Could the Street Fighter EX series have worked on the N64?

The Street Fighter EX series is considered to be underrated by many people who are fans of the series.  In fact the Street Fighter EX series was the only group of games that featured 3D gameplay that was similar Tekken.  When it came down to gameplay and graphics the N64 was more superior then the 32 bit PS1.  The loading times and the graphics for the Street Fighter EX titles were among the few things that deduced from the overall quality of the past games.   

When it came down to fighting titles of the mid to late there were many games that we saw on the PS1 both 2D and 3D considering the fact that Nintendo decided to stick to utilizing cartridges instead of CD Roms for gaming media.  However, the N64 did produce some decent yet somewhat unrecognizable fighting titles such as Flying Rift, Mace the Dark Age, Fighters Destiny, Killer Instinct 2, etc.  While the Street Fighter EX series may have had better gameplay and graphics for the N64 it may not have become as popular as it did if was not featured on the PS1 in the mid to late 90’s.


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