Should Sega develop more games for the Genesis console?

The Sega Genesis is without a doubt one of the most legendary consoles in the history of gaming.  During the 16 bit era many people were dying to purchase the Sega Genesis along with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System following their respective releases during the early 90’s.  However, time has changed since then and it seems like some people are more interested in high definition visuals along with 4K graphics.

While some people love what they are seeing in the gaming world today in terms of visual presentation there are retro gamers who would love to see more 16 bit titles be made for consoles like the SNES or the Sega Genesis.  There were so many video game titles for the Sega Genesis such as Beggar Prince, Gley Lancer and many more which were released following the 16 bit era.  The release of Genesis games following the 16 bit era made such titles feel like they were new even though they were old.  Despite, the fact that older games get released later  during a different generation of console gaming they still have an appeal that would make retro gamers interested in check them out.    Since the SNES Mini in going to be in stores soon along with the fact that Sega is re-releasing older classics on the Genesis some would are that Sega should consider developing new 16 bit titles in the future.


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