Will the Hyperkin RetroN 2 gaming console affect the sales of the SNES Mini?

There are many people who are excited about the SNES Mini which is supposed to be released in electronic retail stores in the near future.  In fact, there are people placing pre-orders for the SNES Mini because they have been waiting for its release since the NES Mini which came out in November 2016.  While the SNES Mini is something that has been anticipated since January 2017 there some people who are aware of other game consoles that plays old school 16 bit titles such as the Hyperkin RetroN 2.

While the SNES Mini is projected to be available for around $79.99 in America the Hyperkin RetroN 2 is actually cheaper and has the ability to play old school 16 bit video games.  Even though, the Hyperkin RetroN 2 is less expensive then what the SNES Mini will be many people have waited almost a year to see the release of this game console.  The SNES Mini could do as well as the NES Mini if it’s marketed correctly between now and its anticipated release date.  


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