While Kirby Robobot had managed to sell over one million units worldwide on the Nintendo Wii U Return to DreamLand had managed to sell had also managed to hit over one million units worldwide.  As a game console the Nintendo 3DS had always seemed more popular mainly because the handheld game console was more of a success then the Wii U.  


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