Did Isometric RPG titles make the Sega Genesis stand out more?

Even though, the Sega Genesis did jog have too man RPG titles they definitely stood out in comparison to a majority of the games that were featured on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Back in the day we had some unique RPG titles during the early 90’s for the Sega Genesis such as LandStalker, Light Crusader, The Immortals along with others.  The isometric view in terms of video games is something we do not see too often in gaming today.

When some think of titles such as LandStalker they imagine what would the Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past be like if it utilized an isometric view opposed to the general top-down view while ch is generally used in RPG titles.  The fact that Sega did as much as possible to stand out from the SNES and vice versa is one of the things that made the 16 bit era memorable. Nowadays, it seems like video game corporations like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft compete with each other to see who has the best graphics, features, accessories, etc.  When it comes down to retro gaming there was plenty of innovation and originally that we saw in video games which is what made the 16 bit era an exciting time period to be a gamer.


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