Should the Secret of Mana be ported for the Nintendo 3DS?

It’s hard to believe that after all these years the Secret of Mana has not yet been ported for the Nintendo 3DS.  This action ROG classic has been re-released for mobile devices including iOS and Android and recently the Nintendo Switch back in June 2017.  While it’s great to see the Secret of Mana make a return to a home based Nintendo console the Nintendo 3DS has probably been the best handheld game systems of the early 10’s followed by the Nintendo 3DS XL.  

However, when comes down to JRPG titles for the Nintendo 3DS there are more games that are starting to become popular such as Bravely Second: End Layer, Fire Emblem Fates, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and others.  The fact that the Secret of Mana can be downloaded on mobile devices would probably hinder the progress the game would make for the Nintendo 3DS at this point.


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