Will we ever see Mario Party 11 for the Nintendo Switch?

There are so many upcoming titles that many people are looking forward too for the Nintendo Switch such as Super Mario Odyssey which is expected to be released in October 2017.  However, there has not been too much talk about a potential sequel for Mario Party 10 for the Nintendo Switch at all.  The Mario Party series has been around since the late 90’s when it first got started on the Nintendo 64 and to this day there are still many people who are still fans of the game in general.  

Ever since Mario Part 10 was released for the Wii U back in the spring of 2016 the game had managed to sell close to 2 million units worldwide.   While the Wii U did not do too great in terms of sales in comparison other Nintendo consoles Mario Party 10 was good enough to draw the interest of both casual gamers and people who are hardcore fans of the series in general.  If Mario apart did good in terms of sales for the Wii U one can only imagine how great a potential sequel would do for the Nintendo Switch in the future.  


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