Should Capcom develop more CP System arcade games in the future?

Back in the day Capcom had made some pretty cool CP System games that many people enjoy to this very day.  The CP System II was used for games such as Super Street Fighter II Turbo, DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors, X-Men Children of the Atom along with Marvel vs Capcom.  However, the world did not get a chance to see many CPS III games and only got head to head fighting titles such as Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Red Earth and Jo Jo’s Venture.

Even though, arcade games are a thing of the past looking at old CP System titles gives retro gamers a sense of nostalgia of how fun fighting titles were back in the day.  But since the gaming industry has evolved a lot since the mid to late 90’s its unlikely that Capcom will ever revert back to making CP System arcade boards due to the rise of online gaming.  Also, many people are far more impressed with the high definition visual quality of today’s games as opposed to 2D sprites and backgrounds.


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