Could the Super Mario Bros series have worked for the Sega Genesis during the 90’s?

The console wars between Nintendo and Sega during the 90’s was probably one of the biggest rivalries in gaming history.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Nintendo and Sega are now working but sometimes people wonder what it would have been like if Sonic the Hedgehog games were featured in the SNES or if Mario titles were also made for the Sega Genesis.

When it came down to platform titles there were various things about the Sega Genesis that separated the console itself from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Features such as the sound chip, graphics along with in game mechanics made the Genesis stand out from the SNES.  However, it seems like the SNES has produced more noticeable platform titles then the Sega Genesis as well.  If The Super Mario Bros series was released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive opposed for the SNES it probably would not be as big as it currently is.  Also, the Super Mario Bros set could have easily have been overshadowed by the Sonic the Hedgehog series which included the best set of platform titles that anyone could play for the Sega Genesis.


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