Will the lack of emphasis on VR features hurt the Xbox One X?

We have heard lot the about the Xbox One X for a while now and how Microsoft has stated that it will be one of the most powerful game consoles they have ever made period. While many people are excited about the upcoming release of the Xbox One X in November 7 there has been less emphasis on whether or not the console its of will have Virtual Reality features or not.

The 1TB Xbox One X is something that many people are looking forward to but the lack of VR gameplay for the system itself could possibly hurt Microsoft if Sony starts to place more emphasis on VR features for the PlayStation Neo.  As of right now Microsoft is focusing more on PC’s when it comes down to VR which is something that some people might question.  Fortunately, more people seem to be interested about the quality of the Xbox One X opposed to whether or not Virtual Reality is going to play a huge role on whether people by the console or not once it’s released.


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