Was the Sega Dreamcast the best game console of the 90’s in terms of quality?


The Sega Dreamcast is truly one of the few game consoles that does not get the type of credit that it deserves.  When it came down to the console wars of the 90’s the Sega Dreamcast was the very first 128-bit  console ever made.  In fact, the concept of online gaming started off with the Sega Dreamcast and the Dream Arena back in 1999.  Even though, the Sega Dreamcast did not sell as many units worldwide as the PS1 or the Nintendo 64 it was able to play arcade quality games along with being able to have up to four players on a single console without the use of a multi-tap.  With titles such as Sonic Adventure, Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Crazy Taxi, Marvel vs Capcom and others the Sega Dreamcast was a console that many people definitely wanted to buy during the late 90’s.

However, it seemed like the PS1 more games in general such as Final Fantasy VII & VIII, the Tekken series, Gran Turismo, Crash Banicoot, Metal Gear Solid and others.   If some of the same games that were released for the PS1 had been featured on the Sega Dreamcast then the console itself could have possibly have sold much more than 9 million units worldwide.


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