Will Marvel vs Capcom Infinite sell more than MvC 3?

Everything about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite looks impressive from the high definition visuals all the way down to the game.  However, unlike Marvel vs Capcom 3 this game only places emphasis on two on two gameplay opposed to three vs three.  Even though, the MvC Infinite only  allows two on two gameplay this upcoming title has a new story mode that many people are really looking forward. The new in game mechanic involving the Infinity Stones is another feature that has drawn the interest of many people who were fans of older games such as Marvel Super Heroes which was first released on the CPS-2 arcade system back in 1995.

Ever since, Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds was released back in 2011 the game has managed to sell over one million units worldwide for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 separately.   The world has been waiting for over six years for a direct sequel for Marvel vs Capcom 3 and we finally going to get it in September 2017.  As of right now it’s hard to predict what the sales are going to look like during its first week.  But it’s almost guaranteed that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will do just as great as its predecessor did in terms of overall sales.


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