Would Bravely Second End Layer have sold more on the Wii-U?

When Bravely Second End Layer was released between 2015-2016 for the Nintendo 3DS there were various aspects about the game such as the visual quality and the plot which were impressive. Ever since the game was developed by Silicon Studio and released by Square Enix had reportedly managed to sell over 100,000 within its first week while reaching over half a million worldwide in terms of worldwide sales. 

Some might argue that if the game was released for the Nintendo Wii-U it could have possibly performed much better in terms of worldwide sales. Even though, the game looked better suited for a home console the Nintendo Wii-U itself did not perform so well in terms of sales.  In fact, Bravely Second End Layer is better suited for the 3DS opposed to the Wii-U since the handheld console was actually more popular between 2015-2016.   It would be hard to guess whether or not Bravely Second End Layer could have done better in sales for the Wii-U opposed to the 3DS.  However, it would be interesting to Bravely Second End Layer ported for the Nintendo Switch in the future.


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