Retro Gaming- Children of Mana: (2006)

As far as the JRPG genre is concerned the Mana series is probably one of the most recognizable considering the fact that it has been around since the early 90’s.  The Children of Mana was a game that had a good storyline which revolved around the Mana Lord who seemed like he was the main antagonist of the game.  Not only did the Mana Lord try to destroy the main character but he also captured a priestress named Tess after stealing the Sword of Mana.  

The interesting thing about the plot is that as the player progresses throughout the game they eventually learn that the Nana Lord had good intentions and that he was one of the children of Mana who had saved the world in the past.  The player also learn that Mana Lord’s life purpose was to fill the world with Mana while the other child was doing the opposite and bring destruction.  

While there are some unexpected plot twists and revelations that players discover throughout the game one them was that the Mana Lord suffered a tragic demise and eventually ended up taking his own life before giving the Sword of Mana to the hero who ends up defeating the Sciron of Mana.  Since its release for the Nintendo DS back in 2006 the Children of Mana had managed to sell close to half a million units worldwide worldwide which good considering the fact that series was not as popular 00’s in comparison to the early 90’s.  But as far as popularity is concerned the Mana will continue to be one of the most legendary JRPG series that the gaming world has seen.


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