Will there ever be a Fable 4?

The last time we saw a high profile Fable for any type of Xbox related game console was back in 2010.  When Fable III was released for the Xbox 360 many people thought it was a great game but is usually debatable on whether or not it was as good as Fable II.  In terms of sales Fable did manage to sell more by reaching over 5 million units worldwide while Fable II sold over 4.2 million since its release for the Xbox 360 in 2008.

It would be pretty cool if Lionhead Studios could produce a worthy sequel of Fable III for the Xbox One or the Xbox One X. Since its inception back in 2004 the Fable series has been known to be one of the best action  role playing games to be featured on Xbox consoles.  Making a new Fable game for the Xbox One X or even re-releasing older games for the Xbox Scorpio would be something that many people would love to see in the future.  


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